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December 1st, 2016


So we mostly spent the month of November eating amazing food in San Pancho...

We got to attend the opening events at Mexotik and La Patrona and both were spectacular!  Chef Daniel Murillo of Mexotik amazed us with a 7-course season-opening dinner, which we got to share with Bob & Vicky Farmer of San Pancho Villas & Golf Cart Rentals  (of course we arrived in a golf cart) - great friends, brilliant food and good music to go along with it!  Here is the menu for that amazing night.  

La Patrona celebrated the grand opening of their indoor arena with a 5-course wine-pairing dinner created by renowned Chef Dante Ferrero Houriet. Teamed with an exhibition game of polo in the new arena, and graced by the presence of the 2 top-ranked indoor players in the world, it was a spectacular event in every detail, and we can't wait till the next chance we get to see another polo match!  By the way, the next polo event will be December 9 - 18th, The Copa de Polo La Patrona - don't miss it!  

Shortly after that, we had an American Thanksgiving celebration with our dearest friends. We all had our challenges coming up with substitutions for the ingredients that we couldn't find in Mexico, but amazingly, the meal was far better because of it, and now we can't fit into our jeans anymore! 

Luckily we are going to focus on all of the fantastic health and fitness offerings in San Pancho, courtesy of our new contributing writer, Tamara Bode, to help us with our New Year's resolutions, right after we get done celebrating Christmas....   
Colectivo Art Festival

11th Sinergiarte Festival (December 28-30)
The Colectivo San Pancho in the Cultural Capital of the Riviera Nayarit organizes this grand artistic and cultural festival - this is one of the events that makes San Pancho sing!  Don't miss it!

San Pancho Animales is the reason the dogs & cats in town are healthier and happier than in most places. There are fewer sad strays and unhealthy and unwanted animals in San Pancho due to their efforts.  
The next free spay & Neuter clinic is from Dec. 7 to 10th.

The next free clinic for animal Spay & Neuter services is this December 7th  through December 10th.  Please share this information with your friends and neighbors that have cats and/or dogs and encourage them to bring their animal to the clinic for this free service.  The clinic is located at the "Casa De Gente Grande" on Avenida Tercer Mundo.   

La próxima Clínica gratuita de Esterilización en San Pancho será el día  miércoles 7 de diciembre hasta el sábado 10 de diciembre. Por favor, hable con sus amigos y vecinos para traer a sus  perros y gatos a la clínica para los servicios de castración o esterilización. San Pancho se los agradecerá y los animales estarán más saludables como resultado. 
Recuerde, la clínica gratuita es del día 7 al 10 de diciembre y se encontrara en la casa de la Tercera Edad en Tercer Mundo " aquí en San Pancho".

Time to get shopping!!!

San Pancho is the perfect place to find that one-of-a-kind Christmas gift,
and it helps our community!

Walking up the main street in San Pancho, you come across some amazing little boutiques, surf shops, t-shirt shops and a few incredible jewelry stores. Every one of them has something unique and beautiful that you will never see again. Most of the wares are handcrafted by local artisans. We really enjoy shopping in San Pancho. Also the EntreAmigos giftshop is a great place to buy something special while helping the community.   

Would you try this??? 

Our friends at Santa Madre Adventures have come up with some very interesting activities and tours.  This looks extremely challenging, but who can resist such an amazing photograph?  If you are interested in their many unique tour offers by land and sea, give them a shout!


Featured Vacation Rental - Paraiso Escondido 
- four two-bedroom casitas in San Pancho

  Paraiso Escondido     These four extraordinary casitas are situated 30 yards from the unspoiled white sand beaches of San Francisco (San Pancho), Nayarit. Lush vegetation and palm trees surround the beautifully-landscaped grounds. Here you can enjoy spectacular views of the Pacific Ocean, breathtaking sunsets, migrating whales, playful dolphins, and sea turtles. There are a host of adventurous activities, including epic surf, pristine golf, and horseback riding at your disposal. This is the perfect destination for those who seek privacy, serenity, and/or adventure.

Featured Video
We proudly welcome Ally Cat Charters as our newest sponsor!
We proudly welcome
Ally Cat Charters
as our newest sponsor!

The "Ally Cat", a 56-foot luxury yacht, offers extraordinary excursions out on the Banderas Bay, boasting fun activities such as sailing, diving, snorkeling and whale-watching, while enjoying the luxury and amenities of the "Ally Cat" catamaran.  

Whale-watching season is here!!  It's important to spend some quality time with the whales, and the ocean!  The Ally Cat is a great way to do it!

First Humpback-whale sightings of the season in the Riviera Nayarit!

Between 500 and 600 humpback whales will swim in the waters just across from the coastal villages of the Riviera Nayarit, on their way to Banderas Bay.

The first humpback whale sightings of the season in the Riviera Nayarit are already pouring in. These gigantic cetaceans have begun to arrive at Mexico's Pacific Treasure after their long migration from the freezing waters of the North Pole, and will spend the winter playing in Nayarit's subtropical waves.
The following four months will be filled with one of nature's most astounding displays, which will be best appreciated mainly in the area of Banderas Bay, where these majestic mammals come home to year after year for their mating and calving season.
During their long swim they can be sighted from the different coastal villages along the more than 186 miles of beaches in the Riviera Nayarit.
Whale sightings are one of the most popular tours for both locals and visitors, thanks to their mating rituals that include vocalizations, or "songs." Humans can only hear part of these songs, as they aren't able to hear the lowest of the whale frequencies. The rituals also include body slams by the males to impress the females, and the most spectacular movements of all - the breaches.
An adult humpback whale can measure anywhere from 40 to 50+ feet in length, and weigh between 30 and 40 tons. They breach throughout the year, but they do so much more in the wintertime, which is why these breathtaking jumps, when they practically clear the water with their enormous bodies, are more likely to be seen during their time in Banderas Bay.
As mere onlookers it is our duty to respect their space and place ourselves in the hands of experts in order to see the whales. This is why the Riviera Nayarit Conventions and Visitors Bureau highly recommends its visitors to take tours that have been vetted by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources (Semarnat, by its acronym in Spanish).

