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Feb. 24th, 2017

San Pancho Music Festival - Special Edition 

The San Pancho Music Festival is Celebrating its 17 th Year!
The annual 3-day Music Festival will be held Friday, Feb. 24 th through Sunday, Feb. 26 th in San Pancho's  Plaza del Sol. The Music Festival features regional, national and international artists on two alternating stages providing continuous entertainment.

Here's the lineup!

To all our friends, music lovers, and supporters of the San Pancho Music Festival ~

            We're on the cusp of another fun year at San Pancho's Plaza del Sol.  Our little Festival has grown considerably, thanks to your support, and the generosity of the musicians that have graced our stage.  

    This year we have several acts that have come down from the States, two groups from Mexico City, and a number of groups from around the country. 

       New to the Festival this year is La Patrona at 7:00pm on Friday night.  This trio features the incredible vocalist Marisa Bango, her guitarist, and husband Renato, and keyboardist Juan Luis.  They perform a traditional Mexico mariachi repertoire adapted to their trio, and they do it with great flair!  Don't miss them!

    Some of you may have heard some great sounds coming from a house on Tercer del Mundo this season,  The pop/rock group Burton from Mexico city has been living in San Pancho while they are composing material for their third album.  They wanted to "thank San Pancho" for hosting them this winter, and are excited to be able to play for our audience.  They go on at 6pm on Saturday, so don't miss them!  

    While Jeff Oster is a longtime Festival favorite, his bassist, the extraordinary Michael Manring will be performing for us for the first time. before joining Jeff for his set on Saturday night.  Michael is one of the true masters of the electric bass, and he will also be performing solo for us at 8:30pm on Saturday Night. 

    On Sunday night we have an exciting new addition to the Festival.  The group Jazzpango, led by keyboardist, singer, and songwriter Pedro Dabdoub, will be performing at 9pm.  This is an amazing group of players that will be performing some very beautiful music for us, so don't go home early!

    Closing the show is a group called Acapulco son Mulatos.  This spirited ensemble from different parts of Mexico happened to be recording a new album in Puerto Vallarta, and heard about our festival and wanted to perform.  They've played with some heavyweights, so we're all really looking forward to hearing them!

    In addition to these newcomers to the Festival, we're honored to have returning this year, so many of the amazingly talented acts that are Festival favorites, and who have performed in past years. It is because of them that the Festival has earned a reputation for presenting high quality music here in San Pancho!  Many of them have come from far away to perform for you at their own expense, so please support them, as well as the Festival itself, any way that you can.

    See you at the Plaza del Sol!

                 Chas and the San Pancho Music Festival Committee

The History of the San Pancho Music Festival

San Pancho's Music Festival began in 2001 with village residents John & Patricia Alexander when they invited 12 musicians to join their informal jam sessions on their back porch.  It was a festive gathering and enjoyed by all. The following year some of the key players suggested to John that they gather again, and invite a few others known to have musical talents.  With time word spread throughout the village and others wanted to participate. John and Patricia welcomed anyone wanting to play.

By 2006 116 performers were entertaining themselves over the course of three days in the Alexander backyard.  Andy Crawford, a professional jazz bassist from Illinois, began assisting in 2003 with the organization of the event, coordinating the required technology, working with Spanish officials, and translating when necessary.  Andy has been acting as the sound engineer ever since, and continues to perform during the Festival with a variety of the artists.  The father/son combination of Beto and Carlos Gonzalez, who have been active since the Festival's inception, have also become integral to the organization of the Festival by scheduling and working with many of the regional performers.  Their family has performed for many years, and they continue to entertain the crowd with traditional Mexican ballads and songs.

In 5 short years the event had evolved into the beginnings of a music festival - it was firmly rooted into the local civic and cultural conscience of San Pancho.  The general public and seasonal tourists began discovering the event, and it expanded progressively until the festival began to outgrow the intimate surroundings of the Alexander home.  It was apparent that a new and larger venue would eventually be needed for the event.
Eventually John and Patricia moved on, and turned the organization of the festival over to Craig Schumacher, an internationally  known music producer and professional musician. Craig relocated the Festival to Plaza del Sol in 2007, providing attendees more comfortable seating space for chairs and coolers.  It also allowed local restaurants and merchants to offer food and beverages for sale throughout the performances so the audience could dine without having to leave the ongoing entertainment.
In 2011, the Music Festival discovered it was short on funds to provide quality lighting during the evening performances.  For the first time in the history of the Festival donations were asked of the audience.  The generous contributions during the Friday show allowed the Festival to acquire all the necessary equipment for the remainder of the weekend performances.  The remaining funds were used to acquire lights for future events and to apply toward expanded marketing of the 2012 Music Festival.

This set back resulted in the formation of a committee in 2011 to better organize and direct the future evolution of the Festival.  It included some of the original participants of the Festival who were devoted to better insuring a level of entertainment quality in the future.  The committee is also dedicated to maintaining the original philosophy of it's founders by offering performances to the public free of charge.  This accomplishment is only possible due to the gracious donations of time and performances by the artists, and through the support and help by the generous residents of San Pancho.  Thus the Music Festival has evolved from a back yard venue of self-entertainment to a community endeavor that ultimately hi-lights San Pancho as the "Cultural Heartbeat of the State of Nayarit".

Video Highlights from the past 

San Pancho Music Festival 2015 Emmanuel Santana Photography
San Pancho Music Festival 2015
Emmanuel Santana Photography
The San Pancho Music Festival Needs YOU!

Interested in donating to San Pancho's Music Festival?
It is contributions like the one you are considering that have allowed the Music Festival to continue over the last 15 years. Raising funds in advance of the Festival is necessary for offsetting the many different expenses that are incurred during preparations for the event.
There are three ways sponsors can easily contribute:

Chacala Cultural Foundation
The Chacala Cultural Foundation is a non-profit, 501(C)3 organization that accepts tax-deductable donations to the San Pancho Music Festival. Donations are processed online via all major credit cards, and also via PayPal. Your donation is processed securely and confirmation emailed back to you promptly. This is the most convenient way to financially support the Festival.  Click here to link to make a donation:   Chacala Cultural Foundation  

Luna Layne
If you would like to make cash donations of any size, our friends, at  Luna Layne on #37 Tercer del Mundo have graciously offered to collect donations at their lovely store.  Owner Layne Moon, is a world class graphic designer, and has graced our Festival with her amazing designs for the past two years.  Her store has many beautiful things in it, including her wonderful Festival t-shirt designs, and that is perhaps worth the trip in itself.  If you would like to be listed as a "Friend" of the festival, and mentioned on our webpage, please speak to them about that.
At the Music Festival
Donations are always welcome during the 3-day event. Donation boxes will be displayed during the Festival, and volunteers will occasionally walk through the audience to accept contributions. In the past this has been the primary way donations were collected. But funds are still needed prior to the event.

Thank you again for your interest in supporting the San Pancho Music Festival....

Festival Photos of the Week 

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