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March 20, 2014

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Congratulations to the new radio hosts voted the TALKERS 2014 Heavy Hundred
Talkers New York 2014
My Old Boss to Launch New TV Network
Writing Your Weekly Blog
Cross-Posting on Other News Sites
How to be a Successful Pundit

So you've decided to expand your career by becoming a pundit - an analyst, a commentator expounding on news stories in your chosen area of expertise. Talk radio hosts and producers will be very receptive to you if you stick by a few tried and true principles. [more...]

Featured Radio

Sam Malone - KNTH, Houston, TX


Sam Malone has spent the last 18 years in Houston waking up America's 4th largest city with #1 ratings, compelling content and great interviews. Sam moved into talk radio in Houston in 2005. He has interviewed high-profile guests from Sir Paul McCartney to Sen. John McCain, played dueling pianos with Barry Manilow, and attended both Presidential Inaugurations for George W. Bush. He's truly an anomaly: comfortable interviewing everyone from musicians to politicians! You'll find him on AM 1070, The Answer! [more...]

Featured Video

3-15-14 Ryan Mauro on Fox News Channel reporting on the Missing Malaysian Airliner.
Featured Pundit

When advising my new clients about how to improve their Web presence, I always refer them to the Ultimate Pundit - Wayne Allyn Root.  He's a master of multimedia!
Featured Book
As you probably know, I do a lot of book tours for major publishers. These authors and their books are very popular on talk radio.
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My Dear Client,

It's the first day of Spring and there is change in the air - a change you really CAN believe in: great new ideas that I hope you'll find helpful and inspiring.  This is the first official SandyPundits newsletter that I hope will "help me help you."
Congratulations to the new radio hosts voted the TALKERS 2014 Heavy Hundred

I'm going to be doing a special mailing to all the new radio hosts and producers who, I'm sure, will be anxious to schedule interviews with you! - The All Star Pundits.

The 2014 installment of one of TALKERS magazine's most popular and, perhaps, controversial annual features - "The 100 Most Important Radio Talk Show Hosts in America" - debuted on March 11.  Also known as "The Heavy Hundred," the ranked listing of 100 hosts and talent teams from around the country is based on a number of both quantitative and qualitative criteria and is determined by collective analysis of the TALKERS editorial board with input from a wide variety of industry leaders. [more...]


IT'S A GOOD IDEA to get to know who's who in talk radio so you can be proactive in your own career by seeking to meet them in person - especially broadcasters in your local market.

Talkers New York 2014

I always encourage my clients to try to attend this very important industry convention. Every year they bring in the best broadcasters in America where you'll have a chance to meet them in person, shake hands, exchange ideas... and have FUN!


Talkers New York 2014 Set for Friday, June 20.  The TALKERS magazine annual national talk media industry conference enters its 17th consecutive year as the date and site have been set for the next installment of the industry's largest, longest-running and most important gathering. [more...]


IF YOU CAN'T BE IN NYC, they usually have one in the fall in LA. 

My Old Boss to Launch New TV Network

I'm proud to congratulate Christopher Ruddy on his new venture.


The Next Ailes: Newsmax's Chris Ruddy Preps TV Rival to Fox News. For the last 18 years, Fox News, led by its president, Roger Ailes, has exploited its unique slant on the news to generate nearly $1 billion in profits a year for parent 21st Century Fox. There's been no serious conservative competitor to Fox News, and Ruddy has never understood why. "How do you have something so successful in cable that nobody else wants to imitate or cut into their market share?" Ruddy says. "It defies reason." This June, Ruddy plans to launch NewsmaxTV, a 24-hour cable news channel that will be, he says, a kinder, gentler Fox. [more...]


OPPORTUNITY! You might be interested in applying for a position as an analyst.

Writing Your Weekly Blog
When choosing a topic for your weekly blog/column, think about your audience (what would they like read?) and stick with what you know best. Remember, less is more. Write something short, to the point, with a unique angle and make it a teachable moment. I advise my clients to check some basic sites on Monday morning, or even Sunday night, for hot topics. Here are some, to get you started:

Cross-Posting on Other News Sites

You can get more exposure for your blog by pitching your ideas every week to various active news sites on the Web. You'll be surprised at how receptive they are to publishing your writings. Remember, you're an expert in your chosen field, you've decided to be a public commentator and you should be widely HEARD and recognized! I can send you an updated list of these sites and their editors any time. Just call or e-mail me to request an Excel file. 

Thank you for trusting in me to help you on your career path.  I value your input and welcome any ideas and suggestions.
Always here for you,

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