May 11th, 2018   
15 injured, at least 100 displaced after 5-alarm fire erupts in San Jose 
SAN JOSE - Officials said at least 15 people were injured and at least 100 are displaced after a 5-alarm fire erupted in an early morning blaze at the Summerwind Apartments. "When the initial units got on scene there were approximately 20 people trapped on balconies," said San Jose Fire Captain Mitch Matlow. "They were using sheets and ropes to try to get down. They were removed from those balconies by fire personnel," (video)   FIREHOUSE magazine     KGO    CBS 

1 Dead Following Mobile Home Park Fire in North San Jose   
SAN JOSE - A 22-year-old man died in a mobile home fire that also left a 4-year-old girl displaced.  Witnesses of the two-alarm fire at Westwinds Mobile Home Park. saw a young man come out of the home then run back in, and they believe he feared the girl still was inside. (video)   NBC Bay Area     KGO    KTVU 

William J. Stout
Fire Chaplin
Deceased: 3-14-2018
Pete Lovier (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired 2003
Deceased: 1-2-2018  
Dan Bourbon (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired 1993
Deceased: 2017
Gerald A Hubbard (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired 2-5-1986
Deceased: 8-19-2017
Oliver Anastacio (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 8-8-1972
Deceased: 8-15-2017
Edward N. Silva (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 10-3-1973
Deceased: 7-26-2017
Bob Currall  (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 12-3-1993
Deceased: 7-19-2017
John Whitaker (Vol)
Fire Associates of 
Silicon Valley
Deceased: 7-11-2017
Joseph M. Nufer   (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-2-1974
Deceased: 3-27-2017
Francis Swanson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-6-1986
Deceased: 3-8-2017



Firefighters battled a two-alarm house fire in San Jose this morning that displaced six people and caused an injury when a resident fell jumping out a window.

@sanjosefirefighters  responded to  Hermitage St as a second alarm for reports of a mobile home fire. Crews found a fully involved mobile home and attacked the fire. Due to the roof collapsing crews went defensive to protect the adjacent structures


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Fire Fighter Day
Sunday June 10th, 2018

11 am until 12:30 - Special Tailgate area provided, BYOB - Creekside Lot
12:50 pre-game
1:05 - PLAY BALL


2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

2016 IAFF Media
 Award Winner


'We're Not Prepared': San Jose Fire Department Still Working on Active Shooter Training, Policy
Fire departments across the nation train their crews to go into a school or mall with police to save lives during active shooter situations. But in San Jose, the top brass is still working on a department policy that won't be ready for months. 

Training for a firefighter mission shift: Mass casualty incidents 
The role of the firefighter is changing as mass shootings, natural disasters and mass casualty events increase in frequency, requiring additional training 

Hazmat situation in San Jose after patient flown in on medical helicopter
SAN JOSE- A hazmat situation at Santa Clara Valley Medical Center forced ambulances to be diverted for about an hour overnight while several medical workers, a patient, a helipad and helicopter were decontaminated. (video)       KGO        NBC Bay Area

12 sickened by pepper spray at Oak Grove High School in San Jose
SAN JOSE -  An incident at Oak Grove High School afternoon is being blamed on pepper spray.  The fire department was called to reports that people in a biology class smelled something strange and were having trouble breathing (video)   KGO   CBS    FOX2

SJFD Advancement Ceremony

The San Jose Fire Department held an advancement ceremony at the San Jose Fire Museum for recently promoted members.

One killed, four injured when ambulance with patient inside overturns in East Bay crash
SAN LORENZO - A 74-year-old woman being rushed to a hospital died after her ambulance was broadsided by a car and flipped over, authorities said.  (video)      KTVU 

State alleges bid rigging in Contra Costa's EMS contract with ConFire, AMR
MARTINEZ - A state agency has determined that the county should not have partnered with a private ambulance company before awarding itself a competitive contract.  The state emergency medical services agency came to the conclusion after its investigation found the county colluded to suppress competition for an exclusive ambulance contract in 2015.      East Bay Times 


San Jose City Council
Shay Franco-Clausen - District 9 

Santa Clara County Supervisor
Don Rocha - SCCo District 4

California Governor


Chula Vista firefighters may stop responding to low-priority 911 calls    
CHULA VISTA - Fi refighters and paramedics respond to low-priority 911 calls even though less than one percent of those calls require emergency medical services.  By not sending firefighters to those calls, the Chula Vista Fire Department believes it can respond to high-priority calls faster. The department is currently considering sending only ambulances to what are officially known as level three calls.      

