Happy almost Mother's Day (you're welcome for the reminder)!

It was overdue but it's finally done - the airfield has been restriped! If you recall, we recently finalized an on-call contract with a striping company that will allow us to quickly and easily stripe areas that are in need of a refresh.

For this initial round of painting, our areas of focus included hold short bars at runway intersections, lead-in lines, and Runways 8/26 and 17/35. Aside from just being brighter, the paint on Runway 17/35 had the most impact as we increased the center line from 18 inches to 32 inches, restriped the 1,000' markers, and rehabbed the edge lines.

We have received several compliments on how great the striping looks and we must say - we agree! Check out the before and after pictures below if you haven't seen it in person.

We also had the honor of hosting TxDOT Aviation for a seal coat demo done on Taxiway Echo earlier this week. This (relatively) inexpensive treatment will be something we'll consider for our other asphalt taxiways until they can be reconstructed. Apparently this new product is supposed to improve with time so we're going to give it a few months to age and see how it looks. Re-striping of the centerline will be done within the next few weeks.

We can't wait to see everyone at Go Wheels Up in a month! If you missed the event summary email for HYI customers and users, you'll find a link below.

Happy Flying,
Stacey Batch
Director of Operations and Administration