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Oct 15, 2016

Halloween vs Dia de Los Muertos
It is a very special time to be in San Pancho! The jungle is lush and green from the rains of summer. The shops and businesses in the village are all starting to open for the season there is an air of excitement and anticipation of things to come, and we get to enjoy the celebration of two amazing holidays!

Halloween in San Pancho is a special treat; we can't imagine being anywhere else on this day. The children fill the streets dressed in costumes, the little ones walking with their parents. They chant the Mexican version of trick or treat. "Queremos Halloween, queremos Halloween, si no nos dan dinero, haremos cochinero!" and it is ADORABLE! The reward for their sweet song is candy,  of course . Halloween is not a traditionally celebrated holiday in Mexico, but the children in our town know how to do it right! 

Dia de Los Muertos, on the other hand, is a very traditional celebration - it is beautiful and somber. The multi-day holiday focuses on gatherings of family and friends to pray for and remember friends and family members who have died, and help support their spiritual journey. Traditions connected with the holiday include building private altars called ofrendas, honoring the deceased using sugar skulls, marigolds, and the favorite foods and beverages of the departed, and visiting graves with these as gifts. Visitors also leave possessions of the deceased at the graves.

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La Ola Rica opens for the season - good times ahead!

We arrived in San Pancho in the dark. We were exhausted. It had been one of those travel days that you know you will laugh about later. It started when Drew left his wallet in the car at the Denver airport, so we arrived in Mexico with almost empty pockets and virtually no access to our money. All our angst disappeared immediately with our first taste of San Pancho, a perfect margarita, and the artfully-presented shrimp & avocado salad. It was love at first bite! Since that time we have spent so many delightful evenings with our dear friends at La Ola Rica, celebrating life in San Pancho.

We are happy to announce that La Ola Rica will be opening on Thursday, October 27th for the season with lots of new offerings and live music starting on Saturday night, October the 29th.

We have been anticipating the opening of the new upstairs bar, and Gloria has told us that they expect to open by late November, hopefully Thanksgiving... more to come on this exciting new addition to the San Pancho scene!
Welcoming our newest sponsoring member 
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28 Retorno Camboya

Our newest rental property to sign up with San Pancho Life is 28 Retorno Camboya.  This beautifully-designed  2br 1 1/2 ba. home pays tribute to the lively colors of Mexico.  Retorno Camboya is only a few blocks from the beach, shopping, restaurants, and more.  It has a large private yard, unique Mexican-tiled arches, painted murals, tiled floors, colorfully-painted walls and talavera tile throughout.   And best of all - It is still available for New Years!  

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Nayarit Pacific Paradise /// Discover San Pancho II

Give a Hoot for San Pancho!

Ding dong the forum is dead - replaced by a   Community Bulletin Board instead!  We hope our community bulletin board will be a valuable tool for our community, where you can post your events and flyers, or anything else you want.  Think of it as the online version of the bulletin board in front of EntreAmigos.  It is fun and colorful, and current.  It will be a great new way to get the word out for your events in San Pancho.  We hope you like it, and we encourage all to use it!

Second call for new producers-sellers and also confirming the ones already established for our next season November 2016 - April 2017 of our local market of each Tuesday in Plaza del Sol in San Pancho.

We start TUESDAY NOVEMBER 8TH" from 10am to 1:30pm 

Birding San Pancho 

We want to let you know that SPBO has declined the offer to purchase Habitat Natural Ecolodge

Although we received more support than ever and we were able to raise more funds than we ever in a short period of time, by the end we realized that we still had a large financial burden to overcome. The pressure for us to sign a purchase agreement and pay a deposit was building up on us and we have chosen to focus on our recently launched Environmental Literature Project 2016-2019without the added pressure of major continued fundraising too. 

The good news is that founding member Enrique Morales has generously offered to let us continue using his house as a temporary office space and to provide housing for our interns. He has also offered us the permanent use of his rooftop to build office space for SPBO so we can
 continue with our conservation efforts in the long term.  Bravo for Enrique!!!!

This new perspective is perhaps not as ambitious as attempting to purchase the ecolodge and possibly will slow down some SPBO projects; however, it will remove a huge financial pressure from our shoulders and will also ensure that SPBO will continue to grow organically and at it's own pace for many years to come.   

In the short term this also means we will not continue with our  lodging bussiness and hence our membership programin the same way we had structured it. 

Lo de Perla Garden Tour

A garden tour of the of the
furthest north tropical jungle  in the world 

We present a different tourist option for guests in the region. The Lo de Perla is a 3-hectare garden dedicated to the care of tropical plants and trees of the forest between San Pancho and Lo de Marcos in the Riviera Nayarit. The tour lasts 2 hours walking on paths surrounded by more than 30,000 beautiful plants, including a collection of 6,000 orchids in the region. 

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