July 19th, 2016 

Trash Fire at Valley Services Recycling Facility in San Jose
San Jose firefighters raced to put out a dangerous fire at a recycling plant that they say started in a pit behind the facility. The fire was reported about 4 a.m. in the 1600 block of South 7th Street. (above photo)       NBC Bay Area 

Roman Candle Found Near Site of 10-Acre Grass Fire in San Jose
Fireworks possibly started a 10-acre grass fire Thursday that raced through the San Jose hills, charring the dry grass and sending up flames and smoke that could be seen for miles. (video)           KTVU         NBC Bay Area          CBS             

SPOTLIGHT INCIDENT - Vintage Towers Fire                        
Fire Strikes San Jose High-Rise Apartment Building, 60 Displaced 
Roughly 60 residents in a high-rise apartment building in downtown San Jose are without a home for at least a week after an early morning fire.  A faulty light fixture sparked the blaze at 4:22 a.m., immediately activating the building's sprinkler system.  Firefighters returned the next day to assist the victims in removing clothing, medication and other vital belongings. (video)   NBC Bay Area

Veterans like Kenneth King displaced from this fire are coping with the transition from his house to the shelter has been an adventure for King. (video)  NBC Bay Area 

This Sunday a fire broke out in the landmark Vintage Tower on Santa Clara St., across from City Hall. This almost 90 year old, 12 story building is home to over 60 residents and several businesses.  

One of the often overlooked services a strong and properly staffed Fire Department provides is called Salvage.  In this case after receiving multiple reports of a fire and residents trapped, firefighters responded and quickly ascended the stairway with over 60 pounds of gear, to the 9th floor, prepared to fight fire. They quickly found the working sprinkler head had held the fire in check and immediately went to work confirming extinguishment and preventing further water damage to the building and its occupants. Thanks to the quick action of firefighters and their salvage operations, total damage was limited to an estimated $150k in cleanup costs with future repairs looking to be nearly twice that. Had the water continued to run and penetrate deeper into the building, officials say costs could have been double that, nearly 1 Million dollars. 

This ability to prevent excess damage from fire, smoke or a broken or activated sprinkler head by San Jose Fire Fighters, through salvage operations saves the residents and businesses of San Jose untold Millions of dollars each year in repairs and insurance costs... a benefit for us all.


J.C. Walton (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-1-73 
Deceased: 3-8-16
Tom Tiopan (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gregory Martell (Ret.)
Fire Fighter 
Retired: 1-9-99 
Deceased: 10-13-15 
Michael Cunningham (Ret.)
Fire Captain 
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gordon Wallace (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 6-8-80

Deceased: 8-2-15  
Sebastian J Catania (Ret.)
Retired: 10-1-86

Deceased: 8-1-15  
Michael Rosingana (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 7-4-03
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Rick Wardell (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-21-11
Deceased: 7-10-15  
Robert L Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 5-7-85
Deceased: 7-9-15 
Harvey E. Webb (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 11-6-91
Deceased: 5-8-15  
Leslie Harms (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1-5-03
Deceased: 4-10-15  
Randy Wiens (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 8-10-04
Deceased: 3-28-15   
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Ken Hereda Scholarship Golf Tournament
Sept. 19th, 2016
Eagle Ridge, Gilroy
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2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

Day on the Lake - 2016  
San Jose Fire Fighters partnered again with the Far West Wheelchair Athletics Association and the City of San Jose Parks & Rec to host "Day on the Lake." San Jose Fire Fighters volunteered personal boats and manpower to get these campers in and out on the water. This is always one of our most popular and gratifying events to host during the year.  

          "Always a pleasure working with you all, the campers always have a blast and say it's the best day of the week! So thankful for our working relationship and very much appreciate everything you all do!"
      - Jillian DeBar     

Fire crews spend 14 hours on Gas Leak that shut down Alum Rock.  
A low-pressure natural gas line in East San Jose was ruptured by a PG&E crew while performing routine maintenance, and was finally capped after 14 hours later.      NBC Bay Area 

First Responders' Night with the 
San Jose Giants

San Jose Fire Fighters joined Police and Sheriffs deputies for the first annual Fire Responders' Night with the San Jose Giants.  Special commemorative hats with the SJFD and Giants logo were in high demand at the game.   The family of fallen SJPD officer Michael Katherman was on hand to throw out the first pitch.

