May 1st, 2017   

San Jose Leaders Approve New System to Aid Police and Fire Response
SAN JOSE - San Jose City leaders took a big step to try to help emergency response vehicles get to critical situations in the midst of heavy Silicon Valley traffic. Robert Handa reports. (video)   NBC Bay Area     KGO7
Explosion, Fire Injures Two at San Jose Motel
SAN JOSE - Two people were in critical condition after an explosion triggered a fire inside a San Jose motel room, officials said.  The blast and subsequent fire were reported at the Casa Linda Motel   (video)   NBC Bay Area

Joseph M. Nufer (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-2-1974
Deceased: 3-27-2017

Francis Swanson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-6-1986
Deceased: 3-8-2017
Michael Curcio (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1996  
Deceased: 12-11-2016
Vince Jangrus (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1997
Deceased: 12-8-2016
 Emmett Knutson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1988  
Deceased: 12-1-2016
John Arnaz (Ret.)
Arson Investigator
Retired: 1995  
Deceased: 11-2016
Richard Nelson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1996  
Deceased: 9-11-16
William Lowe (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1971
Deceased: 9-5-16
Donald Tyson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1985 
Deceased: 7-24-16
Guy Newgren (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired: 1999  
Deceased: 7-23-16
Michael Spinelli (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1994  
Deceased: 7-13-16
J.C. Walton (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1973 
Deceased: 3-8-16


Video of the Week

SJFD making access at after multiple reports of an explosion and a room on fire at the motel. Two patients were transported. 


Fire Fighter Night

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 7:15 PM
AT&T Park
San Francisco, CA


Day on the Lake
Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 7:15 PM

Coyote Lake, Gilroy

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2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

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Indianapolis Fire invests in Cancer Prevention for Fire Fighters 
     The Indianapolis Fire Department (IFD) continues to take aim at Cancer in the Fire Service with the recent purchase of a Chemical Detox Sauna, built to help firefighters eliminate deadly toxins from their body after fighting fires.  (video)  FOX59 News

Driver on the run after crashing SUV into San Jose medical building
SAN JOSE - Authorities are looking for a driver who crashed a car into a medical center in East San Jose.
The driver crashed an SUV into the Regional Medical Center at 225 N. Jackson Ave   (video)    KRON4
Santa Rosa firefighters say they've been underpaid on overtime earnings    
SANTA ROSA - Santa Rosa firefighters are suing the city in federal court, claiming they've been systematically cheated out of overtime for years.
The city's 118 unionized firefighters say the city is improperly calculating their overtime pay, and they now want to recoup their losses for the past three years, plus interest, costs and attorney's fees. The suit could cost taxpayers hundreds of thousands of dollars based on rough calculations.     Press Democrat
Inspectors' demand that extension cord be removed may have led to fatal Oakland fire  
OAKLAND - Three days before a candle likely ignited a Oakland apartment house blaze that killed four people, inspectors ordered a dangerous extension cord removed from the same room where the fire started.       East Bay Times      

Oakland Fire Department software blamed for inspection lapses  
OAKLAND - After a 2011 civil grand jury report excoriated Oakland's building services division, concluding that some inspectors were keeping property records in their desk drawers rather than a central database, the city purchased a multimillion-dollar software system to bring the department into the 21st century.        SF Chronicle      
  City declines fire department's request to apply for federal grant
HOLLISTER - The Hollister City Council this week declined to allow the Hollister Fire Department to apply for a federally-funded grant program that would pay a portion of firefighters' salaries before expiring in three years, which the council said could set up another scenario in which firefighters would have to be laid off.
     Benito Link
Palo Alto erred in bypassing unions on Measure D  
PALO ALTO - The city of Palo Alto should have consulted with its public safety unions before authorizing a 2011 ballot measure to repeal a provision on binding arbitration.   Mercury News

Air Mattress That Saved I-5 Jumper Acquired at Request of Firefighter Stabbed in Trolley Attack  
SAN DIEGO- A giant air mattress used by the San Diego Fire-Rescue Department (SDFD) to help a despondent man threatening to jump off a bridge over Interstate 5 last week has an incredible back story. 
It all starts with SDFD Firefighter Benjamin Vernon.
Vernon was one of two firefighters who was stabbed during a routine medical call in June 2015.  He suffered a punctured lung in the attack and was taken to the hospital.(video)        NBC San Diego

