June 4th , 2017   

San Jose auto parts store building destroyed by fire
SAN JOSE - An early morning 2-alarm blaze destroyed a commercial building that once housed an O'Reilly Auto Parts store, authorities said.  At 3:02 a.m., firefighters were dispatched to the location of an O'Reilly Auto Parts store that has been abandoned since it caught fire June 1, 2016. (video)    KGO7      CBS5
Couple & Pet Dogs Escape House Fire
SAN JOSE - A couple and their two dogs were able to escape their burning home in the 14000 block of Nelson Way in San Jose's Cambrian Park area. The flames started in an attached garage and spread to the second floor and attic of the home, prompting a second alarm. (video)      NBC BayArea        YouTube

Joseph M. Nufer   (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1-2-1974
Deceased: 3-27-2017
Francis Swanson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 4-6-1986
Deceased: 3-8-2017
Michael Curcio (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1996  
Deceased: 12-11-2016
Vince Jangrus (Ret.)
Fire Captain
Retired: 1997
Deceased: 12-8-2016
 Emmett Knutson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1988  
Deceased: 12-1-2016
John Arnaz (Ret.)
Arson Investigator
Retired: 1995  
Deceased: 11-2016
Richard Nelson (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1996  
Deceased: 9-11-16
William Lowe (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1971
Deceased: 9-5-16
Donald Tyson (Ret.)
Fire Engineer
Retired: 1985 
Deceased: 7-24-16
Guy Newgren (Ret.)
Battalion Chief
Retired: 1999  
Deceased: 7-23-16
Michael Spinelli (Ret.)
Fire Fighter
Retired: 1994  
Deceased: 7-13-16



Video of the Week
DRONE captures Wildfire
First Due Station: 03   
Local Drone captures this grass fire just south along 280 . . . 5.21.17

YouTube:  Walter Krupa


Fire Fighter Night

Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 7:15 PM
AT&T Park
San Francisco, CA


Day on the Lake
Thursday, July 13, 2017 at 7:15 PM

Coyote Lake, Gilroy

 contact: Ben Naranjo

2015 Year in Review

San Jose Fire Fighters 2015 Year In Review

On Sale at  
Local 230 office


KTVU"s Frank Somerville feels the heat:  KTVU 2  

This October, Local 230 is proud to partner with the SJFD to host another Fire OPS 101. 

This daylong program includes hands-on fire fighting and rescue operations under the controlled supervision of San Jose's professional fire fighters. Participants will learn exactly how challenging it is to keep our community safe. 

Will your local leader be up for the challenge?

Fire leads to water line break and traffic delays in San Jose
SAN JOSE - Just after 11:00 a.m., San Jose firefighters responded to a one-alarm house fire on Summer Street, near South Jackson Avenue.  Six people were inside the home when the fire broke out. All of the residents were able to escape without any injuries.        KGO7       NBC Bay Area


Fire fighters from Station 26 (Tully Rd.) showed their support for one of their Captain's brothers who was deployed in Afghanistan  by growing mustaches. 

They started their "Afganistashes" when he was first deployed & kept them going until his safe return. In turn he did the same during his active duty. 

These shirts are worn with pride to support all of our troops, especially those who are close to us. 
   Instagram:  @sanjosefirefighters

Cal Fire Beefs Up Staff, Braces for Dangerous Fire Season in Bay Area 
Morgan Hill - Cal Fire is preparing for what it calls a dangerous fire season in the Bay Area by beefing up its staff and training for new firefighters. 28 firefighters, including six new ones, started training and getting their gear in Morgan Hill. (video)     NBC Bay Area 
Homeless encampment catches fire under BART tracks in Oakland  
OAKLAND - Several tents and other items were destroyed but no one was reported injured when a fire erupted at a homeless encampment underneath BART tracks in West Oakland, authorities said.       East Bay Times

CrossFit Challenge accepted - MURPH

1 Mile Run
100 Pullups
200 Pushups
300 Squats
1 Mile Run

Fire Fighters from Station 14 were excited to be resposted by the official Crossfit Instagram page this past Memorial Day. 

Michael P. Murphy was a US Navy SEAL officer who was awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions during battle in Afghanistan. Station 14 took on the "Murph" challenge to honor our warriors who sacrificed while serving our country. 

