August 4th, 2016 

San Jose Vegetation Fire Sends Plumes Towering Over Highway 101
San Jose Firefighters sprung into action on Saturday when a vegetation fire broke out on Sierra Road in the San Jose foothills, sending plumes of smoke towering over Highway 101 and slowing traffic. (video)              NBC Bay Area

Two-Alarm Fire Ignites at San Jose Home, Two Family Dogs Killed
A two-alarm fire ripped through a South San Jose home, killing two family dogs. The flames were knocked down in less than an hour, but not without a heavy loss for the family.  (video)       NBC Bay Area

San Jose fire crews tackle two fires, one near Los Lagos Golf Course
One dog died and another was missing following a two-alarm house fire Sunday on the 5300 block of Birch Grove Drive.  Firefighters arrived to find flames and heavy smoke coming from the front of the home       Mercury News


Guy Newgren (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired: 1999  
Deceased: 7-23-16

Michael Spinelli (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1994  
Deceased: 7-13-16

J.C. Walton (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-1-73 
Deceased: 3-8-16
Tom Tiopan (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gregory Martell (Ret.)
Fire Fighter 
Retired: 1-9-99 
Deceased: 10-13-15 
Michael Cunningham (Ret.)
Fire Captain 
Deceased: 10-28-15 
Gordon Wallace (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 6-8-80

Deceased: 8-2-15  
Sebastian J Catania (Ret.)
Retired: 10-1-86

Deceased: 8-1-15  
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National Night Out                
Fire Fighters, joined San Jose Police, Santa Clara Co Sheriffs, County EMS officials and Healthcare providers from Regional Medical Center at locations throughout San Jose for this years National Night out. The annual community-building events promotes police-community. partnerships and neighborhood camaraderie to make our neighborhoods safer, better places to live.

Upcoming Events

Ken Hereda Scholarship Golf Tournament
Sept. 19th, 2016
Eagle Ridge, Gilroy
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2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

San Jose: Two-alarm fire damages market at King Road strip mall
A two-alarm kitchen fire damaged a local grocery store but firefighters were able to keep it from spreading to adjacent businesses at an East San Jose strip mall.   Mercury News

VIDEO OF THE week                                                                                  
Newly Restored San Jose Fire Engine Battles Blaze as businesses threatened.
San Jose Fire Fighters extinguish a vegetation fire at 280 and Bird that was threatening a commercial structure. Thanks to newly restored Engine 30 on Auzerais Ave, being back in service, the business and property was not damaged significantly.    (video)

SPOTLIGHT INCIDENT - Pet Rescue                      


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Rescue       
Members of Truck 29 (Innovation Dr.) rescued this lucky feline. The adventurous cat slipped down a corrugated metal roof, 45 feet, high above the ground, getting lodged in the apartment rain gutter.

Fire Fighters had to anchor in with harnesses and ropes to attempt the recovery on the steep and slippery rooftop. As you can see, we are happy to report the pet was successfully rescued.  Fire Fighters don't generally remove stuck pets but in this case it was clear the cat was in distress and required advanced rescue.

"Frankly-these people are heroes no matter what they are doing.
Mary C. MacLean via facebook 

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Bay Area Woman Develops Training Regimen For Firefighter Fitness Test
Courtney Rypstra's future career as a firefighter will come down to 10 grueling minutes. She is training to pass the infamous "candidate physical ability test," also known as the CPAT. (video)   CBS5
Soberanes Fire: Strike teams provide ground muscle in stubborn blaze
In the war on the Soberanes Fire, they're the boots on the ground, and the wheels. They are fire strike teams from throughout California made up of several engine crews. They cut fire lines, they lay hose lines and they fight the flames with water pumped from the engines.        Monterey Herald
Palo Alto Fire Department Closes Station in High-Danger Foothills Area
A Palo Alto fire station covering a high-fire-danger area of the foothills has been closed, and nearby residents are a bit uneasy about the sudden lack of protection.(video)   NBC Bay Area

Signs of support and encouragement along the Monterey coast
San Jose Fire Fighters, along with Firefighters from throughout the State, some working 14 days straight have been battling the Soberanes Fire in Big Sur find  a little encouragement from the residents.

