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March 13, 2017

 Kilimanjaro - San Pancho Reunion Show
Hi Friends,

Well another Music Festival has come and gone and I am extremely full of gratitude for each and every person that contributed to making this years Festival such a success -Thank You!    But....the fun's not over yet!

I have some exciting news to share, which some of you may already be aware of.  It has been a longtime dream of mine to bring down my own band, Kilimanjaro ,from the States.  Originally, my thought was to get them down for the Festival itself,  but the scope of my involvement with producing the Festival has grown to the point where I would barely see them the whole time that they were here!

    If you were in the States during the mid-80's then you probably have heard Kilimanjaro. The band's first self-titled album was #3 in the country for Jazz Radio Airplay, along side artists like George Benson, and Al Jarreau.  Then in 1983 the second Kilimanjaro album went to #5 in the country, winning the band two Indy Awards in the process.  After a lengthy sabbatical, and after adding saxophonist, Chris Peterman, the group recorded their most recent CD," Homecoming"  in 2009, which Jazziz Magazine picked as one of "The Top CDs of the Year."

           The band has played at many of the worlds most prestigious jazz festivals; the Montreal Jazz Festival, The Newport Jazz Festival, The Montreux Jazz Festival, in Switzerland, and in 2010 at the Java Jazz Festival in Jakarta, Indonesia.  After touring the US, Canada, Europe, and the Soviet Union together, Kilimanjaro is now poised to play their very first show in Mexico, right here in San Pancho!      While the group was primarily known for their award winning original compositions, the band members also share a love of the blues. That led to them becoming Paul Butterfield's last band in 1985 and 1986;  an association that then led to them regularly backing up other known blues artists like soul queen, Marva Wright from New Orleans, and B.B. King alumnus Big Joe Burrell.

Anyway, I'm very excited! 
We will be performing at the Dance Bodega, next to the Circo bodega on Wednesday, March 15th, at 8pm.  Tickets are 250 pesos at the door
and you can reserve a seat by contacting me at:    

    I think that you will find this to be a unique evening of music and I sincerely hope that you will come join us!   As I said, this has been a dream of mine for 12 years, and who knows if it will ever happen again.

           Hope to see you there!


PS: If you know someone that you think would enjoy this show, please pass along this information to them.  Spread the word!  Muchas Gracias!! 

Circo de Los Niños!
It's Show-Time!

Now is the time for our annual benefit show! 
Each year we present the result of the training of Circo de Los Ninos. We always do this in a new theatrical setting and we are very excited by this year production. The presentation will be in the Circo Bodega with bleachers seating, so good seat for every one. 
The show concept is inspired from a classical play: Shakespeare's Midsummer Night Dream! The dream aspect seemed very appropriate with all those fairies  living in a forest, and little caracters playing tricks on each other. We imagined those magical scenes  as a celebration of friendship and love. More than 15 different technics of circus art will be presented by the 85 children that part of this year production.
There won't be spoken words or very little, evocation and pantomime will carry the story. Using colorful costumes,  masks,  make up, projections and lavish lighting, we will create a mysterious universe, where Oberon the Fairy King and his beautiful Queen Titania and their court will charm the spectators of all ages.
There will be graceful acrobatic ensembles. Daring feats. And classical numbers that are part of Circo de los Ninos seven years short history.
Mark your calendars: 
March 22-23-24-25 @ 7.30 pm
Get your tickets online at 
General seating:    450 pesos

Dream Catchers Fund Benefactors:   2500 pesos 
(for preferred seating)
Our Dream Catcher´s Sponsors contribute annually to help Circo de los Niños de San Pancho sustain its programs and maintain our fees accessible for the 150 families enrolled. 

Our mission, at Circo de los Niños de San Pancho, is to encourage the wholistic development of children and young adults by improving their artistic, creative, motor and communication skills as well as strengthening their confidence in taking risks in a secure and safe environment. Circo de los Niños de San Pancho offers a quality program in Circus Arts training with a focus on empowerment at the human level.  The Dream Catcher legend holds that its web catches good dreams and keeps them safe for the dreamer to reach his or her vision. At Circo de los Niños, we aspire to awaken the imagination and creativity of each young person.   Join the Dream Catchers at Circo de los Niños and help a child reach his potential and experience the magic!

Tickets are still available online or at the Bodega Circo (Mondays to Fridays 5-6pm) and at the Sayulita (Friday) and San Pancho (Tuesday) markets! 

San Pancho Life Welcomes El Gallo!

We are wishing them great success!

El Gallo is a great place to relax and soak in the good vibes and the history of San Pancho,  while eating delicious authentic Mexican food and amazing beverages.  This place is a San Pancho treasure!  
You will love it!