In San Jose, two injured by Fourth of July fireworks; 12 criminal citations issued   
Two people were injured by fireworks and police issued 12 criminal citations during a Fourth of July that saw increased patrols aimed at cracking down on illegal pyrotechnics.      Mercury News 

San Jose house fire displaces 8 people  
Six children and two adults have been displaced by a one-alarm house fire early Monday morning, according to the fire department.      KRON 4

Fire Fighters honored with  
Outstanding Service Award

"Thank You"
The inscription on the Outstanding Service Award from the San Jose Family Moose Lodge #401. This years award was presented to San Jose Fire Fighters Tyson Rollins and Stand Wong.


San Jose: Duplex fire near I-680 displaces 13 
Firefighters responded to a two-alarm fire that left 13 people displaced Monday afternoon, a fire captain said.  A resident reported seeing smoke coming from the back of a duplex around 2:26 p.m. on the 600 block of South Sunset Avenue
    Mercury News 

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Bulletproof firefighters: Santa Clara County prepares first responders for the worst
For emergency responders, it is perhaps the most agonizing situation they could face. There's been a shooting, and the wounded need help fast. But paramedics must wait for police to secure the scene before rendering aid, lest they become casualties themselves.   Mercury News
Residents On Edge As Palo Alto Fire Station Closes During Peak Fire Season
You won't see the garage at Fire Station 8 in Foothills Park opening and closing on a regular basis for the next 4 months. No sirens will go off, and the metal gate out front will stay locked. That's because the Palo Alto Fire Department has decided to close the seasonal station for the 1st time in years..   CBS 5

New cameras keep electronic eye on Western wildfires
As the summer wildfire season heats up in the West, a growing network of online cameras installed on forested mountaintops is changing the way crews fight fires by allowing early detection that triggers quicker, cheaper and more tactical suppression.     KRON4   
Drone prevents firefighters from doing job
For the second day in a row, a drone halted firefighters from doing their job at the scene of the Trailhead Fire.  Eight firefighting tankers had to land because of a drone flying above the wildfire. Crews lost about 30 minutes of firefighting time that could have been used to drop more retardant on the flames.     ABC10 
VIDEO OF THE MONTH                                                                                    
Firefighters save trapped dog
Sacramento Firefighters responded to a report of a dog trapped in a fence. SFD Engine 44 arrived to find a German Shepherd in a tight spot. With the owners assistance E44 worked quickly to free the trapped animal. Crews are happy to report there were no injuries and the dog is happy and healthy. (video)   
Drone prevents firefighters from doing job
For the second day in a row, a drone halted firefighters from doing their job at the scene of the Trailhead Fire.  Eight firefighting tankers had to land because of a drone flying above the wildfire. Crews lost about 30 minutes of firefighting time that could have been used to drop more retardant on the flames.     ABC10 
Mother bear guards bodies of electrocuted cubs from firefighters responding to brush fire
Two electrocuted bear cubs fell from a power pole in Banning and sparked a brush fire Tuesday before their dead bodies were dragged away by their mother, who sought to shield them from firefighters, authorities said.     NY Times 
Two Men Fall Off Cliff While Playing 'Pokemon Go'
Two men fell off a cliff in San Diego's North County while playing "Pokemon Go," the Encinitas Fire Department confirmed.  San Diego Lifeguards reported that someone had fallen off a cliff at E Street.  When the Encinitas Fire Department arrived, they found a man around 80 to 90 feet down the cliff, on the beach.         NBC Bay Area 
6 firefighters had to deploy emergency shelters after sudden change in Cedar Fire
Six firefighters were transported to the hospital after deploying their fire shelters while battling the Cedar Fire near Show Low.  The incident brings back memories of the Yarnell Hill Fire in 2013, where Granite Mountain Hotshots deployed their fire shelters. In that case, the fire was too intense for the fire crews and 19 firefighters died. The third anniversary of the tragedy is on June 30.    KPHO
Data: High-performance CPR works
Since first responders have been using continuous compressions, the five-year survival rate has been 46 percent; the national average is 30 percent.
Fire Rescue Magazine


Structure  Fires                                       First Due 

6.25.16  Ranson Drive                                   Station 34  

Full first dispatched to multiple calls reporting a house on fire.  E34 arrived and found several juniper trees on fire around the house.  The fire was knocked down and contained to the trees outside with no homes suffered fire damage.
6.25.15 N. 1st St                                             Station 1
Structure response was dispatched to multiple calls of a dumpster fire endangering a structure.  The event was upgraded to a full first when a 2nd fire was located a short distance away at 848 North 1st Street that was also endangering a structure.  Smoke was found in one of the businesses, but no fire damage to the building. 