Firefighters at San Bernardino school shooting donned body armor    
SAN BERNARDINO - When describing a firefighter's uniform, most people would generally picture a fireman's helmet and big heavy fire resistant coats.
But the San Bernardino County Fire Department recently added a new piece to that uniform - body armor - which was used when they were dispatched to the shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino.      Press-Enterprise


Senior Walk - Valley Fair Mall
San Jose Fire Fighters and Fire Explorers were proud to once again join the 12th Annual West Valley Senior Walk, hosted by Councilmembers Chappie Jones and Dev Davis at Valley Fair Mall. Volunteers assisted in Blood Pressure checks and hands on CPR instruction.

San Jose Fire Fighters joined SJ Fire Explorers and volunteers throughout San Jose for this year's Great American Litter Pick-up. Thanks to all who helped make a difference today for our City and Earth!! 

Former Pasadena Fire Chief Collaborates to Develop First-of-its-Kind Fitness Training Program for Fire Service Aspirants
Becoming a firefighter is no easy task and for many, there is one test that must be passed to kickstart the respected public service career - a test that more and more are failing at high rates.  Former Pasadena Fire Chief Calvin Wells took matters into his own hands and collaborated to help develop a first of its kind fitness training program designed specifically for those seeking a career in the fire service (video).  Pasadena Now

The Heart Exposure to high heat and physical exertion may increase risk of heart attacks, study says
Intense heat and strain appear to put firefighters at a greater risk of heart attack, a new study finds.
The physical demands of firefighting may trigger the formation of blood clots and impair blood vessel function -- two factors associated with increased risk of heart attack and stroke, researchers in Scotland report.

  Legislation introduced in Senate to reauthorize AFG, SAFER
WASHINGTON - On April 5, Senators John McCain joined others and introduced legislation reauthorizing the Assistance to Firefighters Grant (AFG) and Staffing for Adequate Fire and Emergency Response (SAFER) grant programs. The bill extends the authorization for AFG and SAFER through FY 2023 and eliminates a "sunset" provision currently set to take effect in January 2018 that would eliminate the programs.  Fire Rescue1
  MedStar ambulance service using Lyft for low-priority calls
FORT WORTH -- It's rare that Sharon Johnson misses church on Sunday mornings. But last Sunday was a painful exception. "My whole face was swollen, and I needed to go to the hospital," the 58-year-old from Fort Worth said.  A nasty toothache had her calling MedStar for help. But instead of sending an ambulance, they sent something else.  It was a Lyft driver who showed up at her door.
FDNY creates body-armor clad EMS units for mass casualty situations
  NEW YORK - The FDNY has beefed up its preparedness for mass casualty incidents by creating special EMS units equipped to enter danger zones and triage victims on the spot - even if police haven't yet secured the area, the Daily News has learned.   NY Daily News



Senter Rd/Needles
Station 26     SJ District 7
Communications received a call of a fire in a bathroom vent. A HiRise response was dispatched, E26 arrived on scene and reported smoke coming from a vent on the outside of the building. Upon investigation, they found an apartment that was full of smoke, and a Level 2 was requested and. quickly canceled after finding a fire contained to the bathroom. 

Summer St. 
Station 2      SJ District 5
Fire Communications dispatched an engine and truck to the report of a residential gas line that was struck. While enroute Engine 21 upgraded the call to a structure response. The first arriving unit reported and large line that was hit with an uncontrolled gas leak and began evacuating surrounding residences. PG&E was notified to respond. SJPD assisted with traffic control and all appropriate notifications were made. All units were cleared after 1.5 hours.


4.8.17   Alum Rock Park     Station 19    SJ District 4
A park ranger contacted San Jose Fire to report a hiker having a medical emergency on a trail inside Alum Rock Park.  E19 and E619 responded along with USAR Company 34.  As details came in it became clear that the patient would not be able to hike out on their own, so USAR-I was requested for its 4-wheel drive capability. Battalion 1 and 2 attached to the call.  The Incident Commander made a request to Communications to inquire about the availability of a helicopter with winch capabilities.  The helicopter request was cancelled after the USAR-I was able to bring the patient down the hill.  The incident was placed under control after 3 hours.

