October 9th, 2017   
Santa Clara Co. Strike Teams
San Jose: Two-alarm fire severely damages Evergreen home 
SAN JOSE - An intense fire severely damaged an Evergreen-area home across from an elementary school. Authorities said all of the residents had left for the day when the flames broke out. (video)     NBC Bay Area    Mercury News   
San Jose: Explosions heard before fire next to I-880 
SAN JOSE - Residents reported hearing loud, concussive blasts right before dark smoke and flames rose from an area between two sound walls next to Interstate 880 at First Street.    Mercury News   
San Jose: VTA train hits man on Capitol Avenue   
SAN JOSE - A man was hit by a light-rail train along North Capitol Avenue near McKee Road. The victim, described as a man between 35 and 40 years old, was crossing at McKee Road when he was hit by a southbound train and then got pinned underneath.   Mercury News   
Gerald A Hubbard  (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 2-5-1986
Deceased: 8-19-2017
Oliver Anastacio (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 8-8-1972
Deceased: 8-15-2017
Edward N. Silva (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 10-3-1973
Deceased: 7-26-2017
Bob Currall  (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 12-3-1993
Deceased: 7-19-2017
John Whitaker (Vol)
Fire Associates of 
Silicon Valley
Deceased: 7-11-2017
Joseph M. Nufer   (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-2-1974
Deceased: 3-27-2017
Francis Swanson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-6-1986
Deceased: 3-8-2017
Michael Curcio (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1996  
Deceased: 12-11-2016
Vince Jangrus (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1997
Deceased: 12-8-2016
 Emmett Knutson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1988  
Deceased: 12-1-2016
John Arnaz (Ret.)
Arson Investigator
Retired: 1995  
Deceased: 11-2016



2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

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Local 230 office


San Jose Councilmember Raul Peralez accepts FireOPS 101 Invitation . . . 
"Got fitted today for the upcoming Fire Ops 101 event! Every year, San Jose Fire Fighters Local 230 shows participants the smoke, sweat, adrenaline rush and the physical stress that our San Jose Fire Fighters experience daily on the job.  
Spending a hands-on day as a first responder is one of the most effective ways for elected officials and local media to learn about their job. Looking forward to it!       @raulperalez

Councilmember Sergio Jimenez - District 2
Councilmember Raul Peralez - District 3
Councilmember Dev Davis - District 6

Scheduled to attend:
Assemblymember Evan Low
Assemblymember Ash Kalra

Multiple staffers from Mayor and Council offices

Will your local leader be up for the challenge?

San Jose: Six cars destroyed in fire at auto repair shop 
SAN JOSE - Six vehicles were destroyed when a fire ripped through Rivera's Auto Repair and Detail Shop.
San Jose firefighters were called to Kings Row, near Highway 101 and Gish Road. They doused the one-alarm blaze, keeping it from spreading to the adjacent businesses (video).     CBS5      Mercury News

Airport Rescue Fire Fighting - ARFF 
San Jose Fire Fighters recently completied ARFF training at Moffet Field. Crews are exercising 2 of the new Airport Crash rigs purchased for SJ Mineta Airport.
Engine 20A is a 1500 gallon Osh Kosh, a smaller, faster command vehicle. It is considered the chase engine. Engine 20B is a 3000 Gallon rig with an elevated boom and piercing nozzle that punches through aircraft skin to fight fire inside the cabin. Both come via federal grant money secured by SJFD   

Owners ready to rebuild Cahalan Square Shopping Center 
SAN JOSE - A year after multiple businesses in the Cahalan Square Shopping Center were destroyed by an arson fire, plans to rebuild are rising through the ashes.
The property has been dormant since June 2016, when an arsonist set several buildings. More than a dozen businesses including a bar, martial arts studio and insurance agency were destroyed by the fire.   
Las Vegas Fire Fighters Trained Extensively for Mass Casualty Event

Police and firefighters started training together in 2009 after a series of attacks in Mumbai, India, the year before, Metropolitan Police Department Sgt. Branden Clarkson said. Clarkson specializes in the mult-iagency counter terrorism training section. 
Las Vegas Review Journal

12 Off-duty firefighters from Around West Coast hurt in Rampage  
Union officials say 12 off-duty firefighters were shot while attending a country music festival in Las Vegas, including two who were wounded while administering CPR to gunshot victims.   Reno-Gazette 