6.28.16 Norwak Dr                                         Station 14
Full first to San Jose Gardens Apartments for multiple calls of a kitchen fire. B10 requested a 2nd alarm after Engine 10 reported smoke showing while en route. E14 located a fully involved apartment fire upon arrival.  Initial knock down was called after 15 minutes.  SJPD assisted with traffic control, PG&E assisted with securing utilities, and REDCROSS assisted with displaced occupants. One patient was treated on scene for injuries.

2nd Alarm 
6.29.16 West San Carlos                               Station 30
Full 1st to multiple reports of a warehouse on fire. A 2nd alarm was dispatched while units were still en-route. The first arriving unit reporting fire from the delta side of the building. A precautionary ambulance was requested. PG&E assisted with utilities. Board up was requested.
7.3.16  Santa Teresa Boulevard                            Station 1
A full first was dispatched to multiple calls of a laundry room fire at an apartment complex.  T1 arrived on scene and reported flames seen from detached laundry room.  The fire was knocked down at an placed under control

7.4.16  Alum Rock                                                Station 34
Fire Communications dispatched E34 to a report of a fence fire.  E34 arrived at 0457 hours and reported a structure involved and requested a Full First alarm assignment.  The fire was knocked down at 0524 hours and placed under control at 0535 hours.  A board up contractor was requested to secure the structure.  There were no reported injuries..

7.9.16  S. White Rd                                          Station 21
A structure response to multiple calls about a tree on fire that was threatening structures at Mt Pleasant High School. The first arriving unit reported a tree fire which caused damage to generators and gas lines. A full first was requested and PG&E responded to secure utilities.

7.9.16 Williams Rd                                          Station 10
SJPD reported a vehicle that drove through a closed garage door. Due to concern for the structural integrity of the attached house, E10 requested a truck company, PG&E to secure utilities and a city building inspector. USAR 34 responded to assist as well.  There were civilian injuries from the originating vehicle accident. 

7.9.16 Palm Valley                                               Station 35
A full first was dispatched to a report of a fire on the top floor of an apartment building.  B13 requested a 2nd alarm when a report of visible flames from the apartment was received.  E35 arrived at to find a palm tree fire endangering the structure was located to the back of the apartments.  The 2nd alarm units were cancelled at and the fire was placed under control.

7.19.16 Pitcairn Way                                      Station 24
Full1st for one call reporting a fire in the back of the house. The bedroom fire was knocked down. PG&E assisted with securing utilities and boardup was requested to secure the structure. Redcross responded for 8 displaced occupants and ACS assisted with several displaced animals.
7.10.16 S. 7th                                                 Station 3
Communications dispatched Engine 3 to an outside fire at Valley Recycling. Engine 3 requested a full first and a water tender for an outside fire with access and water supply issues.

7.13.16 San Felipe Rd                                        Station 31
Fire Communications dispatched Full First after receiving a call for a house on fire.  E31 arrived on scene and reported a well advanced working fire to the rear of the residence.  The fire was knocked down and placed under control.  Redcross was requested for 5 residents who were displaced. 


7.18.17 E. Santa Clara St.                                Station 1
A level 1 High rise was dispatched to two calls of smoke from the 9th floor of a 12 floor High rise apartment building with people possibly trapped.  B1 upgraded the response to a precautionary Level 2 High rise.  E1 arrived and reported nothing showing from the exterior of the building and would investigate the interior.   A small fire was located on the 9th floor.  The fire was placed under control within minutes however it was determined that overhaul would be extended due to extensive water damage.  VTA responded two busses to shelter approximately 40 occupants who were evacuated from the building.  


6.25.16 Chopin Av                                              Station 16 
Multiple calls were fielded by Communications detailing a large outside fire in the field behind Leyva Middle School.  A Tier response was dispatched.  While enroute, it was upgraded to a Tier 2.  Upon arrival a fast moving grass fire was found in progress.  No structures were threatened and the fire was placed under control after 1 hour.

