August 20th, 2016 

San Jose Train Trestle Engulfed in Flame
San Jose Fire officials said the fire started as a grassfire, which spread to vegetation, and then to a train trestle and a nearby bridge. The train tracks have not been in use for some time.   The blaze caused a lot of concern because it sparked close to an apartment building and Rocketship school, which was evacuated. (video)  
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Dozens of Injured San Jose Firefighters Denied Workers' Comp Treatment      The City of San Jose was forced to reexamine cases after firefighters complained that the workers' compensation system denied necessary treatment for their on the job injuries.    (video)       NBC Bay Area

San Jose Firefighters Battle Two Fires at US Highway 101
San Jose firefighters battled two vegetation fires near along US Highway 101.            NBC Bay Area 

Retired SJ Firefighter Survives Deadly Knife Attack in London
A retired San Jose firefighter was among six people stabbed in an attack in London on Wednesday.   Marty Hoenish who was vacationing with his wife on his first trip outside the U.S., recounted the attack that killed one American woman and injured him and four others. (video)         NBC Bay Area

Guy Newgren (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired: 1999  
Deceased: 7-23-16
Michael Spinelli (Ret.)
Fire Fighter*
Retired: 1994  
Deceased: 7-13-16
*corrected rank 
J.C. Walton (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-1-73 
Deceased: 3-8-16
Tom Tiopan (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gregory Martell (Ret.)
Fire Fighter 
Retired: 1-9-99 
Deceased: 10-13-15 
Michael Cunningham (Ret.)
Fire Captain 
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gordon Wallace (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 6-8-80

Deceased: 8-2-15  
Sebastian J Catania (Ret.)
Retired: 10-1-86

Deceased: 8-1-15  
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"Thank you for all you do. Be safe"
-Anita VanDerostyne

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Burn Survivor Picnic
Aug 21st, 2016
Arroyo Lake Park, SJ
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2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

San Jose: Two-alarm fire damages market at King Road strip mall
A two-alarm kitchen fire damaged a local grocery store but firefighters were able to keep it from spreading to adjacent businesses at an East San Jose strip mall.   Mercury News

WOMEN IN THE FIRE SERVICE                                                                       
LAFD Holds First 'Girls Camp' To Inspire Teens To Become Firefighters, EMTs
The Los Angles Fire department is taking steps to get teen girls interested in firefighting and emergency services, with a two-day camp hosting 70 teens at the Fire Department Academy at Terminal  (video)   CBS 5 Los Angeles

SPOTLIGHT INCIDENT                  

Chris Smead (video)
Car Slams Into San Jose Tattoo Parlor, Breaks Gas Line and Causes Fire
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched a full first and an ambulance to a report of a vehicle into a building with a ruptured gas line and the building on fire. Arriving units confirmed a building fire with occupants out of the involved vehicle. A second alarm was struck and fire attack began as a defensive operation due to free flowing natural gas pouring into the building and void spaces. 

The fire spread across the shingle roofed building, which houses not only a tattoo parlor, but music recording and rehearsal studios. Several people were inside when the fire started.  Electricity and gas utilities to the building were secured after approximately 1 hour thus allowing crews to safely enter the building and continue to fight fire. (video)

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Worker rescued from 15-foot hole on US Navy Ship by SF Fire Fighters
Firefighters rescued a man who fell nearly 15 feet down a hole on a massive  U.S. Navy Ship Guadalupe in dry dock, an oiler that is parked on a private pier near 20th and 3rd streets in the city's Dogpatch neighborhood   SF Gate
Firefighters rescue Dumbarton Bridge jumper
Hayward Fire Department firefighters who were undergoing water-rescue certification training at Eden Landing Ecological Reserve were able to rescue a 19-year-old man after his jump off the Dumbarton Bridge.         Mercury News
Fire Investigators Put the Heat on Arsonists
Fire investigator Vic Massenkoff confirmed a report that took even his fire chief aback: There is an intentional fire set at least once a day in the Contra Costa County Fire Protection District.    lamoreinda weekley
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After Major Earthquake, How Will Bay Area Cities Fight Fires When Water is Unreliable?
A massive quake on the Hayward Fault would leave many East Bay communities without water to fight dozens of natural-gas sparked fires that experts say will be inevitable in its wake, an NBC Bay Area News investigation has found. (video)    NBC Bay Area

May the Fire Fighters Be With You   
San Jose Fire Fighters were honored to be invited to 3rd annual neighborhood block party on Dias Drive in East San Jose. This year's theme was Star Wars. Many esidents were dressed as Star Wars characters, there was great food, & live bands for all the attendees. 