4.10.17   C
roply Ave    Station 23   SJ District 4
Structure response for a report of a vehicle on fire inside a garage. The call was upgraded to a Full 1st. E19 arrived on scene and advised that smoke was coming from the house. The fire was contained to the garage/vehicle. The fire was under control after 30 minutes. PGE was requested, as well as board-up. 

4.10.17  Clearview Dr.      Station 19   SJ District 4
Structure response and subsequent full first for a report of dark smoke coming out of the front door of a residence.  First unit arrived on scene and reported smoke coming out of the front door. Upon investigation, units found some furniture on fire, and the fire was under control after 20 minutes. No injuries were reported, and all appropriate notifications were made.

4.13.17  Rose Ave     Station 2     SJ District 5
A full first was dispatched to multiple reports of a house fire.  E2 arrived and found a working fire in the front room of a single story duplex.  The fire was knocked down after 20 minutes hours and placed under control.  One civilian was treated for injuries.  Red Cross responded for 6 occupants displaced by the fire.
4.15.17 Monterey Rd     Station 3  SJ District 7
A full first was dispatched to multiple calls of an explosion and fire from a room at the Casa Linda Motel.  E3 arrived at and found active fire from a large one story motel.  Two civilians were treated for injuries.  The fire was knocked down and placed under control after 40 minutes.

4.15.17  Story Rd     Station 2      SJ District 5
A full first was dispatched to multiple calls of the Weinerschnitzel on fire.  E2 arrived and found a working fire at the business.  There were no reported injuries.  

4.16.17  Hickerson Dr     Station 21      SJ District 5
Full 1st alarm assignment to a report of a structure fire. The first arriving unit reported there was smoke showing on the Charlie side of the structure. PG&E assisted with securing utilities. Red Cross and Board up were requested. The fire was placed under control after 1 hour.

4.16.17  Farmhouse Ct     Station 12      SJ District 10
A full first was dispatched to a call from the occupant stating that a refrigerator was on fire in the garage.  E12 arrived at and confirmed there was a working fire in the garage of a two story, single family home.  The fire was quickly knocked down and there were no reported injuries.

4.17.17  Locust St   Station 3 SJ   District 3
Multiple calls reporting and explosion and smoke from a house. The first arriving unit reported smoke from the Charlie side of the structure. PG&E assisted with securing utilities, SJPD assisted with traffic control and Board Up was requested. 

4.17.17 Pepitone Ave Station 3 SJ District 3
Full1st assignment to a report of a vegetation fire threatening multiple structures. The first arriving unit reported 2 houses involved. PG&E assisted with securing utilities. The fire was placed under control after 45 minutes 


4.18.17 S Captiol Ave   Station 21 SJ District 5
Full 1 st response to a report of a broken gas line. The first arriving unit reported a ½ inch gas line that was venting and broken before the meter. PG&E assisted with securing the gas line. No injuries were reported and all appropriate notifications were made. 

4.18.17 Station 2 SJ District 5
Two calls were received for smoke from a house.  Engine 2 arrived on scene and found a fire in an upstairs bedroom.  The fire was contained to one room and was extinguished by the full first units. Red Cross was called out for 5 adults and 3 children.

4.19.17   Alamo Dr  Station 12 SJ District 10
Communications received a call from someone saying that something blew up in the attic and there was black smoke in the garage. A Full1st was dispatched and E12 arrived on scene reporting smoke from the attic. After making access to the garage, it was reported that there was some smoldering, but no active fire. All utilities were secured

4.25.17  Emerick Av   Station 2 SJ District 5
Report of black smoke from a window was received and a full first assignment was dispatched.  Engine 2 had to force entry as there was no one home.  A fire in a rear room of the house was extinguished with no extension.

4.28.17  Los Esteros Road   Station 25   SJ District 4
Single engine to investigate report of heavy smoke in the area.  A Full 1 st was dispatched by the request of the E25.  E25 arrived on scene and reported a large pile of Class A materials on fire.  The fire was contained after 1 hour.

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