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Sept. 1, 2016


Playa del Amor - Marietas Islands Reopening 
New Rules 

Playa del Amor will once again be open for tours starting August 31, for a trial period with very strict new provisions to ensure the effective protection of ecosystems.

The National Commission of Natural Protected Areas reported that the Playa del Amor can be visited in groups of maximum 15 people, who will have access to it under the supervision of authorized personnel during low tides, to ensure their safety.  The group will have a total of 30 minutes to enter, visit and leave the site in an orderly manner for access lane lines marked with buoys. Visitors are required to wear a helmet and flotation vest, and are not allowed to use fins.

Throughout the year, the entire park is closed on Mondays, and Playa del Amor will be closed every Monday and Tuesday t o allow for maintenance and management and monitoring activities.


What is just getting underway is what many are calling the "Largest southern migration to Mexico of people and real estate assets since the Civil War" A significant percentage of the Baby Boomers have been doing the research and are making the life changing decision to move out of the U.S.A. The number one retirement destination in the world is Mexico. There are already over 2,000,000 US and Canadian property owners in Mexico. The most conservative number of American and Canadian Baby Boomers who are on their way to owning property in Mexico for full or part time living in the next 15 years is over 6,000,000. Do the math on 6,000,000 people buying a $300,000 house or condo.

Another large migration into Mexico is high paying skilled jobs. The job shift in automobile sector, both car and parts manufacturing, is already known by most investors. In the last few months as John Deere and Caterpillar have been laying off thousands of workers in the U.S.A., and hiring equal numbers in Mexico. The most recent industry that is making the shift is the aerospace manufacturers. In the city of Zacatecas there is currently a $210 million aerospace facility being built. With the 11 U.S. companies moving there, it is estimated to provide over 200,000 new high paying jobs in the coming years. One of the main factors for the shift in job south to Mexico instead of China is realistic analysis of total production, labor and delivery costs. While the labor costs in China are 40% less on average, the overall transportation costs and inherent risks of a long distance supply chain, and quality control issues, gives Mexico a distinct financial advantage.
Mexico's real economic future

Mexico has avoided completely the subprime problem that has devastated the U.S. banking industry. The Mexican banks are healthy and profitable. Mexico has a growing and very healthy middle and upper middle class. The very recent introduction of residential financing has Mexico in a unique position of having over 90% of current homeowners owning their house outright. U.S. banks are competing for the Mexican, Canadian and American cross border loan business. It is and will continue to be a very safe and very profitable business. They require a minimum of a 680 credit score, 30% down payment, and verifiable income that can support the loan. The higher end markets ($2-20 million) in many of these destinations are going through a modest correction. The Baby Boomers market here is between $200,000 and $600,000. With the continuing demand inside the Bay of Banderas, that price point, in the coming years, will disappear. This is the reason the Mexican government is spending billions of dollars on more infrastructure north along the coast all the way up to Mazatlan.

The other major economic shift is in the field of health care. This massive shift of revenues is estimated to add 5-7% to Mexico's GDP. The name for this "business" is Medical Tourism. The two biggest competitors for Mexico were Thailand and India. Thailand and India's biggest drawback is geography.  In Mexico today there are over 56 world class hospitals being built to keep up with this business.

Mexico is currently sitting on a cash surplus and an almost balanced budget. Most Americans have never heard of Carlos Slim until he loaned the New York Times $250 million. After that it became clear to many investors around the world what Mexicans already knew: that Mexico had been able to avoid the worst of the U.S. economic devastation. Mexico's resilience is to be admired. 


The answer is simple and old fashioned: SUPPLY AND DEMAND.
The area of Puerto Vallarta/Riviera Nayarit inside the Bay of Banderas is an investor's dream. This area has the comprehensive infrastructure in place, world class hospitals and dental care, natural investment protection from the Sierra Madre Mountains, endless future water supply, low crime, international airport, and limited supply inside the Bay, first class private bilingual schools and higher than average appreciation potential. Like many areas in Mexico there is large demand for full and part time retirement living and a lot of construction underway to meet this demand. Pre-construction of course is where the best bargains are available.