Neighborhoods are what make San Jose Great!!

 5 Min 55 Seconds - 90 % of the Time
Sacramento fire crews arrive nearly 2 minutes later than national standard 
Sacramento firefighters take nearly two minutes longer to reach homes and businesses than what national experts recommend, according to new findings released this week.     SacBee 
Cancer-causing chemical in drinking water traced to fire-fighting foam
SFire-fighting foam containing highly fluorinated chemicals is contaminating drinking water supplies around many of the nation's military bases, airports and industrial sites, according to a new study by UC Berkeley and Harvard University researchers
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Firefighter reunites with grieving family he helped anonymously
For many of us, Drew Kostal is a hero as soon as he puts on his firefighter's uniform but  he went above and beyond his normal duties to perform a quiet act. (video)     WCSH 6

Two firefighters and one police officer hurt in Explosion at City Heights Apartment Complex
Six people were hospitalized Tuesday following an explosion and fire at a City Heights apartment complex that is a home for many disabled people.
Among the injured were three residents who suffered smoke inhalation, two firefighters and one police officer. (video)      NBC San Diego

How NASA is using artificial intelligence to save lives of firefighters, first responders
NASA's new artificial intelligence - capable of running on a cellphone - could soon put Apple's Siri to shame.     dailynews

July was a Deadly Month for Fire Service 
July was a deadly one for the nation's fire service as 16 firefighters died on duty. USFA records show July as deadliest month in recent years. In June 2013, records show there were 25 firefighter deaths that included 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots killed in a wildfire.        Firehouse Magazine  
More than 5,400 Ground Zero responders and others who lived, worked or went to school near the fallen Twin Towers have come down with 9/11-linked cancers, a grim tally that has tripled in the past 2.5 years.        NY Post  
Officer: Dallas' Fire  'didn't get enough credit' for bravery in face of ambush
DALLAS -- On July 7, shooter Micah Johnson fired a barrage of bullets towards officers and citizens in downtown Dallas.  Those who were struck were not alone, however. That night, Dallas Fire paramedics risked their own lives to try and get to the wounded. (video)       WFAA 
Dallas Fire-Rescue receives 21 armor-plated vests
DALLAS -- Dallas Fire-Rescue paramedics now have access to ballistic kits that can protect against rounds from high-powered rifles, like those used in the ambush on Dallas police officers last month.
The kits are part of a modification to the active-shooter policy for DFR that will ultimately include collaboration with DPD.     WFFA
'A Day for Prayers': 3 FDNY Firefighters Critically Injured in Bronx Blaze
When one firefighter is seriously hurt a ripple is felt throughout the FDNY - but Tuesday it was more like a wave.  Three firefighters were critically injured in a massive inferno that ripped through five buildings in the Bronx.  (video)     NBC New York

 J.J. Watt finds out what it's like to train as a firefighter
PEWAUKEE, Wis. - J.J. Watt is one of the best defensive ends in the league. He takes on big players and makes huge tackles. To say he's tough might be an understatement. But what happens when he spends the day as a firefighter in his home town?  (video)     click2houston


Structure  Fires                                       First Due 

8.9.16  Kings Cross Way                                  Station 13  

Full first to a report of a house fire with smoke and flames visible. Arriving units confirmed a working house fire with an active gas leak from the meter. PG&E and HIT29 were expedited to the scene. The gas was secured after 2 hours. Red Cross was requested for 7 individuals. The Board-Up contractor was requested to assist with board up. No injuries were reported..
8.11.16 Southwest Ex                                         Station 4
Structure response on a report of an electrical outlet fire that also caught carpet on fire. The first arriving unit advised that the fire had been extinguished, but it did burn through the floor. Red Cross was requested for 2 displaced adults. 

8.13.16 Gordy Drive                                           Station 23
Full First alarm after receiving a call for a house on fire.  Arriving units reported smoke and flames. A secondary structure was involved and a 2nd Alarm was called.  The fire at the primary structure was knocked down after 1 hour and under control after 2.5 hours.  Red Cross responded for displaced residents.  Fire watch was set up overnight and into tomorrow afternoon due to concern for damaged solar panels which have the potential to re-ignite the fire.
8.13.16 Haga Way                                           Station 13
A full first was dispatched to multiple calls of a house on fire.  E24 arrived and found a fully involved garage on fire that was endangering nearby homes.  The fire was contained to the original structure.  One civilian sustained injuries.  

