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Happy Holidays!

As Cassidy mentioned in the October 2018 edition, we are revamping our monthly n ewsletter to better meet your needs for news and information about San Marcos  Regional Airport. Texas Aviation Partners is still thankful to represent you and the  City, and we pledge to continue proactively exploring opportunities that improve the a irport for all HYI customers.
The big news for November includes a long overdue update of the 2001 Airport  Master Plan. You have probably seen the initial survey  by our consultant Garver, and  there will be additional opportunities for Airport customers, pilots, tenants, and  relevant stakeholders to weigh in on this project. Garver has assembled one of the  best teams I've encountered in my 45-year aviation career, as it includes experts in  marketing, real estate, demand forecasting, and military operations.   However, our  top priority will always be to facilitate an open process for your input, comments,  and suggestions. The final product must address a realistic strategy to achieve a  balanced, useable, and safe plan for future growth and development. 

In other news, the City applied for an FAA Supplemental AIP Grant in late October  to fund reconstruction of Taxiways Alpha and Charlie. While we have not received  word from FAA Headquarters in Washington, D.C. (where we understand these  specific grant decisions are being finalized), HYI's application should rank favorably  with other Airport but the nationwide competition for these funds is fierce. We will keep you posted.   

As I write this on Thanksgiving Eve, I'm reminded of how important our collective  roles contribute to a safe and reliable National transportation system. No matter what  our specific job, company, or individual responsibilities entail, airports, airplanes, and  the family of aviation professionals have a positive impact on our country. It is  rewarding and exciting to be part of this industry and TAP is grateful for the chance to  serve your interests at San Marcos Regional Airport.
Jim Wimberly


One Central Texas co mmunity is trying to help people facing memory problems

By: Jay Wallace 
November 19, 2018

AUSTIN - Dealing with memory problems late in life is a difficult experience. There is one Central Texas community going above and beyond to make people facing this feel like themselves again.
Silverado Senior Living is an assisting living facility that helps people with serious memory problems who have no where else to turn to.

This center has a goal of maximizing the life of their patients while providing individualized care as well.

Dick Meyer lives at Silverado, as he is dealing with dementia. Meyer was a pilot in the Air Force for 30 years. Even longer than that, Dick Meyer has been married to his wife, Joann Meyer, for 63 years.

"We've been stationed in about 12 different places in our life," Joann Meyer said. "We've really had a very interesting life."

While Dick Meyer might not remember everything about his past, he still will bring up things that happened when he was serving. Erica Michelle is the lead certified nursing assistant (CNA) at Silverado and helps take care of Dick Meyer every day. She said it's easy to see how much flying means to him.

"I've been taking care of him for four years now, and I've heard many stories about his time flying," Michelle said.

Michelle said it's also tough seeing him struggle on days when he is having a hard time remembering.

"It's hard to see people that you love not be the same that they used to be," Michelle said. "When you see them get so happy about the things that they used to do, that's what matters the most."

That type of joy Michelle is talking about that is connected to the things these patients used to do is the motivation behind a new program at Silverado -- "A Day in My Life." This program gives the members a chance to participate in their old job, hobby or passion for a day -- no matter how good their memory is. 

Michelle Neumann is the senior administrator at Silverado Senior Living and said this gives them a chance to have an experience that helps them feel normal.

"Just because you have dementia, it doesn't mean you're fading away," Neumann said. "It doesn't mean that you don't mean something to somebody. We want to do what we can to enliven them."

Neumann and her team got in contact with  Central Texas Wing, a Commemorative Air Force created by former Air Force members who wanted to acquire, restore and preserve combat aircraft that has been flown by military service of the United States. Most of these members live in or near San Marcos, which is why these preserved planes remain at the San Marcos Regional Airport.

Click here to continue reading and watch the video.    

Garver Engineering, the selected planning firm for the Master Plan, is wrapping up the initial phase of the project which includes taking inventory of current infrastructure, facilities, and use. The first update on the plan will happen during the December Airport Advisory Board meeting.

We would like your feedback regarding facilities and infrastructure. The survey should take 3-5 minutes to complete. Your input is very important to us!

The City of San Marcos Transportation Department continues improvements to Airport Drive near Berry Aviation.  The work has been delayed due to weather, but is expected to be completed soon.   
Vehicles will still have full airport access and traffic will not be impacted. Please use caution when driving as workers may be present.
If you have any questions, please call the airport management office at (512) 216-6039.   

Air Traffic Control Manager, Billy Whiting, on behalf of Robinson Aviation, will be hosting a runway safety meeting on  Thursday, December 13  at 10:00 a.m. at the airport management offices located at 4400 Highway 21.
The purpose of the safety meeting is intended to reduce the collision risks associated with runway incursions and surface incidents involving the runway environment and is part of the Federal Aviation Administration's Runway Safety Program.
The program enhances awareness to runway safety and applies to all representatives of the airfield. Users at all levels are encouraged to attend for the purpose of identifying problems or concerns. Additionally, a Runway Safety Action Team may be formulated in order to devise solutions to any collision risk.
For more information please contact airport management at (512) 216-6039. 

We monitor the operations each month to he lp us secure funding for future airport projects and improvements.
Airfield Signage:  The new illuminated sign panels for most runways/taxiways have shipped and should arrive first week of December, with installation expected for the middle of December. 
Kilo Development Area (KDA) Hangar: We are currently working with the engineer to finalize some last minute changes.  We expect bids for construction to be advertised  in early 2019.
Our next AAB meeting will be held Monday, December 10 at 10:00am at the airport management offices located at 4400 Highway 21.

This meeting will include our first update on the Master Plan progress.
Anyone interested in the airport is encouraged to attend! Come by to learn more about what's happening at your airport, meet the Board, and enjoy a free cup of coffee and donuts!

Please note Airport Management office will be closed on the following dates: 

Christmas Eve, Monday December 24
Christmas Day, Tuesday December 25
New Years Day, Tuesday January 1 

We wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.  


We were pleasantly surprised by the popularity of our free polos that we decided to try something new this round!
Stop by our office to grab your free San Marcos Regional t-shirt! The front of the shirt features the airport logo and the back features the airport diagram.
We have unisex shirts in sizes small to 2XL. We also have women's fitted shirts in sizes small to XL.
Swing by 4400 Highway 21 Monday-Friday between 8:00am and 5:00pm.

The KHYI Instrument Meteorological Club (IMC) meets the third Thursday of each month at Redbird Skyport at 6:30 P.M.
Complimentary pizza and soft drinks will be provided. 
To learn more, or be added to the newsletter list, email Gary White.  
Local EAA Chapter 958 meets every 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00 am, at Redbird Skyport in the conference room.
Meetings are preceded by the VMC club at 9:00 am in the conference room.
Click here for their latest newsletter.  
For more information visit their website .
The Civil Air Patrol Texas Wing 435th meets the every Tuesday at 6:00pm and is open to members of the public who express interest in joining the Civil Air Patrol.

The unit headquarters is a white building with "435" painted on the door, just in front of the old airport control tower. Address:  1915 Airport Drive,    San Marcos, TX 78666. 
                                 Contact Information: 710-8435