The Soberanes Fire in Monterey County is now at 51,000 acres (80 square miles) and is 27 percent contained.  The massive brush fire, caused by an abandoned campfire, broke out the morning of July 22. The rugged terrain in the area has made it difficult for the more than 5,000 firefighters working to extinguish the blaze 
Menlo Park: Fire district to boost drone program
The Menlo Park Fire Protection District plans to deploy a full fleet of drones within three years to do everything from instantly checking out collisions on the Dumbarton Bridge to quickly assessing whether a chemical spill is hazardous enough to warrant evacuation.     Mercury News
Man breaks into Petaluma fire station, confronts firefighters
Petaluma Fire Department Firefighter was wrapping up some reports at the city's downtown fire station on when a man allegedly smashed through the facility's glass front door and aggressively confronted the firefighters inside, an episode that ultimately ended in the man's arrest.   petaluma360
ATF Called In To Provide Expertise For Four-Alarm at Millbrae Community Center
The ATF has been called in to provide expertise after a four-alarm fire raced through the Millbrae Community center on Thursday morning, destroying a hub where people gather to talk, create art and go on annual Easter egg hunts. Michelle Roberts reports.(video)   NBC Bay Area
3 Cities consider joint fire department: San Mateo, Belmont, Foster City councils may enter joint powers agreement for new organization 
Firefighters in San Mateo, Belmont and Foster City are slated to consider forming a joint powers agreement that would have one entity responsible for protecting about 160,000 residents   SM Journal

Pedestrian hit by Costa Mesa fire truck in apparent suicide attempt
Police and fire officials investigate the collision of a pedestrian and a Costa Mesa Fire truck. The 37-year-old man was walking west when he apparently stepped off of a curb into the path of the fire truck.    OC Register   
Cincinnati firefighters fight for bulletproof vests after on-scene scare
Firefighters have been advised to wear bulletproof vests while responding to violent calls.
They want to focus on saving lives without having to worry about saving their own.     WLWT 
Orlando fire chief defends crew's refusal to open station's doors for Pulse victims
ORLANDO, Fla. - The Orlando fire chief is defending his crew inside Station Five, after an Orlando officer wrote in an incident report that he saw several wounded Pulse victims not being let into the fire station..    Orlando News 6 
Firefighters union urges caution to members after social media threats
An extremist group may be targeting firefighters. New York State Professional Fire Fighters Association are asking firefighters to use extra caution. Threats were found online, calling on gangs across the country to rise up and, "attack everything in blue," and that, "FIREMEN and POLICE are on the SAME SIDE! Don't be feeled."          WKBW   

Dubai airport fire: Tributes paid to firefighter who died saving passengers and crew
Tributes have been paid to the "ultimate sacrifice" of a firefighter who died rescuing 300 passengers and cabin crew, when a plane crashed and burst into flames at Dubai International Airport.     


Structure  Fires                                       First Due 

7.21.16  West San Carlos                                      Station 30  

B10 arrived to reports of a building fire and found a large stockpile of carpeting on fire along with a billboard that was burning.  E30 arrived after clearing from another fire a few blocks south of this incident.  The fire was contained to the original pile of carpeting and did not spread to nearby buildings.
7.21.16 Cropley Avenue                                          Station 19
A full first dispatch to a report of a dryer on fire in an apartment building.  E19 arrived and found smoke coming from a two story apartment building. One dog was rescued from the apartment. 

7.23.16 Melrose Ave                                           Station 34
Multiple calls reporting a house on fire.  The first arriving fire unit reported a shed to the back of the house on fire.  The fire was  under control within 1 hour.  SJPD was requested along with Red Cross for the 5 displaced residents. .
7.25. 16 Almaden Avenue                                  Station 3
Full first dispatched after receiving one call reporting smoke from an abandoned house. Engine 3 confirmed light smoke from the roof upon arrival and located a working fire in the basement. The fire was knocked down  and placed under control after 45 minutes.