8.14.16  Otono Court                                        Station 18
Full 1st alarm after receiving multiple calls of a house on fire.  T35 arrived on scene and reported fire showing from the second floor of the residence. T35 established rescue mode after reports of a subject still inside the residence.  An ambulance was requested for standby. B13 requested a second alarm response.  All occupants were reported to be out of the structure with no injuries reported and operations were shifted from rescue operations to offensive operations.  
SJPD was requested for traffic control and PGE to secure the utilities.


8.16.16 W San Carlos                                          Station 6
Full first and an ambulance to a report of a vehicle into a building with a ruptured gas line and the building on fire. Arriving units confirmed a building fire with occupants out of the involved vehicle. A second alarm was created for a defensive operation. Electricity to the building was secured after 1 hour and gas was secured at 1.5 hours. The incident was placed under control at 2219 hours. EOC was activated at a level 1. 

8.16.16  Leeward Drive                                     Station 16
Communications dispatched a full first on one call reporting smoke from the attic of the residence. E216 confirmed a smoldering fire in the attic and reduced the units to a structure response. The fire was placed under control after 1 hour.

8.17.16 Julian @ Wooster                                  Station 8
Full first response to multiple reports of a bridge on fire threatening an apartment complex. The first arriving unit reported a working vegetation fire and a train trestle on fire. Residents in the area were advised to shelter in place. HIT29 was requested code 3 to assist with monitoring and test the water in the creek. The fire was placed under control after 2 hours. Fire watch was implemented.

8.17.16 Orvis Ave                                               Station 3
Full 1st response to reports of smoke coming from the windows of the house. The first arriving unit reported light to heavy smoke coming from the Delta side of the residence. PG&E was requested to assist with securing utilities. Board-up was requested for 4 sheets of plywood. Patients were transported to local hospitals.



8.5.16 Mount Pleasant Road                           Station 31
Engine 31 and its patrol were dispatched to a report of a vehicle on fire.    The event was upgraded to a TIER as additional information came in that the fire had spread to the vegetation around the vehicle.    E31 arrived and found a vehicle fire and a small area of vegetation burning and cancelled the TIER 1.  

8.12.16 Oak Fire - Uvas Road, Santa Clara County      
County Fire requested a Wildland Task Force for CalFire via the Rednet. San Jose Fire sent  Battalion  13, Engine 33 & Water Tender 33, Engine 27/E627 & Engine28/E628 to assist with structure protection for a 15 acre brush fire. All units returned to service after 2.5 hours. 

8.13.16 E Capitol Expressway                         Station 24
Fire Communications dispatched Engine 24/E624 for a fire in the creek area.  Multiple additional calls were received advising of power lines being threatened and E24 requested a TIER 1.  Arriving units stated there was a 100 X 100 foot area burning.  The fire was knocked down after 1.5 hours.    

8.17.16 NB 101 at Bailey                             Station 27
Engine 27 and E627 were dispatched to assist CALFIRE with a 100 acre brush fire. It was determined that it was San Jose Fires jurisdiction. Engine 24/E624 and Engine 12/E612 were then sent as additional resources. After 4 hours B13 was dispatched to assume incident commander.

8.17.16  W Julian St                                     Station 1
E1 was dispatched to multiple calls reporting smoke from the trail. Upon arrival E1 asked for 3 more engines code 3 for heavy brush and trees on fire. The fire was placed Under Control at 2.5 hours. 

8.18.16 101 NO OF Cochrane Rd                    Station 27
Fire Communications dispatched B13, Engine 24/E624 and Engine 216 to multiple reports of several, separate spot fires near this location. CalFire sent a medium response including air support. B13 requested the balance of a TIER 1 assignment. Engine 27/E627 was requested for fire watch. 


8.8.16 Rowley Drive                                         Station 23 
Engine 23 was dispatched to a gas investigation after a report of a vehicle into a residence that damaged gas meter.    Engine 23 arrived on scene and requested a structure response due to gas leaking at a high rate.    PG&E was requested to secure the gas, and SJPD for traffic control.    All occupants were reported out of the structure, and nearby homes were evacuated.    Gas was secured after 2 hours.  
8.13.16 Lick Ave.                                      Station 3  
A Level 1 Hirise was dispatched to a report from an alarm company of a water flow activation.  Additional calls came in from residents reporting smoke in the parking garage.  T30 arrived at and the fire crews were told that smoke was visible on floors 9-11.  The Level 2 was called after 10 minutes .  Fire crews found an activated sprinkler over a dumpster fire in the garage that did not extend to the structure.  The Level 2 was cancelled and there were no reported injuries.

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