My friends and fellow-parishioners of Trinity Church,

Love and peace to you in Jesus Christ. I am writing with details of how you, if you choose, can now sign up for worship in our common church space. I am also sending a needed addendum to the Children and Youth plan released just yesterday.

Returning to Worship in Common Space
We as a community are about to open up our sanctuary again for communal attendance in worship. This Sunday will be the first time since Easter Sunday, with an 8am service for up to 14 people taking place the Chancel and High Altar area. I have reached out to those 8am regulars who had said they wanted to return, and they will be the first to do so.

The following Sunday, Sept. 27, we will add a 10am worship service in the Nave. For both that 10am service and all successive 8am and 10am services, we will need to know how many would like to return to worship in the sanctuary and to which service. And so...

This is your chance to let us know which service or services you'd like to attend among the options:
  • 8am Rite I, no music
  • 8am Rite II, no music
  • 10am Rite II, traditional music and prayers
  • 10am Rite II, guitar, child-friendly homily
To do so, please click HERE for the Doodle Poll. If the number of people wanting to attend a service exceeds the maximum allowed, we will group people and send out invitations. You will need to accept your invitation to reserve your space. Any remaining spaces will be freed for others to take. The schedule for the next few upcoming Sundays is posted on the website and below.

Update to Plan for Children's and Youth Ministries
On another but related front, we need to push "pause" on the news of plans released just yesterday for Children's and Youth Ministries. Although it is possible in the newly-released diocesan protocols that we could do everything described, the totality of these specific plans have not yet made their way through the approval process at the parish and diocesan levels. Specifically, everything is approved as released for ages 14 and up, but other parts need to be reviewed.

With my apologies for confusing matters, I will add that Vestry is meeting again on Monday, we will discuss the further elements, and there will be more to report next week.

Finally, in case you missed it last week, below is again the schedule for the next few Sundays.

Peace and blessings, in thanksgiving,


Schedule and Limits for Return to Common-Space Worship on Sundays

Sept. 20 
  • 8am service in Chancel, 14 max (10 in choir seating, 2 clergy either side of altar, 2 ushers at entrances), no Zoom
  • 10am service in Nave, Zoom only (no worshipers beyond essential persons)
Sept. 27
  • 8am service in Chancel, 14 max, no Zoom 
  • 10am service in Nave, 32 max (28 in Nave pews, 2 clergy at altar, 2 ushers at entrances), carried by Zoom 
Oct. 4
  • 8am service in Chancel, 14 max, no Zoom
  • 10am service outdoors, Blessing of the Animals, (limit TBD with physical spacing), carried by Zoom

Oct. 11 and following
  • 8am service in Chancel, 14 max, no Zoom
  • 10 am service in Nave for 32 max in Nave Expandable to 42 max Chancel and Nave seating after Oct. 11, if shared spaces can be cleaned and sanitized.
Youth: save the dates!
A youth service trip for next summer is being organized to Niagara Falls, NY. The trip will involve numerous service projects, such as building, painting, and working with young children in need. The trip will take place June 27 - July 2, 2021 and is open to all middle school and high school youth. If you are interested in attending, please contact Pastor Sabrina. Registration and an initial deposit of $50 is due by October 1.