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January 2nd 2017

Happy New Year!  

San Pancho always rings in the New Year in style!  We had another spectacular SinergiArte event hosted by Colectivo San Pancho, followed by the world famous San Pancho New Year's Eve street party.  It is a truly amazing time to see San Pancho.  The town is buzzing with life and music and we can plainly see that San Pancho is all set for another fantastic season of fun.  We will keep the calendar up to date so you won't miss a thing!  
 San Pancho Speaker Series

For more information visit EntreAmigos

Earl Miller - Man on the Street!

Earl has been at it again, finding the stories of the people you might run into on the streets of San Pancho - Here's the scoop!

Where are you from?
We are Australians living in London!

How did you find San Pancho?
We get a magazine every month called Condé Nast Traveller, which is the most-read travel magazine.  We read it faithfully. There was a great six-page story about Sayulita and San Pancho from June 2015. So we took a chance and we are so happy we did! San Pancho is so super cool, chilled, relaxed vibe, and awesome food!

What do you do?
Aaron is a builder and Kelly is an insurance underwriter.

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?
People that come to and live here in San Pancho are like-minded. We have made 5 friends for life in only a week of being here. The taco street restaurant that is called Arbolitos - they have the best tacos in the world. 
We will be back!

Layne and Ricardo

Where are you from? 
We currently live in Gualala, CA. Ricardo is originally from San Diego, CA  and Layne is originally from Manitou Springs, CO. 

How did you find SP?
 Layne and I went to visit Sayulita about 7 years ago. During our stay there  we decided one morning to go for a walk to see if we could make it to the point up the coast from Sayulita (the old President of Mexico's house). When we arrived at the wooden gate we noticed that there was another village up ahead. We walked to Las Palmas, had lunch, and the rest is history. 

What do you do?
My wife and I own Luna Layne on Tercer Mundo. We've had it about 3 years. We love it dearly. The shop gives us the opportunity to travel all over Mexico hunting for hand-made items and objects. 

What is the best thing for you about SP?
 Its sense of community and camaraderie; the international visitors, La Patrona Polo, the great beaches, the fresh fish and fruits, and the variations of quality restaurants. 

Esperanza Maria Flores

Where are you from?
Las Vargas, Mexico

How did you find San Pancho?
My parents moved in to San Pancho and I have been here ever since!

What do you do?  
I work at San Pancho Villas and Golf Cart Rentals.   I love my job!
My bosses are Vicky and Bob Farmer

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?
I love everything about San Pancho!   The sunsets and the people are awesome.

Earl & his beautiful wife Jane are the owners of Roberto's Bungalows, San Pancho's friendliest place to stay.  Earl and Jane will take you under their wing and have you living like locals from your first day.  Stop by and say Hi!  

Thanks, Earl!!!

Casa Tequila 
Featured Vacation Rental - 

Casa Tequila features a main casa with master bedroom, one and a half bath, kitchen and living area, plus two one-bedroom, one-bath guest rooms.   Casa Tequila offers the best of  San Pancho vacation living with a beautiful court yard and refreshing pool. Perfect for your small group! 

Featured Video
Casa Mar Azul Uno, San Pancho - Nayarit/Mexico
Casa Mar Azul Uno,
San Pancho - Nayarit/Mexico

Delightful Offerings from  Luna Layne

San Pancho Life welcomes Mita Massage Therapy and 
Spa Services - new business

Mita Massage Therapy and Spa Services 
provides a friendly, personal and professional service
in the privacy and comfort of your own villa
.   They offer a wide range of services that are designed to heal the body and polish your appearance.  It's time to pamper yourself!

Maricarmen Bernardino

Graduated with high honors in spa and beauty techniques in Mexico City.
Currently with more than 10 years experience in spa modalities including massage, body treatments, facials, and nail care.
She is one of the best professional choices in the area and offers her services in the comfort of your own location.

Robert Clegg

Is one of the pioneers of massage therapy in the Punta de Mita area and is presently one of the massage therapists most in demand.
Certified in the Lauterstein-Conway Massage School in Austin, Texas, he has given thousands of massages and offers his clients many years of bodywork experience.
Whether it is a relaxing stress relief or deep tissue experience your body is craving, he tailors each massage to the individual client's needs to insure the greatest benefit and satisfaction. He is especially known for his specific deep tissue techniques combined with an overall sense of relaxation.

 Rent with San Pancho Life and save BIG!!!

Ok, so here's the deal - lots of people are using Airbnb to book their vacation rental here in San Pancho and we really can't understand why anyone would do this because of the booking fee charged by Airbnb.  Why do you want to pay a 15% additional fee on your vacation rental?  We used our house, a regular house, not a luxury beachfront home, just a nice place to live in San Pancho in the Gringo Flats area, with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Here is what its breaks down to.  Our house rents for $1150 a week in high season.  If you rent our house through Airbnb you get to pay an additional booking fee of 15% - that means that you will be paying an extra $172.50 (or 3,608 pesos!) for the booking, total $1322.50.  With the money you would save by booking with San Pancho Life you could be eating and drinking like a king for your entire week!  Airbnb doesn't know the community and gives nothing back, whereas San Pancho Life supports the community organizations and small businesses.   Why, oh why, would anyone spend all that extra money to rent through Airbnb???  

La Cresta is now open!!!
...and it's amazing!!! We spent our first night back in San Pancho at this amazing place and the food was delicious.  Our group tried pretty much everything on the menu and we can report that everything had rave reviews!  Trini and Gloria have another winner!  It is so much fun to sit above it all and watch the street life in San Pancho.  

We are wishing them great success!
On Tercer Mundo above the Ola Rica 
Photos of the week 

 A little San Pancho magic from Dan Uhl & Camilla Fuchs.
By the way, Camilla is looking for a long-term rental in San Pancho. If you know of a place for this very talented lady, give us a shout - she'd be a welcome addition to our community!

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