Who Pays When California Burns? Bill Aimed At Reducing Risk Sparks Concerns Over Rising Utility Bills
A bill inspired by last year's Northern California wildfires is under fire itself.  The Wildfire Safety Bill aims to reduce wildfire risk due to downed power lines. But it's sparking fierce opposition from consumer advocates, worried that we'll soon pay more on our electric bills
NBC Today

Stanislaus Consolidated may send you a bill after its firefighters help you
STANISLAUS Co. - Stanislaus Consolidated may start billing insurance companies and even the people it helps when its firefighters respond to car crashes, medical emergencies and other calls.
The fire protection district's board is scheduled to hold a workshop Thursday to discuss this proposal. And the board is scheduled to decide at a meeting after the workshop whether to start charging for these services as well as hiring Fire Recovery USA to bill and collect them.         Modesto Bee   

FDNY lieutenant makes history as first woman to lead elite rescue unit
NEW YORK -Trailblazing FDNY Lt. Adrienne Walsh is making history - again.  Walsh, 51, became the first woman to serve in a position of rank in one of five of the department's elite rescue companies.  Serving as a lieutenant in Rescue Company 1, which covers Manhattan, Walsh is joining one of five highly technical emergency response units that race to large fires or other high-risk situations where specialized training, skills and equipment are required. Each borough has its own unit.       NY Daily News  

Man attacks Tucson Fire captain after another man threatens him with machete
TUCSON, AZ- A Tucson Fire captain was attacked while trying to give aid a patient, officials were called to West St. Mary's Road for a possible fall injury. As they treated the patient, two bystanders who offered advice were told to leave, according to a TFD news release.
One bystander "proceeded to forcefully offer his own treatment to the patient." TFD personnel forced him away from the scene. He then made threatening comments and displayed a machete.         KVOA    

How Tucson Fire is reducing ambulance rides and saving money
TUCSON, Ariz. - A groundbreaking program at the Tucson Fire Department to help people and save money is showing significant progress in its second year.  The Tucson Fire Department receives hundreds of 911 calls each day. The department's infrastructure of people and machines is designed to handle around 65,000 calls per year but Captain Brian Thompson says the actual number of calls is more than 92,00.     KGUN9    


            FIRE INCIDENTS 

           First Due      San Jose Council District  

Metcalf Rd
  Station 27    SJ District 2
Medical call at Metcalf Motorcycle Park, reporting a motorcycle rider who went over the track. Engine 27 was dispatched and a park ranger called to report the motorcyclist went down the embankment, and they requested USAR 34. The USAR taskforce was dispatched. 


Maple Leaf Ct    
   Station 24   District 8
Multiple reports of a house on fire.  Engine 24 arrived reporting a working garage fire that extended into the residence.  A second alarm was requested and dispatched with the report that the house was fully involved and operations became defensive.   A total of two ambulances were requested, one civilian was treated on scene.  Knockdown on the fire was declared after 1 hour. The fire was placed under control and a Fire Watch was established.  Fire Associates responded to the scene.


Flanigan Dr     
 Station 16   SJ District 7
Full 1ST to a report of an apartment on fire.  Engine 16 arrived and reported a fully involved fire on the first floor.  Another caller reported someone trapped in another apartment and the event was upgraded to a second alarm. Two ambulances were requested and SJPD assisted with traffic control.  The fire was declared under control after 30 minutes.  Red Cross and board up services were requested. 


W. San Carlos    Station 30  SJ District 6

Rescue response to multiple reports of a vehicle that had rolled over and caught fire.  When Engine 30 arrived and found that the vehicle was fully engulfed in flames. Two patients were extricated.  An extra fire engine and truck company were requested to assist at the scene.  A total of 4 civilians and 1 fire fighter were treated for injuries.  The scene was turned over to San Jose Police for investigation.  

4.11.18 Sierra Vista      Station 19 SJ District 4
San Jose Fire Communications sent out a rescue response for reports of a Vehicle that drove off the overlook. While en-route Battalion 2 requested the USAR Task force. CalFire also sent two Spring Valley units to assist. One patient was transported and situation was under control after 1 hour. 