I would offer a word of caution for investors in Mexico. Do not be seduced by the endless natural beauty that is everywhere, both inland in colonial towns and along thousands of miles of beach. Apply conservative medium and long term investment strategies without emotion. The demand for full and part time living by American and Canadian Baby Boomers is evident throughout the country. The top two choice locations are ocean front, and ocean view. The third overall choice, which is less expensive, is inland in one of the many beautiful colonial towns or small cities.

Mexico, with the world's 13th largest GDP, is no longer a "Third World Country", but rather a fast growing, economically secure state, as the most recent five-year history of its financial markets when compared to the U.S.A.'s financial markets suggests.
DOW JONES AVERAGES MAY 2004 10,200 - MAY 2009 8,200 20% LOSS IN 5 YEARS
MEXICAN BOLSA MAY 2004 10,000 - MAY 2009 23,000 130% GAIN IN 5 YEARS

Source: Mexicoonline.com

Mundo Golf Tour 2016 coming to Nuevo Vallarta

The gorgeous Jack Nicklaus-designed Vidanta Golf - Nuevo Vallarta will host the third stop of the Mundo Golf Tour 2016 on September 3rd; the tournament is returning to the Riviera Nayarit for the second consecutive year.

There are many high end prizes for those who achieve a hole in one: Hole 8 receives an Audi A3 Sedan (whoever wins must pay a 15% deductible; not valid for professionals or caddies), Hole 12 takes home a golf cart and Hole 17 a Stella Pro executive chair.

The O'Yes prizes are for Holes 4, 8, 12 and 17; the first to make them will receive a 40" LED TV and the four subsequent players will receive other electronics, accessories and gift certificates.
There's only one category and participants can be men or women with handicaps from 0 to 28 (HCP). They will play 18 holes A-Go-Go with four-person teams with HCP's from 0 to 28 per player; the handicaps from each player are then added together and the resulting number is added to 10% of the HCP.

There are medals for 1st, 2nd and 3rd places; the winner and second place teams will be able to continue on to play the finals during the May 2017 Mundo Golf Tour at Vidanta Nuevo Vallarta. The winners will receive registration in the tournament as well as three days and two nights in a Master Suite at the Grand Mayan for four people, not including food and beverage.
The tournament committee reserves the right to make any modifications or changes necessary to improve the development of the tournament. In case of a tie it will be broken using scores beginning in the 18th original hole on the course and counting backwards. This is for teams in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

The recovery fee is MX$1,800 (plus VAT if a receipt is required). For registration information, questions and details please contact Hiram Castillo via phone at 3312175891 or 3331463424 or by email at mundo.golf.hiram@gmail.com.

Featured Video

The Mexican San Francisco: San Pancho, Nayarit
The Mexican San Francisco: San Pancho, Nayarit


Super fun video
The San Pancho summer  in pictures!

237 kids and 89 volunteers for this years summer workshop series and everyone says.... THE BEST SUMMER IN SAN PANCHO!!!!  

Roberto's Bungalows is our featured vacation rental this week.  Roberto's Bungalows is a San Pancho staple!  The owners, Earl and Jane Miller, are two of our favorite San Pancho people. They will show you the best of San Pancho and treat you like family.  

This charming property is right smack in the heart of San Pancho!  Your artistically-decorated bungalow spills out into a peaceful courtyard with a pool and lush tropical garden.  Roberto's will give you the perfect oasis to relax and recharge... but best of all you also get one of San Pancho's most delightful people, Earl Miller, as your host!  Earl is pretty much a San Pancho celebrity.  He is a walking stand-up comedy show - when the mood strikes him laughter seems to just follow him around.  

Earl is a frequent contributor to San Pancho Life's newsletter with his Man on the Street series where he interviews both locals and visitors to our lovely town. He is also an amazing photographer and a great writer - we are so very grateful for his generosity in sharing all of these with us!  

Visit Roberto's Bungalows Today
Road report - New highway inches toward completion...

