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October marks the beginning of the City's fiscal year 2019 and Texas Aviation Partner's 9th year managing San Marcos Regional! To celebrate, we're shaking things up in our monthly newsletter.
Each month we send 527 people (as of today) a synopsis of what is happening at the airport. We try to be concise but informative. But sometimes we need space to dig in a little deeper on issues surrounding projects, funding, or general aviation news and how it may affect us all.
Here in the office, we'll take turns sharing relevant information in this welcome article.
We'll spend the first few months introducing ourselves to those we haven't yet had the pleasure of meeting in person.
October also marks my  9th year in the world of aviation. I graduated from the University of Texas (HOOK 'EM!) in 2008 with a Bachelor of Science in Public Relations and a minor in Business Foundations. I spent the first two years post-graduation learning valuable skills in project and property management at Lake Austin Marina.
In 2010, I walked into the old airport management office located in Berry's FBO building not really knowing anything about aviation or airports. Thankfully I was surrounded by a team that knew more about aviation than I could ever hope to learn.
I started by answering phones, doing the books, helping tenants with property needs, and slogging through 20+ years' worth of lease documents.
Over the past eight years, as our team has grown, I've been able to narrow my focus to leasing, business development, and marketing. However, being part of a small team means you'll still hear my voice over the radio doing FOD checks every week.
This month I'm excited to share with you the results of TxDOT Aviation's Economic Impact Study, which you'll find below. We know the improvements and the growth of the airport have had a ripple effect throughout the entire region and this study helps quantify what that means.
Thank you to all our tenants who submitted surveys and answered interview questions to assist in making the results of this study as accurate as possible.
As you read, please don't hesitate to reach out with any questions you may have. Chances are, you're not the only one and it helps us to better address concerns and clarify the information in the next newsletter.
Happy flying,
Cassidy Berenato 
Director of Marketing and Business Development
The City of San Marcos Transportation Department continues improvements to Airport Drive near Berry Aviation.  The work has been delayed due to weather, but is expected to be completed soon.   
Vehicles will still have full airport access and traffic will not be impacted. Please use caution when driving as workers may be present.
If you have any questions, please call the airport management office at (512) 216-6039.   

Thanks to our tenant and friend, Charlie Thompson, fellow aviation geeks can now listen to the HYI ground and tower feeds from work or home! 
You can listen live ( or review archives to hear how great you sound on the radio ( 

While 40 acres of concrete seems like a lot, we have a multitude of businesses and private hangars located along the entire stretch of ramp, therefore we have identified four (4) specific areas for engine run-ups.
In order to keep everyone safe, we ask that you use the pre-defined run-up areas labeled in the above map before your flight or while doing maintenance checks. Using these areas helps us all be better neighbors and makes our ramp safer (and quieter!) for visiting customers and pilots walking to and from their aircraft.
We appreciate your cooperation.

We monitor the operations each month to he lp us secure funding for future airport projects and improvements.


Airfield Striping and Signage: This project includes new illuminated sign panels for most runways/taxiways, striping lead-in lines onto Runway 13/31 and other movement areas around the airport. The new signs have been ordered and will be installed once they arrive

Master Plan:  The airport's Master Plan was last updated in 2001 and is being updated. The Master Plan looks at long-term airport use, anticipated projects, and funding needs over the next 5-10 years. The scope and contract was approved by Council.  The selected planning firm, Garver, is in the process of taking an initial inventory of the airport.  We anticipate Garver providing status updates at upcoming Airport Advisory Board meetings and we'll keep everyone up to speed with the progress via our newsletters. 


Kilo Development Area (KDA) Hangar: We are currently working with the engineer to finalize some last minute changes.  We expect the RFP to be advertised for bids in November. 

According to a Texas Aviation Economic Impact Study commissioned by the Texas Department of Transportation's Aviation Division (TxDOT), the contribution to the local economy from San Marcos Regional Airport has increased dramatically over the past eight years.
The study, which is used to measure the economic benefits provided by the state's airport system, examined both direct and secondary impacts attributed to airport-related activity. Direct impacts account for activities by on-airport businesses and government agencies and the off-airport visitor spending at locations like hotels and restaurants. Secondary and multiplier impacts occur when companies incur business expenses and from the recirculation of direct impacts within the boundaries of the economic region.
Compared to a similar study done by TxDOT in 2010, San Marcos Regional total economic output has increased from $44.9M to $82.1M - an 82% increase. The upward trend is echoed in the airport's revenues which have increased from $293,000 in FY 2011 to $604,000 in FY 2018 - a 106% increase.
Additionally, the study found that out of the 264 non-commercial service airports in Texas, San Marcos ranks 16th for economic output. 
The study does not include revenue the City of San Marcos and Caldwell County receive from property taxes - another component the city will consider when updating the Airport Master Plan.
The Master Plan project, which began on Wednesday October 24, will look at long-term airport use, anticipated projects, and funding needs over the next 5-10 years.
More information about the study can be found on TxDOT's website. To view our press release regarding the study click here
Our next AAB meeting will be held Monday, December 10 at 10:00am at the Airport Management offices located at 4400 Highway 21.
Anyone interested in the airport is encouraged to attend! Come by to learn more about what's happening at your airport, meet the Board, and enjoy a free cup of coffee and donuts!

The KHYI Instrument Meteorological Club (IMC) meets the third Thursday of each month at Redbird Skyport at 6:30 P.M.
Their next meeting will be held on November 15. Complimentary pizza and soft drinks will be provided. 
To learn more, or be added to the newsletter list, email Gary White.  
Local EAA Chapter 958 meets every 3rd Saturday of the month at 10:00 am, at Redbird Skyport in the conference room.
Meetings are preceded by the VMC club at 9:00 am in the conference room.
Their next meeting will be November 17.  Click here for their latest newsletter.  
For more information visit their website .
The Civil Air Patrol Texas Wing 435th meets the every Tuesday at 6:00pm and is open to members of the public who express interest in joining the Civil Air Patrol.

The unit headquarters is a white building with "435" painted on the door, just in front of the old airport control tower. Address:  1915 Airport Drive,    San Marcos, TX 78666
                                    Contact Information: 710-8435