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January 15th, 2017

Starting the year off right in San Pancho!

The weather is divine right now!  We gather on the beach to celebrate our good fortune by basking in the beauty of another perfect San Pancho sunset, while sharing the latest news and a few laughs.  We embrace all the friends, new and old, that are arriving into town every day.  Music fills the warm night air as we walk to town in search of dinner.   We are very thrilled about all of the new choices of places to enjoy an amazing meal paired with great music and dear friends.  Come on down!  We are waiting here for you!

The SPL calendar filling up with all sorts of interesting and fun events and the bulletin board is too!    

"Arriving Home - Going Home"

 Are you "Arriving or "Going" home? 

  I hadn't thought about whether I was "Arriving" or "Going" home to San Pancho until last night when I had a wonderful time talking with Tim, Drew Hunt's brother. Sadly he and his delightful wife, Amanda, are "Going" home to Vancouver tomorrow after a wonderful week again this year in San Pancho. As I'd once visited Vancouver, I could appreciate Tim's description of what an amazing city they've chosen as their home base. His eyes lit up when he said, "It always feels good to land in Vancouver, and Go Home."
  I feel the same way when I land in Albuquerque and drive the 70 miles north to my home base in Santa Fe, NM. Hard to explain the feeling of seeing vistas that seem to go on forever in a high desert landscape. Yep, I wouldn't trade my high desert home for the world.
  Except. . . . I found San Pancho, and I couldn't wait to get back this winter! San Pancho has become my winter "home". I can't imagine being any other place this winter.
  What is it about San Pancho that makes one feel like they've "Arrived Home", or are "Going Home"?
  My thesis: In San Pancho, Life is like an intimate love affair - it shapes us as we shape ourselves into new beings. How could one not fall in love with San Pancho, with its warmth that it shares unconditionally with all visitors that cross its path. . . And isn't Home where one finds everlasting friendships, solace, joy, peace, and fun?  I can't think of a more perfect place to consider "Arriving Home", or "Going Home" than San Pancho this winter. Thank you San Pancho for welcoming me "Home"!

Earl Miller - Man on the Street

Earl was sick this week but somehow got better just in time to get the latest scoop on the people you might meet in San Pancho.  Here's what he found out about folks in San Pancho...

Deb Tulsky and John McCarthy

Where are you from:  John and I live south of Boston on a little peninsula called Hull that wraps into Boston Harbor above Cape Cod. It's a picturesque town but the winters are brutal with frozen sea and bitter blowing wind. 

What do you do?  I am a semi-retired teacher, now working at a small community college where I teach academic writing. I also teach yoga. John owns a small painting company and he and his crew are extremely busy three seasons which allows us to head south of the border for a portion of the winter. 

How did you find San Pancho?  Seven years ago, I came to Sayulita for a yoga retreat at Haramara. Interestingly, while I didn't know John at that time, he was also vacationing in Sayulita! The following two winters I came back to Sayulita and the second season I chatted with a man while eating dinner who suggested that I come see San Pancho, so the following day I came up to have a look around. It was mid-April and things were very quiet. I think I was the only person on the playa. I knew that I was supposed to return the following year and that is when John and I found Roberto's Bungalows and Earl and Jane Miller. Then the town's magic got ahold of us! This is our fourth season in our beautiful village and I can't imagine wintering anywhere else. 

What is the best thing about San Pancho?  We love the community here... we love the people... we love the culture... the music, art and Mexican festivals. Living right on the main plaza allows us to be a part of the town's vibrant life, from weddings, quinceañeras and Entreamigos festivals, to the weekly market and nightly ball games which we are honored and privileged to experience.

Craig Downs

Where are you from?  St. Louis, Missouri

How did you find San Pancho?  I had been going to Clearwater, Florida  for the past few years as a  break from St. Louis, to paint and refresh my being. A friend said  "You should go stay in San Pancho!"  I came to paint and write a small book on how Mexico would affect my art, having never been to Mexico before.

What do you do?  I am a Visual Artist. Since I have been in San Pancho I have created several Murals and co-owned a Gallery, and did a paint-by-numbers project on the soccer building with Candice Fulton.

What is the best thing about San Pancho?  The best thing for me about San Pancho is meeting Candice Fulton. She was already living in this Magical Village and although neither one of us were looking, we found each other the first week I was here. Since then we have spent four New Years together and our love for the town and each other just keeps growing.

Donna and Steve Herringet

Where are you from? White Rock, British Columbia.

What do you do? We produce radio and TV health messages for the natural health industry.

How did you find San Pancho? We day-tripped from Sayulita many years ago.

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho? Authentic and laid-back vibe, friendly people and a perfect beach with the best sunsets that we have ever seen.

Earl & his beautiful wife Jane are the owners of  Roberto's Bungalows, San Pancho's friendliest place to stay.  Earl and Jane will take you under their wing and have you living like locals from your first day. Stop by and say Hi!  

Thanks, Earl!!!

Let's Do This!

Hip-Hop at Circo Dance Bodega
with Shirley Clements

Saturday at 12 o'clock  Beginner hip hop:  
Geared for children aged 6 and up but parents can join in with kids too!

Saturday 1 p.m. Intermediate hip-hop:  
Students with dance experience, all ages. Faster-paced than other classes. 

Monday  11 a.m.  Ladies Class Dance Fusion:  
This class blends hip-hop, jazz, rock, and latin dance steps to build on dance knowledge with fun cardio-based routines!!!