Third Stage of the "Short Route" Highway Begins

The construction of the new Guadalajara-Puerto Vallarta highway began four years ago and includes three development stages: Jala-Compostela, Compostela-Las Varas and Las Varas-Puerto Vallarta. When completed (December 2017, according to the latest updates), travel time between both cities will be reduced from approximately five hours to only about two hours and 30 minutes.
The Goddess of Chocolate

Mayan Goddess Ixcacao

We will call her by her Mayan name, Ixcacao. (By the way, the suffix 'Ix' in a name makes it clear that it is the name of a female. It literally means "little one". So her name translates into English as "Cocoa Woman")

She featured in the creation myths of the Mayans, introducing agriculture to the people and helping insure the birth of the Sacred Twins. Initially she was an earth goddess in a matriarchal society where tending the crops was woman's work, b anishing hunger and providing for the safety and security of the people was her divine responsibility.  Though she seldom made a public appearance in the myths, Ixcacao, the Mayan Goddess of Chocolate, had been loved by the common folk as a compassionate goddess of abundance. 

But that was soon to change!

The patriarchy had begun. At first it was a golden age. Kings and dynasties appeared. A ruling class was born.  Astronomy flourished, as did the arts; writing (glyphs) began to appear on the magnificent monuments, palaces and temples of the kings and many of the nobility. Large cities were established and populated with wealthy people s erving the patriarchy

Then the poor Goddess of Chocolate was whisked away from the fields to marry the God of Commerce, whether she wanted it or not. Soon her lovely cocoa beans were very valuable and had been turned into currency!  Even worse, chocolate was now declared the 'food of the gods', available only to the rulers and the warriors in their service. She heard rumors that there was even widespread starvation.

The goddess Ixcacao missed the fields, she missed being beside her people but, most of all, her heart was broken that human sacrifice was now the practice and the children from the fields were dying in order to assuage the thirst of the Sun and prevent a cataclysmic drought.
And so the Goddess of Chocolate climbed the steps beside them as they ascended to meet their executioner. She offered them comforting goblets of cocoa along the way. Thus she became an important part of the sacred rites each year. S oon the aristocrats began to regard labor of any sort as beneath their dignity and lived in their fine palaces oblivious to the human suffering on which their lifestyles depended.

Two Goddesses Cook Up a Plan

The Goddess of Love was not amused. No longer did the people laugh, or sing or dance. Who had the energy for love anymore? Conspiring with the Goddess of Love, the Goddess of Chocolate taught the kings' cooks how to ferment the wine and make it intoxicating. And she would 'let it slip' that it was a powerful aphrodisiac.   A period of unbridled gluttony and warfare between the various states was soon to follow. Why, the Emperor Montezuma was even reported to drink 40-50 goblets a day, soaking up the aphrodisiacal stimulant of the cocoa to sustain his energy for his daily visits to his harem.  Just as the Grandmother foresaw, no one with authority was paying attention to the rumblings of the earth. Too many people, too little land available for horticulture, and what land there was couldn't produce food  because either half the workers were off to war or the land itself was being used a battlefield.
Mighty kingdoms fell. The people were malnourished and starving.

The Return of the Goddess

Grateful for the role that Ixcacao had played in reminding the people that there was much more to life than just working for the "masters", the Goddess of Love showered her with great favor, adorning her from head to foot with delicate flower blossoms that fluttered in the gentle winds.
And so, covered in beauty, Ixcacao, the Goddess of Chocolate was allowed to return to her people -- this time as both the fertility goddess who stood watch over the fields of corn and saw that her people were fed, but also as a queen of love and pleasure.

No more work without rest.
No more work without time for family and friends,
     No more work without time for music and dance.
And above all . . .
No more work without love.
xcacao's wisdom is a lovely counterpoint to the production-oriented hustle of our modern world and its frantic buying and selling for profit, and its greed.
The Goddess of Chocolate reminds us that a luxurious world unfolds before your eyes if you take a moment to still your "busy-ness" and take the time to rejoice in those things which give you pleasure. 

Source - Goddess Gift
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Photo of the Year!
Mexican wins the annual National Geographic 
photo contest

Anuar Patjane Floriuk, Tehuacan, of Puebla was the winner of National Geographic's Photo of the Year Contest  with this underwater photograph  "Whale Whisperer"  taken on 28 January 2015.  

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