Featured Vacation Rental - Vista Las Olas

Vista Las Olas is a newly-constructed building consisting of 4 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom apartments. It boasts all the modern amenities, including a kitchen, air conditioning and wifi. These brand new and sparkling-clean apartments are everything you need for a comfortable stay in San Pancho.
They are located steps from the beach, and there is an ocean view from the apartment and the balcony. Across the street from the main plaza and a 2-minute walk from the main street and all the shops and restaurants, there is no more convenient location for your stay in San Pancho.

Featured Video
Earl Miller's Golf Cart Tours of San Pancho!
Earl Miller's Golf Cart Tours of San Pancho!

Thanks to Earl Miller of Roberto's Bungalows for showing us the way!
Polo is an important part of San Pancho Life.
 Sunday Brunch Polo Exhibitions are so fun!

The Building Blocks to Escuela del Mundo's Future:
Transformation, Inspiration, Unity, and Vision.
A 3-day MEDIATION workshop presented by Education Consultant: Francine Britton, M.Ed.
March 17, 18, and 19, 2017
Francine Britton, an educator, author, teacher trainer, and conflict resolution specialist will present a 3-day workshop for staff, parents, and stakeholders of Escuela del Mundo on March 17, 18, and 19.
Francine plans to present a highly interactive, dynamic, and motivating workshop that will provide a tangible way for our school to embrace transformation, acquire inspiration, secure unity, and embrace a forward vision.  All information, as well as workshop materials and activities will be presented in a non-judgmental way to allow for improvement and goal setting as Escuela del Mundo transitions to a new and exciting future. 
Ms. Britton will focus on helping the school acquire a core mandate that embraces the character, mission, values, and ethics of the school with the wishes of parents and the surrounding community of San Pancho.
For staff she will be doing a hands on workshop that embraces a student centered, participatory, active learning model. 
A bit about Francine (who is donating her time to do this for Escuela del Mundo):
"Francine worked initially as a special education teacher.  For over 30 years, until semi-retirement in 2012, she worked world-wide in 26 countries as a children's human rights and conflict resolutions specialist.  She has developed plans for schools to implement peer mediation and conflict resolution programs and service learning. She has written several books and created various classroom materials, activities, and community based projects for schools based on the U.N Rights of the Child as well as another of her specialty areas: Active, participatory, student led learning models.  All of her work embraces volunteerism, community service, and having students merge their academics into this type of model as they learn real skills for real life.
For the past seven years she has been adapting her work and applying the core principals of acquiring skills for life, school, work, and independence to those with Autism and/or Learning Differences.  She was the content editor and contributed 3 chapters of her own work to the book: Autism and Learning Differences: An Active Learning Teaching Toolkit published by Jessica Kingsley Publishers in London.
In Puerto Aventuras, Mexico, where Francine lives, she works individually with 20 children ages 4 to 24 who wish to improve their social skills, skills for life, and work on setting goals and visions for their futures through person-centered plans and trough hands on, creative life-skills coaching sessions.
Francine continues to train educators and work with education ministries world-wide on the implementation of active learning and peaceful conflict resolution (awareness, bullying, and peer mediation) strategies for secondary and high schools." 

For more information about Francine just "Google" her name or check out Amazon.com.


Bright colors and beautiful people at the 
9th Annual Children's Art Festival and Environmental Fair

We had an amazing day on Friday March 3rd at our annual Children's Art Festival and Environmental Fair.  We started the day with student visits at Entreamigos from schools across the region.  In the afternoon, we helped kids decorate their bicycles and get ready for the distinctive-perky-magical-animalesque parade to Plaza del Sol square where all kinds of carnival-environmental games, workshops and activities were shared with the community. We ended the celebration with the awesome Orchestra School from Puerto Vallarta presentation by 85 talented kids!!! 

Thank you for being a part of this annual event which represents our core values: education, creativity, environment, community, love. Don't miss out! Please go to our photo album to enjoy the best moments with us...

Food Bank

Banco de Alimentos San Pancho Foodbank   
San Pancho has a Foodbank! 

As with most great ideas that take shape, the idea of a Food Bank in San Pancho began as a casual conversation between Michel Griffen and Wayne Reimer in early January.
This was soon followed by a gathering of like-minded people who set up a first meeting to investigate the feasibility setting up an actual food bank in San Pancho.  Michel and Wayne were joined by Veronica Lindsey and Eva Valenzuela and the decision to start the food bank by distributing 10 dispensas (food hampers) to seniors for the month of January was finalized.

Michel, Wayne, Veronica and Eva ... Regroup and Make Plans to Expand!

