I hope everyone is enjoying the cooler temperatures. Thanks to the weather, traffic is continuing to pick up. Earlier this month we lost a controller to another airport but are excited to announce that Billy Whiting, our former tower manager, will be filling the vacancy. We hope to have him back in the saddle within the next month. 

The tower frequency radio (transceiver) has been an issue for the controllers, causing them to have issues hearing calls from certain areas on the airport. Because of this, we will be replacing both the ground and tower frequency radios. We expect these repairs to be done no later than the middle of October. The tower has back up radios in the case the controller cannot hear an aircraft call on the frequency.   The majority of the equipment in the tower is owned and maintained by the FAA but the equipment that is not, the airport maintains. We are looking at all equipment in the tower to address items before they become an issue in the future. 

On a more exciting note, we have been making major steps in repairing sections of Alpha. Just last week our amazing Kolby Bullard laid more than 1,100 pounds of concrete on some much needed areas. We all know that these are temporary in nature until we have the taxiway reconstructed but until then we are doing our best to make it as safe as possible for all aircraft.

Stacey Batch
Director of Operations and Administration