Written by:  Riviera Nayarit

For more information on Whale-watching tours, visit our Tours & Guides page.

Earl Miller - Man on the Street

Priscilla Castro

Where are you from?
I am from Mexicali, Baja California

How did you find San Pancho?
Through family and friends.

What do you do?
I own the Cafe Paraiso coffee shop and pastries. Come on in and say 'Hola'!

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?
The best thing is its people! The locals are very nice and welcome people to the village all the time. This adds to San Pancho's magic for sure.

Rick Kahn

Where are you from?
I'm a New Mexican hoping to become an old Mexican!

How did you find San Pancho?
Tamara Jacobi eavesdropped in on a conservation in Boulder, Colorado at a coffee shop, and invited me to Thanksgiving in 2008.

What do you do?
Hmmm .... I thought we didn't ask those questions over the border. I work in leadership development & volunteer at Entreamigos.

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?
It's the definition of "it takes a village" - we look after one another.

Robert and Jennifer Cavazzini

Where are you folks from?
 Newark, Delaware.

How did you find San Pancho?
 We found San Pancho thanks to our son, Rob Cavazzini, who has lived in
San Pancho for 5 years. We first came to visit him for 5 days, then 10
days, then two weeks, now we are up to a month!

What do you do?
Bob retired one year ago from the food business. He owned corporate
cafeterias and a sub shop for over 20 years. Prior to that, he was a
mushroom farmer. Jen retired from JP Morgan but still works part-time
in the investment business.

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?
Of course, the best things about San Pancho are the music and Rob
Cavazzini, and all the amazing musicians he plays with! But there's
the weather, the food, the sunsets, and the wonderful and kind people 
we have met here. We can't wait to return!

Thanks Earl, for getting us all the info about the people we may meet on the streets of San Pancho!  Earl and his beautiful wife, Jane, also run 
 The Live Beach-cam is Finally Back!!!!

At long last we have finally replaced the webcam, so if you are missing San Pancho sunsets or just want to check out the waves on the beach without leaving your house - here you go!



This is the 11th year that Entreamigos will provide food baskets for up to 60 families in need in San Pancho. It is an opportunity to give back to a community that we care so much about.
To be a Christmas ELF you can donate $300 pesos to sponsor a FOOD BASKET, or if you prefer to donate food items, please consider individual bags of white rice, canned beans, small bags of flour, sugar, or beans, and drop them off at Entreamigos at the front desk before December 17th to make this possible. 
Online donations are possible HERE:

Our First Annual Report

Last year we took a trip to San Miguel de Allende because we were temporarily homeless after having rented our our house in San Pancho!  We really enjoyed our trip, and on the way back we stopped by to visit Glenn Thibault, the former owner of San Pancho Life.  Glenn had moved to Ajijic, and had found that running San Pancho Life from a distance was a bit of a challenge, so he offered to sell the site to us.  We really didn't know much about running a website, but with our love for San Pancho we dived in head-first and have spent the last year working hard to improve and renovate the site.  

When we first bought sanpancholife.com, it was a tired old website, in serious need of updating. Many of the pages wouldn't load on mobile devices.  If you had a listing you couldn't edit your home or business listing on your Ipad, and people looking for a vacation rental on the site couldn't see the pictures of the houses on their IOS devices.  We knew that we would have to rebuild the site, and fortunately, we found Robert Germain, our webmaster and guru, who had the knowledge to get the job done.  Robert is a San Pancho resident and we spent much of last year with him, working behind the scenes, until we were able to develop a fresh new-looking website that we were very proud to unveil this summer!

In the past year we have updated the look of the site and fixed most of the nagging technical problems: 

- made it mobile-friendly, and much easier to navigate 
- added Google Translate, so that any page on the site can be read in Spanish 
- updated and rewritten much of the information contained in our mini online encyclopedia
- installed a live beachcam
- closed the community forum and replaced it with a new, colorful and fun community bulletin board.
- worked very hard to help to promote our community organizations, fund-raising events, and local businesses.

We believe that once again,  sanpancholife.com is the valuable resource to people looking for information about San Pancho. 

We are so very grateful for all of the people who have supported and encouraged us in this first year.  Our goal is to have the entire community using San Pancho Life as their main resource for community information and events, interacting and submitting content, and helping us continue to evolve and grow into the principal source of information for all things San Pancho. With all this activity, people interested in visiting San Pancho will see a vibrant, active community, which we hope will entice them to come and visit, thereby driving business to all the vacation-rental homes and local businesses!

We've made a good start, but we need your help to make sanpancholife.com the community resource it can be!
We are looking for contributions of articles or photos.  We also welcome any suggestions of ideas that you would like to see to make San Pancho Life a better site. 
And if you would like to list your vacation-rental home or business with us, this will help to sustain our continuing efforts to bring activity and value to the community 
we all love so much!
Photos of the Week

A little San Pancho magic from Drew Hunt, 
of the Independence Day parade!

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