McLaughlin  Ave     Station 26  SJ District 7
Full First response to a report of a fire on the second floor of an apartment building.  Engine 26 reported a visible column of smoke while en-route, upon arrival a second alarm was requested  due to a confirmed working fire in a large apartment building.  San Jose Fire Communications started receiving phone calls from residents on balconies of the building unable to exit due to heavy smoke in the building. 

A third alarm was requested and a Level One Ambulance Task Force and then a Level Two while units conducted floor to floor searches advising residents to shelter in place on balconies until rescues could be completed. A Fourth alarm was requested and then A Fifth alarm.  A request for 2 VTA busses as well as Red Cross for an unknown number of residents..  The fire was under control after 2 hours. San Jose Police Department assisted with traffic control. Board up was requested.  Four patients were transported to local hospitals and 12 patients refused treatment. 

4.17.18 Half Pence Way   Station 19   SJ District 4 
Multiple reports of a mattress fire inside a residence.  Engine 19 arrived and found flames showing from the side of the structure.  The fire was knocked down after 1 hour.  

4.17.18 Monterey Rd.     Station 26   SJ District 7 
Structure response after receiving a call for cables on fire in a room.  The call was upgraded to a full first when Engine 6 reported smoke showing while en-route.  Engine 6 arrived on scene and stated there was fully involved single trailer.  Red Cross was requested, no injuries were reported, and all appropriate notifications were made. 

4.22.18 Foxboro Pl           Station 31  SJ District 8
A Full First was dispatched to a report of a house fire.  Engine 31 arrived and confirmed fire inside a residence.  Knockdown was reported after 1 hour.  


Almaden Ex            Station 28  SJ District 10
San Jose fire dispatched one unit to multiple calls reporting an explosion which caused and outside fire. The first arriving unit advised it was an underground electrical vault that was on fire and advised to upgrade the call to a structure response. PG&E was requested and also a precautionary ambulance. The fire was placed under control after 1 hour.

4.25.18    Gavilan Dr       Station 21  SJ District 8
Multiple reports of smoke coming from a house. A Full First response was dispatched. Multiple units, as well as Reid Hillview, reported a column of smoke showing. The call was upgraded to a precautionary second alarm, as there were reports of someone possibly inside the house. The first unit arrived on scene and reported heavy smoke from the rear of the residence. Redcross and boardup were requested. SJPD assisted with traffic control PGE secured gas and utilities.

4.25.18  Larkin Ave    Station 15  SJ District 1
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched a Full First response to a report of a garage fire.  Engine 15 arrived and confirmed a working fire in a detached garage.  Knockdown was reported and the fire was placed under control after 45 minutes.  PG&E responded to assist with utilities and SJPD assisted with traffic control


4.26.18 Bercaw Ln   Station 9  SJ District 7
Full 1 st alarm after receiving multiple calls reporting a structure fire. The first arriving unit reported smoke coming from the attic of a child development center. A 2 nd alarm was called & A VTA bus was requested shelter the occupants of the building. 

4.26.18 Hermitage St   Station 29 SJ District 4 
Full 1 st response to multiple calls reporting a structure fire. The first arriving unit reported smoke and fire showing from the residence and proceeded to fire attack and rescue mode. A 2 nd alarm was quickly called.   One civilian fatality in which San Jose Police Department and Santa Clara County Coroner's office responded.

4.27.18 Topeka Ave.   Station 4 SJ District 6
Communications received a call from apartment 1, reporting a bed on fire in the unit. A responding unit reported smoke showing while still enroute initi ating a 2 nd alarm was requested. The first unit on scene arrived and reported fire from a first floor window of a 2 story apartment complex. Two ambulances were requested. Gas and utilities were secured, and HIT29 was requested for one resident who left their oxygen tank on inside one of the units.  Two patients were transported.

4.27.18  Scotty St    Station 16  SJ District 7
Call reporting smoke coming from the vents of a house.  Multiple other callers reported a house on fire and dogs inside the residence.  Engine 16 reported a column showing from Highway 101 and Tully Road while en route, and confirmed a working fire once on scene.  Fire crews rescued 2 dogs from the residence and began CPR on both dogs.  Animal control responded to the scene for the dogs. 

