Happy August!

We're in the throes of summer and although we've had a generally mild one, I had to laugh this morning when I checked the forecast and read that today's temperature is anticipated to be "much cooler" than yesterday (their words, not mine). This is directly below the graphic that says currently, at 10:00am, the "feels like" temperature is 101 degrees.

In better news, our friends at TxDOT Aviation recently published the Draft Aviation Capital Improvement Program (ACIP) for 2022-2024 and we're happy to report that the reconstruction of taxiways Charlie and Alpha have been added for FY 22 and 23, respectively. We've known this to be the plan (as we've shared in past newsletters) but it's reassuring to see it in black and white on TxDOT's website.

The project can't begin soon enough as we've seen an increase in failing pavement on both taxiways, more than likely thanks to the snowstorm in February. We're doing our best to patch the most troublesome areas and appreciate your patience as we have to temporarily close certain sections during these repairs.

Speaking of Snowmageddon, I wanted to do a quick comparison of our traffic count numbers thus far this year. Take a look at February in the chart below. It's obvious that the storm drastically reduced our anticipated numbers. But even so, we're on track to set another record.

Comparing January through July during 2020 vs 2021, we're already ahead by almost 10,000 operations - a 24% increase!

We want to thank all of our airport users - new and old - for continuing to keep your eye on safety. Despite the additional operations, you have remained diligent. Your safety is now and always our top priority.

May your skies be clear and your water ice cold!

Happy Flying,
Cassidy Berenato
Vice President