Building on the early success of the first distribution and feedback from others in the community, it was decided to continue this idea on a monthly basis and to expand the original committee.   Erik Saracho came on board and agreed to volunteer his time.  He emphasized the necessity of having a logo that would provide instant recognition for the project. Erik contacted a graphic designer (Hix Hec), and he graciously designed our logo free of charge. See his website at 

Rebecca Guitron Hernandez of Social Services joined the committee at a 3rd meeting on January 31.

Veronica, Wayne, Eva, Michel, Rebecca and Erik... Reconvene and Start Fundraising!

The goal of the first fundraising effort was to ensure that enough funds were raised to support a monthly distribution of food (dispensas) to the original core group of families and as many others as possible.

Depending on the success of the fundraising efforts of the San Pancho Food Bank Committee, the overall and main goal remained: to ensure that whatever number of dispensas were distributed, would not be a one-off, and would be maintained on monthly basis ...year round.
The Outcome to Date:

Successful fundraising resulted in being able to distribute dispensas to 20 seniors for February. These 20 will receive a dispensa for each month of 2017.

The goal is to continue building on this idea and add more seniors to the roster.  If you'd like to support the efforts of the San Pancho Food Bank, donations can be given to any committee member.   Please contact them via their emails.

Erik Saracho - eriksaracho@gmail.com
Michel Griffen - michelsanpancho@gmail.com
Veronica Lindsey- veronicaandray@yahoo.com
Wayne Reimer - 
With heartfelt gratitude,
Erik, Michel, Veronica, Wayne, Eva, and Rebecca
Banco de Alimentos
San Pancho
Food Bank.

 Healthcare - Emergency Preparation
 by Pam Thompson

Though no one wants to think that they will have an emergency here,
it happens - all too often. It makes everything much easier for you, your
family and friends if information is in place ahead of time. 
Here are few 

Register with your consulate. This is easy to do and can be done on-line. Why register with your consulate? Several reasons. If we have a disaster, you want someone "looking for you".  If you are incapacitated and cannot make any decisions and no one can find your family, the consular agent can assist with things as well.

Keep the following information in an accessible place and as well a copy with a trusted person (especially if you are single):

❖ List of medications taken.
❖ Blood type.
❖ Medication allergies.
❖ A will if you have one
❖ Medical information if you have a serious medical issue.
❖ Emergency contact in your home country (preferably a
blood relative). Include name, relationship, phone number,
address and email address.
❖ Local emergency contact (and be sure and let that person
❖ A copy of your insurance information.
❖ If you are a homeowner, a copy of your escritura.
❖ If you have pets, arrangements for someone to take care
of them.
❖ Religious preference, if any.
❖ Know how to give your address with cross street in Spanish
for Emergency Services (they will most likely not speak
English). Keep in a handy location so that if you have an
emergency and need to call police/ambulance/etc you can
read it. If you live in a condo - include where the entrance
is and where your condo is!

* Compile a comprehensive list of emergency contacts, both local and international-
names, emails, phone numbers, relationship to you. Keep this list updated, and give acopy to a trusted friend or neighbor.

* Compile a list of your meds by name and dosage, and contact info for all your
doctor(s), both local and international. List your blood type, any allergies, and include a
copy of your insurance information. Keep the list updated and give a copy to a trusted
friend or neighbor.

* If you have pets, designate a trusted friend to care for them if you are unable to do so
-and let that friend know they are your designated care-giver. Compile a list of these
care-givers, their contact info, your vet's name and contact info, any meds your pets are
taking, and any other necessary things to know about your babies.

* Make sure that a trusted friend has access to your home. Some condos ask that owners
provide door keys; if you are incapacitated, it's important that someone can enter to
assist you. The police are not allowed to do so until a court order has been issued-do
you really want to wait that long? If you live alone, make a pact with a friend to check
on each other regularly.

* If you're a homeowner, make a copy of the first few pages of your escritura and add
this to your emergency file.

* Register with your consulate. In an emergency, they will have your back.
To register with the US Consulate: https://step.state.gov/step/
To register with the Canadian Consulate: http://travel.gc.ca/travelling/registration

* Keep this info under a magnet on your refrigerator-they speak English:
Ambulancias Aura - 322-209 0622

Ask them to call Pam Thompson to advise where to transport you. She can also arrange
for the physician(s) to be ready and waiting at the hospital.

* Keep Pam Thompson's phone number (322-107-7007) in your speed dial and her email
(pamela@healthcareresourcespv.com) in your email contacts. Pam should be your first
call in an emergency.

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A little San Pancho magic from Dan Uhl

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