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Nov. 1st, 2016

Official kick-off of high season - Dia de Los Muertos

The Catrina has become the most iconic symbol of Dia de los Muertos.  A high-society skeleton lady dressed in a fancy floral hat, from a 1910 etching by Mexican artist José Guadalupe Posada. The print was meant as political satire, showing that the tailored European clothes and snooty attitudes favored by upper-class at the time didn't matter as we're all equal in death.   Her image, and those since derived from it, can not only be seen in Mexican handcrafts, but also in Mexico graphic and fine art. In fact, it is the latter two which brought this particular figure to life.  

Dia de los Muertos is a beautiful time to come to San Pancho. This iconic holiday, so deeply embedded in the culture of Mexico, honors the loved ones who have passed while celebrating the preciousness of life and the undying connection of the heart.  Unlike hallowe'en this holiday is not scary but a time for honoring and family reunion with loved ones on the other side.  This year Dia de los Muertos is more poignant because of the tragic loss of 2 dear souls of our community, Cuchin and his daughter, Akire. We send our deepest condolences to their family and friends as they pass through their stages of grief. It is a great loss to our community....

This is also the time of year for the first waves of the annual migration of snowbirds and the unofficial kickoff of the high season.  Our quiet little village has been gearing up all summer to prepare for this annual explosion of tourism.  The local business are anticipating the hard work and good times of the season ahead.  Everything is new and fresh.  The town has, yet again, transformed itself  and even the beach is totally different than the beach of last year.   And that is just one more reason we LOVE   
San Pancho!  

We hope to see you here again soon!

XXII Festival Gourmet Internacional Puerto Vallarta-RivieraTwenty-two years of tradition, three masters of gourmet cuisine, seven countries, 10 days for lovers of good eats, three host cities, 27 restaurants, 30 guest chefs, 18 grand culinary events and three tasting and lunch workshops.

The XXII Festival Gourmet Internacional  Puerto Vallarta-Riviera Nayarit-Tepic will take place November 11-20, 2016. The gourmet tradition par excellence is back!

The so-called "Three Musketeers"- Thierry Blouet, Heinz Reize and Roland Menetrey-announced that everything is ready once again for the gastronomy of this region to headline a festival of flavors.
"For 22 years the Festival Gourmet has stirred the gastronomic pot in this region, 22 years that fine dining has completely renewed our culinary offerings and our destinations of Puerto Vallarta, Riviera Nayarit and, more recently, Tepic," said Heinz Reize.

"This dream began with a lot of hard work. This year the program is awesome and very interesting with lots of new events; it truly is one of a kind. This is the only event on a national level of this scale and the only one that involves all of the destinations' restaurants," commented Thierry Blouet.

Twenty-two years of tradition, three masters of gourmet cuisine, seven countries represented, 10 days for lovers of good food, three host cities, 27 restaurants, 30 guest chefs, 18 grand culinary events and three tasting and lunch workshops.

Each participating restaurant will accommodate a national or international guest chef, who will offer their creations alongside the local host chefs.
Throughout the history of the festival it has had the participation of over 500 top national and international chefs and over 500 thousand dinner guests have enjoyed the pleasure of their culinary delights. The first edition took place in 1995 with only six hotels and six restaurants.
For a look at the program in detail visit  www.festivalgourmet.com.
Written by: Riviera Nayarit Tourism

Featured Vacation Rental - Mar Azul Dos

We are so proud to share one of the newest vacation properties offered here in San Pancho.  Casa Mar Azul Dos is a newly completed house.  It has 2 bedrooms, 2 en suite bathrooms, sleeps 4 and is ideal for one to two couples seeking relaxation and rejuvenation.  This will be your own private paradise with an ocean view.  Check it out!

Come True
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Dreams Come True

Chica Locca
Our newest business to join us at San Pancho Life!

We are thrilled to welcome Chica Locca as our latest sponsor to San Pancho Life!  If you are ready for the best day of your life then look no further.  Our friends at Chica Locca will take you there - on a boat!



Come relax with others in a peaceful setting in the heart of San Pancho. Take a little time out of your day to turn your attention inward, and reap the wonderful reward of silence. All levels of experience are welcome. 

Hola, my name is Alan Serebrin and I've been a seasonal resident of San Pancho for almost 13 years, and I love this pueblo !! 
I have been practicing and teaching Meditation/Relaxation as well as doing other counseling and coaching work for some 45 years. I'm very fortunate to have a lovely home in the heart of the pueblo, and an upstairs 'open air' studio space perfect for retreats, classes, and meetings. Because I am so enthusiastic about the benefits of a regular Meditation/Relaxation practice, I have decided to open the studio space up for once a week Tuesday meetings from 5:00-6:15 pm, **STARTING NOVEMBER 29th. 
All are invited, both tourists and locals alike, and there is NO CHARGE. 
I know that many of you already have experience in this area, and whether it's part of a daily or weekly health regimen, to you I say 'fantastico', but I also know that there are many others of you that are curious, and have thought about adding or exploring the quiet and peace of the inner world. 
The benefits of learning a 'simple technique' to relax are far too many to list, but both medical and scientific research has shown that eliciting the "Relaxation Response" slows the heart and pulse rates, and leads to reduced anxiety and hypertension, and improves overall mental and physical (body/mind) health to a very high degree. 
So please come, and remember that no previous experience is needed. All techniques and practices are respected, and where desired, I will help guide the uninitiated with very simple instructions that anyone can do. No intense concentration or difficult physical exercises are involved. 

Place: 44 Calle Asia. Side entrance, upstairs studio (across street, and a bit S. of Cielo Rojo)                                                                                        
                      Day: Tuesdays **** (beginning November 29th)                                  
Time: 5pm - 6:15 pm    
Please bring your own cushion, blanket, or folding chair if you are more comfortable sitting.

** Entry door will be open at 5, and closed at 5:15. Sorry, no late entries. 
** Introduction and instruction from 5:15-5:30 
** Meditation from 5:30-6:00. Silence will be observed during Meditation time. 
Please, cell phones/devices off, and pets 'will not' be admitted on property.

Hospital San Pancho

News from Michel to all our big-hearted neighbors and friends. 

Please check for our upcoming third Annual San Pancho Hospital Fundraiser in Dec. or January. This money is used for people without resources, indeed providing some critical meds, medical procedures, services and supplies. This is carefully coordinated with the doctors and social services. 
A big thank you for your support.

You have given so generously to the Newborn clothing drive, thank you. Clothing can be dropped off at my Lloyd Real Estate office next to Mr Ribs. Each baby goes home with a beautiful gift of clothing, diaper and baby soap or in other words, a little package of love.

Special thanks to Helah, Cici, Indira and Nic for painting the pediatric rooms - their art fills the rooms with resulting smiles.

SOS Medical Supplies from Kentucky gave us wonderful hospital supply donations. Special thanks to Melissa and the entire Mershon family. Several boxes were kept by customs so I am working hard to see how we can be more successful in future efforts.

322 135 7894  


Opening night at Mexotik!

Heck yeah!  That sounds AMAZING!!!
Count us in!

Photos of the week



Halloween!!!  Thanks to Photographer Paul Clem!

And our new granddaughter's first Hallowe'en costume!

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