February 14th is known around the globe as Valentine’s Day, the annual celebration of love. Around the office, we call it “Deed Day” since it marks the anniversary of the transfer of ownership of the airport to the City of San Marcos from Uncle Sam in 1966 (56 years ago for those who don’t care to do the math).

Over the past 5+ decades, the entire Central Texas region has grown exponentially, and all indications are that it won’t slow down anytime soon. As the Operator of the airport, we must take steps to protect the region’s greatest asset. As such, we have asked for – and Council has approved – the creation of a Zoning Ordinance.

The Ordinance will include two aspects – height restrictions (which are already in place via the Federal Aviation Administration’s Part 77 surfaces) and compatible land use. In plain language, homes and airports don’t always work well together and we want to encourage development around the airport that is, well, compatible!

The creation of this Ordinance will not be a quick process and we will want the participation of our customers and neighbors. We encourage anyone who wants to learn more or to provide feedback to continue to monitor these newsletters, attend our Airport Advisory Board (AAB) meetings, and attend any public meetings (which we’ll advertise here in our monthly newsletters and elsewhere).

More information on our next AAB meeting is below but I also wanted to take a quick moment to thank the following Board Members and Stakeholders whose terms end on February 28: Scott Gregson, Travis Ahlhorn, Alexandra Fortier, Russel Ross, and Joe Enzminger.

In March, we’ll introduce our new members and look forward to a great turnout!

Happy Flying,
Cassidy Berenato
Vice President