17,894 Likes....and counting   @CrossFit 

Santa Cruz County fire chiefs' panel studying feasibility of new ambulance service role
Santa Cruz - For the first time in 15 years, Santa Cruz County will throw open the doors to emergency ambulance service providers to provide local service, and area fire agencies are closely tracking the process.
 Santa Cruz Sentinel        

Firefighter attacked while trying to help ill woman
NATIONAL CITY, Calif. - A South Bay man was arrested Friday after allegedly stabbing a firefighter for unknown reasons while the victim was aiding the suspect's mother following a fall at their home.  FOX5

$3 million program would help police, fire, paramedics buy city homes
Mayor Rahm Emanuel on Wednesday took a page out of former Mayor Richard M. Daley's playbook, creating a $3 million program to help up to 100 police officers, firefighters and paramedics purchase homes in "targeted" Chicago neighborhoods.  Chicago Sun Times

Rooftop Solar Panels Are Great for the Planet-But Terrible for Firefighters
In the last two decades, solar power has exploded. In 2009, only 30,000 American homes had solar panels; by 2013, that number had jumped to 400,000. With that growth, firefighters have had to contend with new threats to their safety-and that of the buildings and people they're charged with protecting.    Wired

Virgina fire department launches community paramedicine program  
ALEXANDRIA, Va. - The Alexandria Fire Department (AFD) announced the launch of a Mobile Integrated Health/Community Paramedic (MIH/CP) program. MIH/CP is a unique and evolving model of community-based health care, focusing on improving the lives of patients, lowering healthcare costs and using EMS providers as resources to solve healthcare problems within the community.



S White Road 
Station 2  SJ District 5
Full first was dispatched to multiple calls reporting a fire at a strip mall.  E2 arrived at 3:08 am and found a working fire at a business.  A 2 nd alarm was called.  The Incident commander reported one side of the structure started to collapse.  The fire was placed under control after 2.5 hours.  (article above) 

McLaughlin Ave
Station 26      SJ District 7
Engine 26 was dispatched on a report of a bottle of liquid nitroglycerin found inside Bridges Academy gym.  E26 requested the SJPD bomb squad and evacuated the school.  A code two ambulance was requested for standby.  B1, Med30, HIT29 and Squad26 responded to the incident.  HIT29 was cancelled at 1018 hours and all units were released from the scene by 1055 hours.


Fullerton Court
   Station 35    SJ District 2
Multiple calls reporting smoke from a house.  A code 3 ambulance was requested with possible resident inside the structure.  E35 arrived and found a working kitchen fire.  E35 went into rescue mode and a second alarm was requested.   Initial knockdown was called after 40 minutes.  Red Cross responded for 4 displaced occupants.  


Summer Street 
   Station 2   SJ District 5
Structure response was dispatched to a report of a house on fire.  The call was upgraded to a Full First while fire apparatus were still en-route.  T16 arrived and reported a working structure fire and requested a 2nd Alarm.  SJPD responded for traffic control and to assist with evacuations. San Jose Water Company responded for a broken water main in the middle of the street. The fire was placed under control after 2 hours. Red Cross responded for displaced residents.   (article above) 

5.20.17  Grand Blvd
   Station 25   SJ District 4
Fire Communications dispatched a single engine in response to reports of a grass fire.  Engine 25 requested a TIER response due to the fire being in a field directly under power lines.  San Jose Police Department was requested for traffic control and PG & E was requested for a down power line.  The fire was placed under control after 1 hour. 

SB 280 NO OF 101
   Station 3     SJ District 3
Fire Communications dispatched a single engine to reports of a grass fire.  The first arriving unit reported a 100 x 50 foot grass fire and requested a TIER response  A unit also responded to Story at Remilard Ct for ember patrol. CHP responded for traffic control.   (Video of the Week)

Senter Road 
   Station 3 SJ District 7
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched 3 separate single unit responses in this area due to multiple reports of brush fires.  Battalion 1 requested a tier response due to the widespread area and need for brush patrols to access parts of the fire. The fire was under control after 30 minutes.  

Montego Drive
   Station 22  SJ District 10
San Jose Fire Communications dispatched a full first response due to multiple reports of a house fire.  E22 arrived on scene and reported smoke coming from the eaves of the home.  The fire was knocked down after 1 hour.


5.28.17 Nelson Way   Station 9 District 9
A full first was dispatched to a report of a garage fire.  Truck 9 arrived on scene reporting heavy smoke and flames from the garage of a two story home.  A life hazard alert of wires down was reported and sentry was posted.  A 2
nd alarm was requested.  Initial knockdown was reported after 1 hour.  SJPD responded for traffic control. All appropriate notifications were made.  There were no reported injuries.  A fire watch was put in place overnight  The fire was placed under control after 3 hours. (article above) 

6.2.17  Almaden Ave     Station 3  District 3
Full 1st to multiple reports of a house on fire. Upon arrival the 1 st arriving unit reported a house fire with a fully involved attic. PG&E was requested to secure utilities. PD was requested for traffic control.  The fire was knocked down after 1 hour and under control after 1.5 hours.  


6.2.17  Fishburne Ave     Station 12  District 10
Structure response to a report of a possible house fire.  A full first was dispatched after receiving multiple calls stating that a house was on fire.  The HIT was attached when a reporting party mentioned pool chemicals involved.  Engine 12 arrived and stated there was a fire in the backyard.  While investigating E12 advised that there was a well involved second story fire from the rear of building.  A second alarm.  The fire was knocked down after 2 hours. Board up was requested, one injury firefighter injury was reported.

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