7.24.16  S King Rd                                             Station 26
A Communications received one call from the site reporting a fire in the kitchen.  A Full First was dispatched and arriving units reported black smoking coming from multiple sides of the structure.  The fire was knocked down and placed under control after 1.5 hours  SJPD was requested for traffic control, PG&E to secure the utilities and a precautionary ambulance.

7.29.16  Tomahawk Dr.                                        Station 18
Fire Communications dispatched a Full 1st response to multiple reports of a house on fire. The first arriving unit reported a roof and working house fire. The fire was knocked down after 45 minutes.

7.29.16  Bluefield Drive                                        Station 13
Truck 13 was dispatched to a residential fire alarm activation called in by the owner's alarm monitoring company.  T13 arrived and met with the owner of the house and found smoke coming from the chimney and requested the balance of a structure response.  T13 found active fire in the residence and requested a full first.  The fire was knocked down after 30 minutes.

7.30.16 Fritzen St.                                               Station 16
Communications received one call reporting a tree on fire in the backyard of a residence and a single unit was dispatched.  Upon arrival, the fire unit requested a Full First response due to the fire spreading to the structure.  A Full First was dispatched and eventually knocked down after 30 minutes.

7.31.16 Birch Grove Drive                                 Station 35
Fire Communications dispatched a Full First alarm after receiving multiple reports of flames seen from a residential structure.  Truck 35 requested a second alarm after 5 minutes. The fire was knocked down and placed under control within 1.5 hours.
7.31.16 Willow Street                                       Station 3 
A full first was dispatched to calls reporting a business on fire.  E3 arrived and found active fire to the rear of one of the businesses at a strip mall.  One civilian was treated for injuries.
8.1.16 East San Fernando Street                       Station 24
Communications dispatched a full 1st response after receiving two calls reporting a house fire. Engine 8 confirmed a working fire upon arrival at located the fire in a back bedroom. Board up was requested for 2 sheets of plywood. One patient was treated on scene and all appropriate notifications were made.


7.22.16 Coyote Creek Golf Drive                        Station 27 
Communications received a call from Cal Fire advising of a brush fire at the above location and requested a TIER response.  A TIER was dispatched along with Cal Fire units who eventually handled the detail.

7.22.16 Wool Creek Drive                                   Station 26
E26 was dispatched to a report of trees on fire in the creek behind Shirakawa Elementary School.  E26 arrived and found a working vegetation fire and requested a TIER response.  E26 was able to contain the fire and cancelled most of the TIER response with some assistance needed for overhaul.

7.23.16 Tuers Rd                                                Station 26
Communications received several calls reporting smoke coming from the creek area inside the golf course.  Due to the location, a TIER response was dispatched.  The first arriving fire unit reported smoke coming from the East side of the creek.  The call was upgraded to a TIER 2 prior to extinguishment.

7.27.16 Lucretia Ave.                                        Station 26
Fire Communications dispatched Engine 3 after reports of smoke and fire in the creek area.  Engine 3 requested a Tier 1 response while they were attempting to make access with the assistance of Park Rangers.  Engine 3 reported slow moving vegetation fire of one acre.  An additional engine was requested and an additional water tender company before extingusihment.

7.27.16 Captiol Exp                                             Station 24
Fire Communications dispatched Engine 24 after multiple reports of fire seen in the creek area.  Engine 24 requested a Tier 1 response for a slow moving fire.  An ambulance was requested for standby as well as Squad 3 and Squad 26 to provide lighting.  San Jose City Parks Department provided a tree feller. The fire was placed under control after 3 hours. 

7.30.16 Sierra Rd                                                  Station 19
Fire Communications dispatched an IZONE response to reports of a grass fire. A balance of a TIER was dispatched when reports of a plume of smoke was seen while enroute. After inital response CalFire took over the incident.  San Jose units remained onscene to assist CalFire crews for 4 hours.


7.30.16 N.1st Street                                            Station 29  
Communications received one call from the site advising that two employees were exposed to unknown chemicals in the clean room.  After arriving on scene, E5 requested the Hazmat Task Force and two ambulances were requested to respond. The chemicals were isolated and the patients were transported to a local hospital.

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