Firefighters in the Las Vegas Attack 
LAS VEGAS - As most of the country was sleeping, IAFF members from Clark County Local 1908, Henderson Local 1883 and Las Vegas Local 1285 were responding to the historic, tragic, mass shooting overnight in Las Vegas, Nevada, in which at least 58 people were killed and more than 500 injured..    Firefighter Nation    

FEMA awards $1.38 million grant to California for $236 million Soberanes Fire 
Washington  -  Congressman Jimmy Panetta announced Thursday the Federal Emergency Management Administration had made a $1.38 million grant to the California Office of Emergency Services to help reimburse the state agency for the cost of fighting the Soberanes Fire.   East Bay Times 
2 people killed in San Leandro mobile home fire
SAN LEANDRO - Two people were killed in an early morning fire in a mobile home fire in San Leandro,  
Neighbors said they believe the victims are an elderly couple who live in a mobile home park on Santa Susana. (video)     KTVU 2 
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  Aggressive firefighters protect Southern California suburbs
CORONA - Southern California firefighters saved nearly 2,000 homes from a powerful wildfire that burned up to the edges of suburban canyon neighborhoods.
Crews hosed down blazing trees within a few feet of homes and one residence was damaged shifting winds sent flames away from neighborhoods in and around the city of Corona, which is southeast of Los Angeles.   Press Democrat 
San Diego Gas & Electric  announces $100,000 grant for improved firefighting equipment
SAN DIEGO  - To help protect the San Diego area from wildfires, San Diego Gas & Electric announced a $100,000 grant that will allow local emergency-services providers to purchase an array of essential (video).   KUSI 


Fire Safety: San Jose Fire Fighters joined community volunteers & the American Red Cross Silicon Valley Red Chapter for a smoke detector check and installation at the Golden Wheel Mobile home park.  Last month 2 children and an adult lost their lives in a tragic fire in this same neighborhood.        @sanjosefirefighters


Naked woman sets fire to cat, tries to stab Tucson firefighter answering 911 call 
  A Tucson woman was arrested early this morning after setting her cat on fire and attempting to stab a Tucson fire captain in the chest when he tried to get her to leave her apartment. 
Women firefighters can improve safety, but department culture must change
  Incorporating new ideas from women can improve safety in traditionally male fire departments, but the hypermasculine culture in some can make female firefighters feel unwelcome and less likely to share their ideas, according to a new qualitative study from Drexel University..      Science Daily 

            FIRE INCIDENTS 

           First Due      San Jose Council District  
W Mission st        Station 7   SJ District 3  
Two calls were received reporting smoke coming from the photo lab vents in the Police Administration Building.  A Full First alarm assignment was dispatched.  Units arriving on scene found a light haze of smoke in the building and began to investigate.  It was not declared a "working incident".  The cause was determined to be ball bearings in an air handler that seized, causing the belts to smoke.  
9.23.16   Quimby Road         Station 31   SJ District 8
  Full 1st response after receiving a call reporting a house on fire.  CalFire was notified and requested.  While en route, Enigne 31 requested a water tender for water supply.  E31 arrived at the fire structure and reported flames coming from a structure.  Two cottages were fully involved as well as grass around thtructures.  Santa Clara Sheriffs Office as well as California Highway Patrol responded.  The fire was placed under control after 1.5 hours.  Fire watch was maintained throughout the night.   

9.23.17  Coniston Court    Station 17    SJ District 7  
Eine 17 reported a vehicle collision in front of Fire Station 17 and requested a rescue response for a vehicle that rolled over.  Two civilians were extricated from the vehicle.  PG&E was requested for live wires that were knocked down.  
9.23.16   My Hamilton Road      Station 2   SJ District 5  
A rescue response was dispatched to a report of a vehicleoff the roadway with a person trapped inside.  The location given initially Quimby Road @ Murillo Ave and was the result of triangulating the location of the victim's cell phone, which proved to be off by several miles, as the victim was unable to provide an accurate location.  Fire crews travelled multiple directions in an effort to locate the accident scene, found the correct location and extricated the victim. 

King Road @ 680    Station 16   SJ District 5   
Engine 16 was dispatched to an injury vehicle accident, but was upgraded to a RESCUE as information came in that a person was trapped.  One person was extricated from the vehicle and a total of 4 victim's were treated.   

9.24.17  Dana Rock Park  Station 18  SJ District 8
Multiple calls regarding smoke in the area. Once Engine 18 was enroute they reported a large column of smoke from the station. E18 then upgraded the call to a TIER response. The first arriving unit advised this was a 14 acre grass fire with moderate spread in the middle of the park. The fire was placed under control after 1 hour.  

