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The U.S. political season is finally over - for better or worse.  Some of us might need some serious ocean therapy in order to come to terms with some new realities.  Here are a few ideas to get you back on the sunny side of life.
Nov 10th, 2016

La Patrona Polo Club Grand Opening!
Two Events this Weekend!

Sat. Nov. 12 6:30pm - Wine-pairing dinner with 5 courses created by internationally-renowned chef Dante Ferrero Houriet. 1500p/person - Exhibition polo match between two 20-goal teams featuring world-class and local players.

Country Grill Brunch

Tierra Tropical presents a Country Grill Brunch, "The Art of Roasting", Sunday, Nov. 13th 11am - 4pm Presented by world-renowned chef Dante Ferrera Houriet, as part of the Festival Gourmet International based in Puerto Vallarta. 1000 pesos/person

Man on the Street
with Earl Miller

Our good friend Earl at Roberto's Bungalows has been out there meeting the people of San Pancho.  Here's the latest scoop!

Brian and Susanne

Where are you from?

We live in Victoria, British Columbia

What do you do?

Brian is a retired freight-train conductor/locomotive operator . Suzanne is a retired quarter horse breeder/trainer for therapeutic riding. 

How did you find San Pancho?

After wintering in Guayabitos for some years, one day 3 years ago
 we came to see San Pancho and never left!

What is the thing that you love the most about San Pancho?

We love the friendly people foremost, the beach, and the peaceful surroundings

Michael & Aurelia Robertson

Where are you from?

We are from Benicia, Ca. 94510

How did you find San Pancho?

Through a friend in Benicia who said he knew some folks who lived there. We found San Pancho a true gem and a amazing place to experience the true Mexican flavor and people.

What do you do for work? What did you do if you're retired?

Aurelia owns a Spa and boutique in Yountville at the V marketplace
Michael is a tradesman & entrepreneur of life!

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?

The best thing of San Pancho was the friendliness of the people sharing their beautiful town.  The place we stayed was definitely a best-kept secret. The location and the owners were amazing - could not ask for a better vacation.

Truly blessed to have had the experience of staying in San Pancho.

Thank you San Pancho

Michael & Aurelia Robertson 

Sam Lundgren

Where are you from?

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

How did you find San Pancho?

I went on vacation to Sayulita, met my fiancée, and we decided to move
here for a more relaxed town.

What do you do?

I own and operate Nativa Surf Shop in San Pancho and Sayulita. We sell
wicked clothes, hats, rent surfboards and do lessons. We also do some
awesome tours. For example, we tour Islas Marietas, Isla Coral, and do
some other simple hiking tours in San Pancho.

What is the best thing for you about San Pancho?

Surfing at sunset!!!

The newest business to sign up with San Pancho Life is Gecko Rent a Car.  This is the place to go if you need to rent a car to get around in this area.  They are one of the most highly recommended by anyone who knows what's what in our area.  We were in the Denver airport getting ready to board our flight to PV and overheard someone asking another person who they should rent a car from in Puerto Vallarta and the person's answer was "Gecko of course!"  We wholeheartedly agreed.  

Even if you don't need a car you might need to rent an awesome fishing charter boat.  We have done this through Gecko and can tell you that this is one of the best ways to see the area by boat as well as bring home a delicious, tasty dinner!

And we saved the best for last!  Even if you don't need a car or a fishing trip or a stand-up paddle board... you should still go to their site and download their tourist info guide.  It is a little treasure map, loaded with priceless information to make the best of your time in Jalisco and Nayarit.  

Welcome, Gecko!
 Luna Layne will be re-opening for the 2016-17 season
on Tuesday, November 22. 
Featuring unique handmade items imported from Oaxaca, Michoacan, Chiapas, Guanajuato, Jalisco and Nayarit. Some new items this season are in celebration of the deer.
We plan on continuing with the success from our last season and will donate a percentage of our proceeds to the Cambiando Mi Futuro program at Entreamigos and Frank D. Smith's Grupo Ecologico (preservation of endangered marine turtles).
So please come by and visit Luna Layne at 37 Tercer Mundo. Our store hours are Tuesday thru Saturday 11-5.

Featured Video

From our friends at Diva Tours
From our friends at Diva Tours

Apart-Hotel San Pancho
Enjoy the best services of a hotel in the privacy of your apartment. perfect for those seeking a few days of rest at our perfect beach destination. San Pancho Apart-Hotel Luxury Apartments are just steps from the San Pancho beach. Start your day with a delicious and healthy breakfast prepared in the privacy your apartment. Live the experience of San Pancho with an ocean view in your perfect Apart-Hotel.
Next to "Las Huertas", San Pancho's beautiful golf course, and just two blocks from Avenida Tercer Mundo (the main street of San Pancho) filled with restaurants, shops and live music.
 Phone: +52 311 258 4517 Address: AMERICA LATINA No. 112 esq. with CHINA, 200 meters from the beach., 63729 San Francisco, NAY 

Happenings at EntreAmigos

The season has started and we are super excited to be closer to the inauguration of the new Entreamigos facade and playground. Thanks to all hands and hearts that joined in the process during the hot summer. We still have several projects to accomplish and we would love to have your help!   We still have several new playground toys that we need funding to complete, we would love your help to finish the benches and walls, spread ground covering or share in light gardening tasks.  Please contact Nicole or Marianna at Entreamigos for more information. 

We invite you to contribute and propose new workshops and classes full of learning, fun and creativity for little and young kids.  Some classes this season are:

- Recreational Sports - Monday and Friday from 4 to 5:30
- Theater for kids 12 to 15 year olds - Thursday from 4 to 5:30 
- English classes for kids 6-9 year old - Tuesdays and Thursday 3-4:30
- Open Art Classes for all ages -  Tuesday and Thursday 4pm
- Storytime for younger kids -  Monday and Wednesday 4pm


Discover what it means to be a volunteer at Entreamigos! 
Tomorrow Tuesday at 11am you are invited to an informational meeting with Marianna to know everything about volunteering. 
There are many things to get involved with, 
we wait for you with open arms !!! 
Friday, November 25th - Green Friday @ Entreamigos!
Thursday December 1st - Volunteer Welcome Brunch
Saturday December 3rd - Welcome Back  Fundraiser for 
Entreamigos Library
Thursday December 8th - Scholarship Graduation
Thursday, December 22nd - Christmas Posada / Holiday Festival
Friday January 6th - Community Rally / Family Scavenger Hunt 
Monday February 6th - Annual  Fundraiser Entreamigos
Friday March 3rd - Community Environmental Carnival in San Pancho 

As always we are deeply grateful for your support, donations, presence and energy, without it 
 Entreamigos wouldn't be what it is today. 
Let it be an awesome season!!
Entreamigos Staff. 

Photos of the week 
 San Pancho loves polo! 
Thanks to Earl Miller for these fantastic photos!

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