Greetings and Happy 55th Anniversary of San Marcos' acquisition of HYI!
On February 14, 1966, the Department of Defense officially deeded our Airport to the City of San Marcos and thank you President Johnson! While a lot has changed in the ensuing 5+ decades, one critical characteristic of this former United States War Department facility that has persevered is its overall reliability and dependability. Record floods, heat, droughts, and last week's artic weather invasion may have caused a few knockdowns, but never a knockout. This month let's salute the enduring strength of our Airport and be thankful for the City's foresight to acquire Gary Air Force Base.
I also need to recognize and thank our TAP crew that dedicated countless hours last week to monitor the daily situation of HYI. Stacey Batch, who fortunately lives minutes away (she might not agree with fortunately), led the week-long effort while working in dangerous and miserable conditions to provide real time, accurate assessments of airport conditions. Kolby Bullard, our Maintenance wizard was right there with her. We're grateful for his commonsense experience with evaluating, correcting, and repairing many airport systems and equipment that didn't respond well to single-digit temperatures. Cassidy Berenato handled the daily critical communications with all our constituents from the comfort of her home, while enjoying a balmy inside temperature of 58 degrees.  

This uncontrollable event often brought out the best in people, and we witnessed it big time with these dedicated folks. Thank you, Stacey, Kolby, and Cassidy, for demonstrating your loyalty and commitment to our airport and the community we serve.

Jim Wimberly