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Simmering Down
As we are experiencing the loosening of restrictions related to the Covid-19 pandemic, I am noticing many folks are not wearing masks and/or adhering to social distancing suggestions. A sangha member said she was at a local coffee shop and saw a group of unmasked young people hugging and invading all personal space. They were even making fun of the masks worn by the baristas.
If we do not re-enter our sense of normalcy with measured activity, we may have a resurgence of the virus. May 18th was the 40th anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption. Perhaps the unconscious action on the part of some people is a kind of eruption from the pressure of isolation—uncontrolled and unmindful of others. I have felt the pressure myself, not because I feel isolated (we introverts are coping well), but because I am challenged by the technology we use to connect during this time.

For instance, I got a bit hot under the collar when the Zoom platform experienced an outage this past Sunday. I know this was only a moment and the folks at Zoom are working diligently to refine their system. I had to laugh at myself because I assumed the problem was on my end and spent way too much time problem solving. The mind is very funny. I am glad most sangha members were able to reconnect.

Anyway, may we all simmer down and be mindful of our actions for the benefit of all beings. I hope you all are finding a way to move into the world with kindness and clarity.

Much Love,

With Gratitude
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Michael's Dharma Journal Posts
 Today (5/18) is the 40th anniversary of the Mt. St. Helens eruption. It was a very big boom. I remember ‘feeling’ it while lying in bed at my home among the junipers between Bend and Sisters. My mother lived in Yakima, Washington, and…
The Healing Power of Practice
The Buddha of Compassion
When we are challenged by the actions of others, we can chant the Chenrezig mantra generating compassion for all beings in the world including ourselves :

Green Tara Mantra
With great compassion and to relieve suffering and fear, we are chanting and accumulating the Green Tara Mantra:

We will chant this mantra during 2020 with the goal of accumulating 1,000,000 or more!

We have accumulated 620,357 mantras to date.
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