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2011 Sanctuary Conference
Julia Award Winners!
Coats for Kids Wrap Up


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Sanctuary Network Days 
Achieve Record Attendence!


         On November 15 & 16 ANDRUS hosted our sixth annual Sanctuary Network Days conference at the White Plains Crowne Plaza Hotel.  Over 340 participants who practice Sanctuary in organizations around the world made their way to Westchester to see old friends and to share their successes and challenges.  Sanctuary founder and Andrus Distinguished Fellow Dr. Sandra Bloom delivered the Day One keynote address, "Sanctuary in Communities" while James Henderson followed on Day Two and talked about his personal experience as a suvivor of childhood exposure to domestic violence and how it has shaped his career.  Fifty presenters offered a menu of 25 workshops on topics as diverse as Sanctuary in Public Schools and Social Media and Sanctuary.


       The Sanctuary Model is a trauma informed organizational development and treatment approach anchored in an understanding of neuroscience and the effects of trauma and chronic stress on individuals and systems.   The Sanctuary Institute at ANDRUS has trained over 200 other organizations worldwide in this model. For more information on Sanctuary, click here.

Congratulations to ANDRUS Staff.....

 Announcing the first group

of Julia Award Winners!

The Julia Award honors Julia Dyckman Andrus, for whom we were named over 80 years ago.  Awardees are selected quarterly following nominations of staff members who demonstrate these qualities in their work at ANDRUS:


JoyfulUniqueLeadersIndustrious and Inspiring Accomplished Achievers  



Dr. Ray Effinger, Principal of the Orchard School


" Dr. Effinger is committed to the values of the Sanctuary Model and encourages innovation in this area to all staff members. The greatest quality Dr. Effinger has is his ability to mold people into great teachers, incredible MTs, and awesome administrators."



Deborah Lee, Recreation Therapist


" Deborah incorporates students and staff members into the planning of events and activities. Deb is also a member of the Diversity Team and plays a significant role in the development of programs. Deb can be found mentoring a staff member or engaging a student.... She is extremely bright, focused and committed to the work we do at ANDRUS."



Serafina Rosario, Food Services


"Serafina shows a great commitment to our Sanctuary Values. She always has a smile on her face, always willing to help others, she is well liked by the kids and staff. When she is not around, the kids right away ask about her. ... She also ignores any negative influences around her, does her best and is open to change. It is a pleasure working with her...."



Tyrone Hodge, Residential Program Manager


" Mr. Hodge is a skilled leader and collaborator. He takes proactive steps to assure the smooth operation of his program. He manages his emotions so he is calm and deliberate, even when the pace is hectic and the demands are many. ...His 'positivity' is very addictive and makes you want to do well. His presence lights up the cottage and has given a better outlook for staff."

Heartfelt Thanks..... 


We have just wrapped up our annual Coats for Kids project and are happy to report that generous friends and groups have come through with 490 brand new, warm winter jackets for the children we serve. THANK YOU! Many of us would not be able to imagine a cold New York winter without a coat, but here are just some of the other ways these coats have helped our clients.....


"I am very grateful my children received these beautiful coats from Andrus. If I had not received coats there is no way I would have been able to pay our rent this month."- A mother of two clients at our Yonkers Mental Health Clinic


"I gave a coat to one of my clients whose family has always had enough money for coats and school supplies.  Earlier this year, his mom made the tough call asking me for school supplies due to recent financial struggles in their family, Andrus helped them with that. Then I put this child down for a coat and when I called his mother she was so relieved.  She had a very high Con Ed bill and was really worried about making payments on that and still getting her son everything he needed for the winter. When I brought it to their home, the smile on her face was priceless."

 - Psychologist in the Mental Health Division


"All four of my children received a coat!  My kids were so happy to get them - otherwise they would be wearing last year's too small coats.  I want to thank our support aide so much for thinking of us and helping us out in so many ways, above and beyond. The kids want to wear their coats all the time now."

- Parent in our TAPAS program


"Andrus saved us at just the right moment. This week I was about to spend our rent and Con Ed money on coats for my kids.... Then our clinician showed up with them and it was a weight off my shoulder for now."- Parent of clients at our White Plains Mental Health Clinic


Lisa started in the program as a single mom with two children. She has struggled to provide a stable home for her children. Unfortunately, just this month, as she was on her way to accomplishing her goals and feeling empowered, and her children were getting used to their daily routine and having a father figure in their life, the family lost a loved one. Her fianc passed away and they are all still grieving the loss. Lisa is now facing financial difficulties with the loss of income. She is very grateful for the coats she received for her children, especially since winter is approaching and they have grown out of most of their clothes. Thank you for the generous donations that really help the families we serve. - Story of a family in our Community Services Healthy Families program.




ANDRUS provides support and treatment for 2,500 children and their families throughout Westchester suffering from emotional illness and trauma. The agency offers prevention, assessment, educational, treatment and research programs that help children and families achieve healthy, stable lives. Andrus has grown from its origins as an orphanage into a premier non-profit mental health, social service and special education provider and resource for Westchester.