6.25.16 Quimby Road                                         Station 21
An IZone response was dispatched to a report of a vegetation fire on the hill near this address.  More calls were received stating the fire was moving quickly and the incident was upgraded to a TIER1.  E31 arrived and reported a 100x200' vegetation fire.  CalFire sent a medium response to the scene.  The fire was knocked down at 0319 hours and the TIER2 units were cancelled. 

6.26.16 Mossdale Ln                                          Station 34
Engine and Water Tender 2 were dispatched to a report of a vegetation fire across from the address received.  The event was upgraded to a TIER as more calls were received saying that vegetation in the creek bed was on fire.  E19 arrived and found heavy brush and trees on fire with power lines close by.  The TIER2 was requested. The fire was placed under control after 45 minutes.

6.26.16 Penitencia Creek Road                          Station 19
TIER 1 was dispatched to multiple reports of a vegetation fire inside Alum Rock Park.  B2 and E19/E619 arrived and met with Alum Rock Park rangers who advised the fire was a 10x10' area and had it contained.

6.27.16 Sb 280                                                         Station 3
Communications dispatched E3 for reports of a vegetation fire in the area of 280 and 101. E3 requested a TIER response for a ½ acre fire with a slow rate of spread into moderate fuels.

6.29.16 Senter Rd @ Phelan Av                         Station 26
Fire Communications dispatched a Tier Response to multiple reports of vegetation on fire. E26 arrived and reported a 100x100 fast moving grass fire in heavy brush. B1 requested the Tier 2. The detail was placed under control after 1.5 hours.

7.1.16 Geist Court                                                Station 19
An IZone response was dispatched to a brush fire.  B2 upgraded the event to a TIER at 2230 hours as the fire was reported to be moving up a hill.  E19 arrived at 2236 hours and met with the reporting party who had knocked down most of the flames.  The TIER was downgraded at 2239 hours.  There were no reported injuries..  

7.2.16 E. Capitol Ex                                              Station 24
Initial call for smoke coming from E Capitol Expressway @ Senter Rd. A precautionary Tier Response was dispatched after additional calls placed the smoke from the area of E Capitol Ex @ Tuers Rd.  The first arriving fire unit reported a slow moving grass fire in the creek. 

7.6.16  Senter Rd                                                Station 26
Tier response to the area of the Coyote Creek Park Chain located behind the Spanish Cove mobile home park.  E26 arrived and reported light white smoke seen.  The fire was contained after  approximately 100 X 100 area burned. 

7.13.16 Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve      Station 19
Fire Communications dispatched Engine 2 to investigate reports of a fire on a hillside near Alum Rock Avenue and McKee Road. Engine 2 advised they could see a fire from the station and requested a TIER to respond up Sierra Road while they investigated further up McKee Road. Engine Company 19 located a grass fire with a slow rate of spread at the Sierra Vista Open Space Preserve.  Battalion 2 requested two additional Water Tender Companies. The fire was contained to approximately 10 acres. The detail was handled as a unified command with CalFire as this was both San Jose and CalFire Jurisdiction. CalFire dispatched a Medium response of 1 Battalion Chief, 6 Engines, 2 Dozers, and 2 Hand crews along with volunteers from their Spring Valley unit. No injuries were reported and all appropriate notifications were made.

7.16.16 Oakland Rd                                             Station 23
Fire Communications dispatched a Tier response to multiple reports of a "Big Fire". The arriving units reported a slow moving fire half an acre in size. The fire was placed under control after 1 hour. PD assisted with traffic control.

7.18.16 E. Capitol Exp                                        Station 24
Fire Communications dispatched Engine 24 to a report of an outside fire.  After receiving multiple calls, Engine 24 requested a second engine to assist and upon arriving in the area requested a Tier due to a large column of smoke.  The fire was knocked down  and under control after 1.5 hours.


6.14.16 Alum Rock Ave                                      Station 2 
PG&E was working on a gas leak in the area of their substation when a PG&E crew accidentally struck and damaged a natural gas line causing a leak. The Fire Department was requested by PG&E at 1351 hours. The first arriving unit requested a Full 1st response for a 10 inch natural gas line actively flowing near the gas substation. San Jose PD assisted with road closures and evacuations. Residents were advised to shelter in place. VTA provided a bus with air conditioning for displaced residents. U34A and U34B were requested to assist the PG&E crew members who entered a trench for the repair work.  Multiple San Jose Fire crews were rotated in to provide relief during this prolonged event that lasted approximately 14 hours.

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