May 16th, 2017   

Suspicious Blaze at Assyrian Church in San Jose Triggers Arson Investigation
SAN JOSE - Flames ignited inside a plastic shed connected to the Assyrian Church of the East near Willow Glen, but a neighbor caught a glimpse of the blaze and called it in to authorities before it could get out of hand, according to Alex Alexander, president of the volunteer church committee at the parish.   (video)  KGO7      CBS5
Arson Suspected in Series of Fires in Willow Glen Area of San Jose
SAN JOSE - Officials suspect arson in a series of fires that broke out overnight in the Willow Glen area of San Jose. Three were trash fires and auto body shop near Lincoln and Parkmoor avenue was also struck, leaving two vehicles torched and a third slightly burned
    (video)    NBC Bay Area     

Joseph M. Nufer   (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-2-1974
Deceased: 3-27-2017
Francis Swanson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-6-1986
Deceased: 3-8-2017
Michael Curcio (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1996  
Deceased: 12-11-2016
Vince Jangrus (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1997
Deceased: 12-8-2016
 Emmett Knutson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1988  
Deceased: 12-1-2016
John Arnaz (Ret.)
Arson Investigator
Retired: 1995  
Deceased: 11-2016
Richard Nelson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1996  
Deceased: 9-11-16
William Lowe (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1971
Deceased: 9-5-16
Donald Tyson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1985 
Deceased: 7-24-16
Guy Newgren (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired: 1999  
Deceased: 7-23-16
Michael Spinelli (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1994  
Deceased: 7-13-16
J.C. Walton (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1973 
Deceased: 3-8-16


Video of the Week

221 South 24 th  Street @ East San Antonio St
First Due Station: 08    
E8 arrived at 0130 hours and found a working fire with smoke and flames on the first floor of a two story Victorian house.    The fire spread to the roof of the house and a tree in the backyard.  




Fire Fighter Night

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 7:15 PM
AT&T Park
San Francisco, CA


Day on the Lake
Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 7:15 PM

Coyote Lake, Gilroy

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2015 Year in Review

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Suspicious Blaze Destroys High School Baseball Team's Snack Shack in San Jose, School Property Vandalized
SAN JOSE - The Branham High School baseball team's snack shack, which was revamped last year by an Eagle Scout, was stamped as a complete loss, according to fire officials. Two nearby baseball sheds were also damaged and broken into, and a special education classroom's windows were cracked during the apparent vandalism spree.
(video)   NBC BayArea
3-year, no-bid extension for Alameda County's ambulance contract, despite firefighter  
ALAMEDA COUNTY - Alameda County supervisors extended their ambulance contract with Paramedics Plus by three years despite fierce criticism by firefighters complaining the process wasn't open for competitive bids and changes in service delivery were not included.       East Bay Times
Suspicious 5-Alarm Fire Tears through Oakland Condo Project Site
OAKLAND - Hundreds of customers are without power after a five-alarm fire that broke out at a construction site in Oakland. It's the second fire at the million dollar condo complex under construction, and developers of the project say they are sure it was arson. (video)  ABC        
Cancer is silent threat to firefighters nationwide, in Kern County  
BAKERSFIELD Whether it's dousing flames on a burning home or helping people get through a medical emergency, the men and women of the fire service are there for us when we need them the most.
But there is a threat that is silently killing firefighters, and health experts are just beginning to understand the horrific magnitude of the problem.     Bakersfield Now

Car explosion injures Sacramento firefighters
SACRAMENTO Sacramento firefighters were able to extinguish a car fire despite that car exploding right in front them moments before. The explosion happened along Ehrhardt Avenue in Sacramento after the firefighters arrived on the scene to extinguish the unoccupied car. (video)  ABC10

Firefighters at San Bernardino school shooting donned body armor    
SAN BERNARDINO - When describing a firefighter's uniform, most people would generally picture a fireman's helmet and big heavy fire resistant coats.
But the San Bernardino County Fire Department recently added a new piece to that uniform - body armor - which was used when they were dispatched to the shooting at North Park Elementary School in San Bernardino.      Press-Enterprise

Firefighter attacked while trying to help ill woman
NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - A South Bay man was arrested Friday after allegedly stabbing a firefighter for unknown reasons while the victim was aiding the suspect's mother following a fall at their home.  FOX5

Michael Strahan takes on firefighter challenge
  NEW YORK - "Good Morning America" anchors Michael Strahan and Jesse Palmer marked International Firefighters' Day today by shadowing Fire Department of the City of New York (FDNY) firefighters as they fought a simulated fire at the FDNY training facility on Randall's Island in New York.    ABC News

US plan to improve firefighter shelters falters
  AP - Crews who battle wildfires will have to wait at least another year before getting better fire shelters than those that failed to save 19 firefighters trapped by flames in Arizona four years ago, officials told The Associated Press on Thursday.   ABC News



N Capitol Av @ McKee 
Station 2  SJ District 5
Reports of a vehicle vs train and a rescue assignment was dispatched.  The report indicated severe damage to the vehicle so the BC requested the USAR and an additional truck be sent.  PD was dispatched for traffic control and DOT was sent to disable the traffic signal.  No one on the train was injured.  The SJFD Duty Mechanic responded also.  I.C. requested a trauma doctor from RMC to respond to the scene.  The trauma team performed patient care and the train was moved back from the vehicle.  The patient was extricated and transported to RMC after 3 hours. 

Minnesota Avenue
Station 6      SJ District 6
A full first was dispatched to multiple calls reporting a fire at the church.  E6 arrived and found an exterior fire to the rear of the building.  The fire was placed under control after 45 minutes. There were no reported injuries.


St Elizabeth  
   Station 6    SJ District 6
Fire Communications dispatched a single engine for a report of a female who while on a trail climbed down into a metal barrel and was unable to climb out. At 1015 hours additional units were dispatched, including USARJ to work a low angle rescue.  Subject was extricated after 1 hour. 

Woodside Ln 
   Station 31   SJ District 8
Communications dispatched a full first to a report of trees on fire endangering structures in the area of 3454 Woodside Lane. Arriving units reported fully involved trees with embers and high power lines involved. An additional 2 units were requested for structure protection. No homes were damaged in the incident. The fire was under control at 1553 hours.

Vonna Court      Station 12   SJ District 10

A structure response was dispatched to a report of a small fire in the backyard of a residence.  E35 arrived and found smoke showing from the back of the house.  The balance of a full first was requested.  A fire was found to have spread to the attic of the structure.  The fire was knocked down after 1 hour.  There were no reported injuries.


South 24th Street       Station 8     SJ District 3
A full first was dispatched to multiple calls of a house on fire.  E8 arrived and found a working fire with smoke and flames on the first floor of a two story Victorian house.  A 2nd alarm was requested.  The fire spread to the roof of the house and a tree in the backyard.  The fire was placed under control after 1.5 hours.  There were no reported injuries.  Red Cross responded to assist two displaced occupants.

5.15.17 Auzerais Ave    Station 30 SJ District 3
Station 30 called communications to report a building on fire.  A full first alarm assignment was sent.  There was active fire in the abandoned building.  This was a building that had burned previously so all activity was defensive.  Arson was called to the scene.  

5.15.17  S 7th St.   Station 8  SJ District 3
Communications dispatched a structure response to a report of a subject burning something in a house. Arriving units reported light smoke from the second floor and requested a full first. The fire was contained to the origin with no extension and was under control at 1649 hours.

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