Happy holidays! 
Before jumping into an update on airfield signage, I'll start with a quick introduction. I would like to think that by now I have either met with or spoken to all of our valued airport tenants. I have been with Texas Aviation Partners for the last 6 years and I spend the majority of my time working on all things accounting, airport operations, and safety. I work with our tenants to make sure that their needs are met, oversee construction/repairs of our airport projects, and work to make sure our safety is our number one priority for all operations.
Pilots who frequent our airport know that many of our runway and taxiway signs are in need of replacement since many have faded from years in the sun. We ordered the panels in October and just received the last shipment. The airfield electrician will be here after Christmas to install them and we hope to have everything in place before the New Year. The electrician will also be checking each sign to make sure it is functioning properly.
New airfield panels can have a huge impact on the look of the airfield as well as safety since they make it easier for pilots to navigate the intersecting runways and taxiways. When we replaced all the signs on Runway 13/31 last year as part of the reconstruction project, I think I was more excited than anyone to see the improvement!  
We have also been working on making some much needed repairs to our City-owned T-Hangars.  Over the last several weeks, we have had a technician inspecting and repairing the electrical outlets, overhead lighting, and making repairs to the doors and tracks so that the door glides much smoother and opens easier.  If any of our tenants find anything we may have overlooked, please don't hesitate to call. As you know, regular maintenance is a never-ending cycle but we're excited to see progress being made. 
On behalf of everyone at Texas Aviation Partners, I would like to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Stacey Batch
Director of Operations and Administration 

We monitor the operations each month to he lp us secure funding for future airport projects and improvements.
The final design for the TxDOT/FAA funded hangar was approved by TxDOT Aviation earlier this month.

The RFP for the hangar construction will be available beginning on January 6, 2019, and will  be posted on the TxDOT Aviation website. 

All bids are due and will be opened on February 12, 2019.
We're excited to announce that on November 27, the City of San Marcos executed an agreement with Go Wheels Up Texas, LLC for the purpose of hosting an airshow, car show, food festival, and music festival in May of each year from 2019 to 2023 at San Marcos Regional Airport!

TAP is working very closely with the promoter to come to an agreement on exact event location/layout, parking accommodations, and other planning efforts. We have started the notification process with the FAA and other necessary government entities.

Over the coming weeks and months, we will assist in scheduling meetings between Wheels Up and our tenants to ensure our based commercial operators and users are kept in the loop and given the opportunity to participate.

The inaugural event is scheduled to take place on May 3-5, 2019. A full schedule of airshow participates and musical acts is not yet available but we can tell you that Kirby Chambliss and the Red Bull Air Force have already signed on!

The event website is still under construction but for now includes a short video on the event as well as sponsorship information. texas.gowheelsup.live

In the meantime, any questions can be directed to Wheels Up at info@gowheelsup.live or to Cassidy at cberenato@texasaviationpartners.com.
The City of San Marcos Transportation Division recently completed improvements to Airport Drive near Berry Aviation's FBO facility. Work included adding asphalt on the sharp turn and improving drainage in the area.    
We are working with the City to adjust the center line.  

Garver Engineering, the selected planning firm for the Master Plan, is wrapping up the initial phase of the project which includes taking inventory of current infrastructure, facilities, and use. As part of the initial phase, Garver conducted a survey of airport users, tenants, and community members.
We were thrilled to see that 102 participates took time to submit feedback. As a reference, Garver typically sees 20-30 responses. A summary of the results is included in the graphic above.  
Not surprising, an overwhelming number of responses pointed to the need for taxiway and ramp repairs. We hear you loud and clear and we couldn't agree more!
For those who have been unable to attend our past two Airport Advisory Board meetings, the airport has submitted a request for reconstruction of Alpha and Charlie as part of the FAA's Airport Improvement Program 2018-2020 Supplemental Appropriation call for grants.
The City has contracted with Garver Engineering to engineer the project ahead of hearing back from the FAA. The engineering portion is being funded 100% by the City to hopefully increase the possibility of receiving approval for the grant.
The anticipated response time for the grant is unknown but we're hoping to hear back in early 2019.
Additionally, the airfield signage and striping was mentioned frequently as areas needing improvement. Please see Stacey's introduction article above for an update on those two projects.
Thank you again to everyone who participated. While none of the responses were surprising, it was reassuring to see that regular users of the airport had suggestions and opinions that mirrored our own.
Garver and TAP will use these responses to help guide suggested future projects in the Master Plan. 

Please note Airport Management office will be closed on the following dates: 

Christmas Eve, Monday December 24
Christmas Day, Tuesday December 25
New Years Day, Tuesday January 1 

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  


We were pleasantly surprised by the popularity of our free polos that we decided to try something new this round!
Stop by our office to grab your free San Marcos Regional t-shirt! The front of the shirt features the airport logo and the back features the airport diagram.
We have unisex shirts in sizes small to 2XL. We also have women's fitted shirts in sizes small to XL.
Swing by 4400 Highway 21 Monday-Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

The KHYI Instrument Meteorological Club (IMC) meets the third Thursday of each month at Redbird Skyport at 6:30 P.M.  There will be no meeting in December.  The next scheduled meeting is January, 17, 2019.  
Complimentary pizza and soft drinks will be provided. 
To learn more, or be added to the newsletter list, email Gary White.  
Local EAA Chapter 958 meets every 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00 am, at Redbird Skyport in the conference room.
Meetings are preceded by the VMC club at 9:00 am in the conference room.
For more information visit their website .
The Civil Air Patrol Texas Wing 435th meets the every Tuesday at 6:00pm and is open to members of the public who express interest in joining the Civil Air Patrol.

The unit headquarters is a white building with "435" painted on the door, just in front of the old airport control tower. Address:  1915 Airport Drive,    San Marcos, TX 78666. 
                                 Contact Information:  cc@texhillcap.org(512) 710-8435