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April 3rd, 2017

Farewell to the Snowbirds
Getting ready for Semana Santa
This time of year the weather is starting to heat up and it is pretty much perfect. The high for today will be 81 degrees.  The humidity is not really starting to kick in yet.  The sky has been partly cloudy in the mornings, keeping things a little cooler. The jungle is starving for a good long rain.  A few of the trees are totally bare of leaves and yet some of the most interesting flowers like the clavelinas spring forth with their spectacular blooms! Our dear friend Candice calls them Dr. Seuss trees.  That sounds about right! 

This is the time of year when many of our friends are going back to their lives up north. The constant question is "when are you leaving?"  The last sunset over San Pancho's beautiful beach is always bittersweet.  We talk of the incredible experiences we got to share this season and how quickly the time has flown by and of our hope to see everyone again on this perfect beach, sharing another sunset and picking up right where we left off.  

But "no te preocupes" (don't you worry) - San Pancho's biggest celebration is just coming up.  Semana Santa, or Mexico's Spring Break, is one of the biggest events of the year for our dear town and everyone is gearing up for it.  The town will fill up as people from far and wide show up to enjoy the little slice of paradise that is San Pancho. So whether you're on your way north or taking in Semana Santa, enjoy!  
Concerned citizens discuss sustainable growth in San Pancho...

A meeting was held on Friday, March 31st to discuss growth and in particular the proposed building of a 6-story condominium complex on the beach in downtown San Pancho.  Local residents voiced their concerns about the impact that higher-density construction projects such as this would have on the infrastructure of the town.  Water, sewer, road congestion, garbage and blocking of light and air to neighboring properties were the main concerns.  Other concerns were flooding and storm surge problems, as well as the impact on San Pancho's nesting turtles. 

Most of the attendees were strongly opposed to the idea.  Everyone is hoping to find a way to make the inevitable growth something more of a win/win with a lower-density, higher-quality and generally more-sustainable project.  That being said, the zoning for a 6-story building in that location has been in place for many years. 

The discussion continues to evolve and there will be another meeting soon We hope you can attend.
If you would like to know more please follow the facebook page 
We only ask that all discussions are respectful.

Jaguar Cup Invitation!

The signs are good that San Pancho is headed in the right direction... follow these signs and you will be able to navigate San Pancho like a pro.

Thanks to our Delegado Cayetano, Memo from las Olas, and the support of other people and groups, including Mujeres Por Amor a San Pancho. 

Featured Video
Just feeding the birds in San Pancho
Feeding the birds in San Pancho.

Welcoming El Gallo

El Gallo is one of San Pancho's treasures.  It is steeped in history and filled with good vibes and it is an important part of the San Pancho scene.  

When we first came to San Pancho we heard the stories of this legendary place.  It was originally a pizza restaurant and El Gallo, the owner, was a musician who welcomed everyone with his great big heart, good food and great music. Unfortunately El Gallo passed away and beautiful gate to the magical patio remained locked for many years, but at long last, Gallo's grandson, Israel, took up the challenge and has brought El Gallo's back to life.  Israel is a great part of the community, and he even gave a part of the property as a fundraising gift shop for Escuela Del Mundo.  We are so glad to see them do so well!  

Come to El Gallo's for the most authentic and delicious Mexican food, which you will savor while sitting in the shade of a magical giant parota tree.  They offer lots of great music as well, so keep checking their page for the latest entertainment offerings.  

Home improvements with Rodo - We love this man!
With the current peso and dollar valuations, it only makes sense to do some renovations on your casa.  We certainly did and we couldn't be happier!  We were so fortunate to have found  Construction Garcia - Build & Remodel.  Rodo is a very experienced builder with great attention to detail.  He speaks English well and you can't find a nicer guy to work with to help you to realize your building projects. He can do anything you need, from a minor remodeling project to an entire house construction.  We are thrilled with the outcome of our project and the price was so reasonable - we highly recommend Rodo! 
Here are some shots of our project.  We took our upstairs balcony and master suite and essentially made it a lock-out apartment with a cute little kitchenette, wonderful walk-in closet and a fantastic covered outdoor living space that takes advantage of the ocean breezes and our favorite thing about the house - the jungle view with the smallest glimpse of the ocean.
For more information click here:   Construction Garcia - Build & Remodel   
Thanks Rodo!  

Turtle Frank Needs You!

We are still seriously in need of several good volunteers.  Tell your friends that we have good lodging, great beaches, outstanding restaurants, good potluck dinners, and good environmental work if they wish to join us.  The chart below shows the dates that need to be filled

There are lots of other ways you can help out too.  Buy a t-shirt or phone book or you can just make a cash donation.

San Pancho's Newest Restaurant 

Fonda 29

     There are so many reasons to love San Pancho. The food, the weather, the people, the food, the sunsets, the food, the beach and did I mention the food? 

     My wife and I moved here six months ago and I have been on a quest to find my favorite restaurant. Just when I had narrowed my choices down to three or four.......or ten finalists, Fonda 29 Restaurant and Bar opened. Located at the Plaza del Sol, owners Pepe and Eduardo have chosen a quiet and peaceful location away from hustle and bustle and traffic of the main street. Their very accomplished chef is supported by a well trained staff. The food is delicious and the presentation is beautiful. Each dish is a work of art. 
 Fonda 29 is a welcome addition to my list of  favorites and to San Pancho. It has all of the ingredients for success. 

                                                                        Paul Clem

Thanks again Paul for this introduction to San Pancho's newest place to try for breakfast or lunch.  We, your fellow foodies, love the work you are doing!

For Sale 
 1,365.55 Sq Ft  2 Bedrooms  2.5 Bathrooms  

Beautiful and spacious Casa Azul in the heart of San Pancho only a few feet from the beach this hand crafted home is filled with elaborate artistic touches in every space designed to enchant you. 

This magical home offers three stories and has three patios that enable it to function either as a commercial or a residential property. 

From Casa Azul you get more of San Pancho!

USD $450,000 USD
Photo of the week

Thanks to 
Larry Droguett
for this fantastic photo "My San Pancho".  
It's dreamy!!

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