9.24.17 E Julian St  Station 1 SJ District 7
San Jose Fire Communications received a call about a male who fell off of a bridge.  Engine 8 arrived and  requested the USAR Task Force for a low angle technical rescue. The patient was extricated after 45 minutes and the patient was treated at a local hospital.  
9.24.17 Downtown San Jose     
At 0427 hours, dispatch received a call reporting a dumpster on fire at 1st/Virginia St. In the next hour, dispatch received multiple other calls and locations for fires, all in the same area:
0427-  1st St/ Virginia St.
0431- Balbach/Market St.
0434- Almaden/Reed St
0447- 273 Willow St/ Vine St.
0459- Edwards/ Locust St.
0504- Reed/1st St (Construction Trailer on fire)
0505- 965 Delmas/ Coe Ave
0508- 725 Willow St/ Delmas Ave (Trees that lit a detached garage on fire)
A Full1st was dispatched to 725 Delmas, for a working detached garage fire.  SJPD was dispatched to assist with the search for the arsonist. PG&E was requested for the detached garage fire. Arson was notified of all events.

9.24.17 Almaden Rd    Station 26 SJ District 6  
Multiple calls reporting smoke and flames from a mobile home were received and a full first assignment was sent.  Upon arrival Engine 26 reported a fully involved mobile home.  4 adults were displaced and Red Cross was requested.     

9.24.17 Kings Row        Station 5     SJ District 3
Several calls reporting a fire in an auto shop were received and a full first assignment was sent.  A working fire was declared and fire attack was established.  2 additional engine companies were requested and sent code 3.  The fire was contained and placed under control after 1 hour. *article above    

9.26.17  Chisin St     Station 24     SJ District 7

Reid Hillview tower called in a large column of smoke in the area of Smith Elementary school.  A full first alarm assignment was sent.  Engine 24 reported a 4000 sq foot 2 story home on fire across the street from the school.  A second alarm was struck.  Operations switched from offensive to defensive.  The children at the elementary school across the street were held indoors until the fire was extinguished.  Red Cross was requested for 3 adults displaced by the fire.   
9.27.17  Clayton Road    Station 21   SJ District 5   
An I-Zone response was dispatched for smoke seen in the area.  The call was upgraded to a Full First response after multiple calls reporting a tree on fire extending into a structure.  Engine 2 confirmed a working fire but was still working on access.  E16 arrived on scene reporting an exterior fire extending into a structure.  PG&E responded for utilities.  CHP responded for traffic control.  One firefighter was treated for injuries.
9.28.17 Mckee Rd/Capitol        Station 2   SJ District 5
A rescue response was dispatched to a report of a subject trapped under a Lightrail train.  Battalion 2 requested the USAR Taskforce.  B2 arrived on scene confirming a subject trapped under a VTA Lightrail.  The patient was extricated after 30 minutes.   
9.29.17 N. 14th St     Station 8   SJ District 3  
A full first was dispatched to reports of a detached garage fire. Engine 8 arrived and found a working fire in a 1 story, detached garage to the rear of the property. The fire was knocked down placed under control after 1 hour. 

9.29.17 San Ramon Way      Station 21  SJ District 5
A full first was dispatched to multiple reports of a house fire.  Engine 18 arrived and found fire that extended to the roof of a single family residence.  The fire was knocked down after 20 minutes.  Extended overhaul was required due to a large amount of debris on the roof of the structure.   
10.6.17 HWY 101/280   Station 16 SJ District 5  
Single engine after receiving a call for a brush fire.  Engine 16 reported smoke seen from Tully and highway 101 and requested a tier response. E16 reported a 100ft X 200ft fire under highway 280.  An additional water tender was requested for water supply.  Caltrans was requested to respond with heavy machinery to assist with debris. The fire was under control after 2 hours. 
Madeline Drive    Station 2  SJ District 5
Full first after receiving a call for house on fire.  A 2nd Alarm was quickly requested.  Engine 2 arrived on scene and reported a working fire fully involved on the Charlie side.  Santa Clara County Sherriff's Office was requested for traffic control. Two patients were treated. The fire was under control after 1.5 hours.  
10.7.17  Hazlett Way   Station  34  SJ District 4
Tier response after receiving multiple reports of a vegetation fire.  Engine 34 arrived on scene and reported 2 separate fires.  Responding units were also directed to a nearby Pick and Pull lot where multiple vehicles were on fire.  Santa Clara County Water District and San Jose Department of Transportation were both requested to decipher jurisdiction of the creek area in order to remove multiple trees in danger of falling.  

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