The Light of Wisdom
I often take walks in our neighborhood. The other day I came across this rock (pictured) resting against a fence adjacent to the sidewalk. I smiled and reflected upon the light it mirrored in my mind. This stone, and many others like it, were the loving creation of two sisters who live nearby. (See Dharma Journal).
At all times it is important rest in the light of our original clarity. This often happens naturally when we are engaged in some activity and the light spontaneously shines through. My teachers always said when you notice that luminosity, simply abide in that awareness. There is no place to go or some extraordinary state to attain. Be mindful in every moment and notice the light illuminating your perception.
Sangha Connections
It is obvious the Dharma Center will remain closed to group events for the foreseeable future. Please keep up your daily practice somewhere between 6-8 am (if you are able) and feel the sangha connection. Remember to report your Green Tara Mantras:
We are looking into having group practices via the Zoom platform. The Saturday morning Ngöndro practice group has already experimented with this thanks to Shelby. If I can get enough help from the more tech savvy sangha who have offered, we may have Zoom established for our regular sangha practices by next week. We will keep you posted.

Our prayers go out to all who are profoundly affected by the Coronavirus, Covid19 situation. I know many of my neighbors are now without work and many without a paycheck. It is a good time to practice compassion and loving kindness toward all beings and help where we can. Some suggestions:
Patronize restaurants who are offering take out; Support other small local retail stores as many are offering to take online or phone orders and deliver to your vehicle or your home; Make contributions to aid agencies and non-profits; Support shelters and homeless kitchens/food distribution centers; Offer to pick up and deliver groceries for older neighbors; There are many ways to offer our help.
I want to thank everyone who continues their generous support for the Natural Mind Dharma Center during this challenging time. We are humbly overwhelmed and grateful.

Wishing Everyone Health and Happiness—and a Great Spiritual Retreat!

Michael 🙏
Ritro Loma Gyonma
Also, a reminder of Ritrö Loma Gyönma, the Tara who dispels disease and epidemics:
Michael's Dharma Journal Posts
I was walking down the street in our neighborhood and came upon a small painted river rock, about three inches in diameter, leaning against a fence adjacent to the sidewalk. The word ‘kind’ was painted on a blue background with a bright yellow… Read more …
Green Tara Mantra Accumulation
With great compassion and to relieve suffering and fear, we are chanting and accumulating the Green Tara Mantra:


Recite the mantra with devotion for the benefit of all beings. Conclude by dedicating the merit to all beings.
We will chant this mantra during 2020 with the goal of accumulating 1,000,000 or more! We have accumulated 267,000 to date.
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