Children prices: 30 pesos.  
Adults:  $100 peso drop-in,  or 8 classes for $600 pesos.


Featured Vacation Rental - 

In the heart of the town and close to everything, Villa Esperanza is a beautiful, private, 3-story villa,

The first floor, Villa Vista "Las Olas", has 1800 square feet of air-conditioned living area, 2 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, fully-equipped kitchen and beautiful views of Las Olas and the jungle.
The second floor, Villa Vista del Mar, has a separate entrance, 1400 square feet of air-conditioned living space, 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, fully-equipped kitchen, and with fantastic views of jungle, golf course and ocean, and access to the third-floor palapa, the perfect spot for cocktail parties or simple relaxation while watching the sunset. 

You will have easy access to the beautiful beach of San Pancho from Villa Esperanza, a great place for early morning walks and afternoon sunbathing. 

This fine home can be rented in it's entirety or you can rent just 1st or 2nd floor, depending on the size of your party.

Laughter is the BEST Medicine!

Dear Community of San Pancho,

With lots of happiness :) I notice that the laughter therapy is back on the beach of San Pancho!
When? Saturday, 5:30 PM **
Where? Beach of San Pancho (left, near the restaurant)
Cost? Free
Duration? 45 min. - 1 Hr.
** for those who are participating for the first time, I ask that you please arrive at 5:15 pm for a chat.
Come with your family; children, grandparents, neighbors, dogs... because the language of laughter has no borders! And the more people, the more power, more movement, more connections & more healing.
" I'll laugh at myself, because the man is the funniest thing when taken too seriously." - OG Mandi

Not sure if it's for you?
Some of the benefits of the therapy of laughter:
- improve oxygenation in the brain and the body in general
- regulates blood pressure
- strengthens the immune system
- secretes, endorphins, some natural drugs that induce euphoria and has tranquilizing and analgesic effects
- decreases the production of hormones that cause stress
- works on the digestive system and regulates the bowel
- decreases tensions, increases strength, creativity and imagination...
- and facilitates the smile in your life... :)

Don't miss this experience... Animo!!

Thank you Erica!

Featured Video
Opening act at Gallo's last night! 
Opening act at Gallo's last night!

followed by more great music!

Bistro Organico will be hosting an international event, Outstanding in the Field,  February 8th.

Founded by artist and former chef Jim Denivan,  Outstanding in the Field stages a number of plein-air meals each year -  these traveling dinner parties are held at some of the country's most spectacular farms and beaches, where they set up their signature long tables outdoors, often in the very fields where the produce on the menu was grown.  Top local chefs create extraordinary dishes in impromptu kitchens, and the public flocks to the astonishing locales to join the fun, all of it meant to celebrate farmers, cooks, seasonal bounty, community, and the transformative powers of the dinner party. 

February 8th, on a secret beach somewhere near Sayulita, one of these very special dining events will be taking place! Outstanding in the Field has invited Calixto Gattas of Bistro Organico to host their Mexican event this year.  This dinner will showcase all of our wonderful and abundant ingredients from Nayarit, paired with Mexican wine. Farmers and fisherman will speak at the event. This will be an incredible opportunity to taste the wonders of our state of Nayarit, and to learn and to gather with a group of like-minded people.   

When Outstanding in the Field decided to come to Mexico, they chose Calixto Gattas, chef at Bistro Organico. He and Gisela Marin, the owner of Cielo Rojo, are the driving force behind Bistro Organico's philosophy of showcasing local and sustainable, organic foods in their restaurant. They have traveled all over Mexico to find local and regional products. They found incredible award-winning olive oil from Baja California that is used daily at the bistro; they discovered corn from Mexico City that is non-gmo; and cheeses from small farms in Mexico utilizing holistic and organic practices.   

"We basically aligned ourselves with small farmers in Mexico to all work together and help one another thrive with our vision for wholesome, clean, good food - the kind of food our grandparents were used to eating."

Don't miss this unique event!  

Click here for more information!
Fiesta Mexicana is a fun celebration that benefits 
San Pancho's Hospital. 

Last years hospital fundraiser event was such a beautiful gathering of good friends to share a meal and a great time it was like sitting down at a big family reunion.  There was great food, music and dancing and everyone had a great time!  

There is a gem, a diamond in the rough, nestled under tropical trees in the small village of San Francisco, Nayarit. It is called

We are happy to announce that tickets for the 2017 Circo de los Niños Benefit Performance will be available ONLINE starting February 1, 2017. 
Dates of performances are on March 22, 23, 24 and 25. Showtimes at 7:30 PM in the Bodega Circo, San Pancho (Nayarit) Mexico.
Mark your calendars and purchase your tickets early as shows sell out quickly for this important fundraiser for Circo de los Niños de San Pancho! For more information visit us at www.circodelosniñosdesanpancho.mx or write us at circodelosninossp@gmail.com

----en Español----

Estamos felices de anunciar que la venta de boletos para el Beneficio Anual de Circo de los Niños estarán disponibles en linea a partir del día 1 de febrero de 2017.
Las fechas de los funciones son el 22, 23, 24 y 25 de Marzo a las 7:30 PM en la Bodega Circo, San Pancho (Nayarit) México.
¡Marque sus calendarios y compre sus boletos pronto ya que los espectáculos se agotan rápidamente para esta importante recaudación de fondos para Circo de los Niños de San Pancho! Para más información, visítenos en www.circodelosniñosdesanpancho.mx o escríbanos a circodelosninossp@gmail.com

Photo of the week
A little San Pancho magic from Candice Fulton

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