4.28.16 Mt Umunhum Rd  Station 28  SJ District 10
Call reporting a male who fell off of his bicycle in a remote area of Quicksilver County Park on a trail.  Engine 28, while en route, requested the ambulance respond code 3 due to the length of travel time to the patient. USAR34 was requested to respond with their EUV.  County park rangers and Calstar were requested for assistance.  Calstar landed at the scene at 1622 hours.  

4.30.18 Huran Dr  Station 16   SJ District 8
One call reporting a fire; the RP wasn't sure if it was a residence on fire or just a fire in the backyard. The caller later indicated that the back of the house was on fire and the call was upgraded to a Full First.  The first arriving fire unit reported a working fire on the Charlie side of the building.  The fire was knocked down after 10 minutes. 

5.4.18 Jacob Ave   Station 9  SJ District 9
Full First response to a report of a garage fire.  Engine 9 arrived reporting smoke from a garage.  E9 confirmed that this was a working garage fire.  Initial knockdown was declared after 30 minutes.  Red Cross assisted displaced residents

5.4.18 Alvin Ave   Station 16     SJ District 7
Full First response to multiple calls received for an apartment fire.  While en-route Engine 24 reported a visible column of smoke.  A second alarm was requested. E16 arrived reporting a fully involved second floor apartment fire.  
PG&E assisted with utilities.  SJPD assisted with traffic control.  Two precautionary ambulances were dispatched and one civilian was treated on scene.

5.4.18  Prairie Ln   Station 2     SJ District 5
Full First response to a report of a fire on the side of a house.  Engine 2 arrived on scene reporting smoke from the side of a garage.   A standby ambulance was sent and PG&E assisted with utilities.  Red Cross responded to assist residents on scene. 

5.5.18 Pleasant Knoll Ct.  Station 21    SJ District 8
A single unit was dispatched to a medical call.  Engine 21 arrived on scene and upgraded the call to a low angle rescue as the patient was down a steep hill and unable to walk themselves back up.  The USAR taskforce responded.  Sherriff's Office assisted on scene.  

5.5.18 McGinness Ave  Station 21  SJ District 5
Full First response to a report of a roof on fire at a salon.  Engine 16 arrived on scene reporting a working roof fire. 
Initial knockdown was declared after 20 minutes.  

5.8.18  South Bascom Ave    Station 4  SJ District 6
A Structure response along with HIT29 was dispatched to a report of ten people needing decontamination at VMC after a chemical exposure.  The Hazmat Taskforce was requested.  Engine 4 arrived on scene eventually the response was reduced to the Hazmat taskforce.  The incident was placed under control after 2 hours. 

Calfire initially requested one engine for station backfill, due to a structure fire they were working. E27 was sent for the request. Calfire then called to request E27 to respond directly to the fire, as well as a request for 2 additional engines to respond directly to the fire. E35 and E24 were dispatched. B13 attached. The Duty Chief was advised. All units were back in service by 1538 hours.


5.9.18 Blossom Hill Rd   Station 35     SJ District 2
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched Truck 35 to a medical call at Oak Grove High School. Truck 35 was advised that there were a possible 11 patients in a science class and that an ambulance task force 1 was requested.  T35 requested a structure response, the HIT, and an upgrade to an ambulance task force 2.  T29 requested task force 29 to also respond. Out of 12 patients, 6 were transported.  San Jose Police Department was requested for crowd control.

5.10.18  Station 27   SJ District 2
Engine 27 and E627 to a report of a 3 vehicle accident. While enroute update from County Sheriffs Officer that there were 2 people trapped in the vehicle. Upon E27 and E627's arrival they upgraded the response to a rescue. An Ambulance Task Force was requested from County EMS. CHP assisted with traffic control. The patients were extricated and treated at nearby hospitals.


5.6.18 CALFire
Request for a single engine for a medical call - Engine 11 

5.9.18 CALFire
Request for Engines for Structure Fire San Martin
Engine 27 
Engine 35
Engine 24

5.9.18 CALFire
Engine 24 for Station backfill, redirected from the structure fire to the fire station


4.17.18  San Jose Fire 
Request from SJFD for 3 Engine's for station backfill. 

- CNTE82 to Station 35 
- CNTE80 to Station 16 
- SNCE97 to Station 18 

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