Greetings From Texas Aviation Partners,

This July really zoomed by as we continue to work on new funding for airport projects, coordinating the upcoming construction of Highway 110, and prioritizing HYI’s newly adopted Master Plan roll-out.

While these longer-term initiatives require more time and resources, it’s just as important to remember the routine, day-to-day activities that constitute a large part of our airport responsibilities. Everyday, Stacey and Kolby are “out there” inspecting, repairing, reporting, mowing, responding to issues, and following up on multiple operational inquiries for our valued airport Customers. I know I sometimes take things for granted when the airfield system routinely operates according to FAA requirements with no squawks, so a big Thank You to our dedicated folks is overdue and much needed…especially in these dog days of summer.

I’m also pleased to announce the promotion of Cassidy Berenato as Vice President of Texas Aviation Partners. For more details, you can read the Press Release announcement and hope you will join me with heartfelt congratulations for Cassidy.

Please continue to let us know how we can improve our airport, stay healthy, and fly safe.

Jim Wimberly