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Sundays and Wednesdays
Join us Sundays from 8 - 9 am and Wednesdays from 7 - 8 pm via Zoom video conferencing for live practice and teaching with Michael.

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Password: 362919
As you offer these prayers, may the energy provide inspiration on your path.

Meal Blessing

For all whose life has been given

And all whose labor has brought this food before us

May we ever be grateful

And use this exquisite nutrition

To be of benefit to all beings

Aspiration Prayer

For all beneficial karma, ever manifested through me, I am grateful.

May this gratitude be expressed through my body, speech, and mind.

With infinite kindness to the past,

Infinite service to the present,

Infinite responsibility to the future.
And we are grateful for your generosity in supporting the Dharma. We have exceeded our goal for this fundraising effort and will graciously accept other end of year contributions. This will help our center reach out to sangha and community wherever the requests arise.

Happy Thanksgiving—in all your days,
Pledge Drive Fundraiser
$5,000 Goal
We did it! We surpassed our goal.

Thank you!

Our Pledge Drive Fundraiser goes towards keeping and maintaining our physical location, continuing and enhancing our Zoom experience, maintaining our website, providing a stipend for Michael, supporting our lineage teachers, and more.

To make a donation click the link below:
Sustaining Mandala
Our Sustaining Mandala is our group of members who are part of our Automatic Contribution Program. Your monthly contribution sustains our Center throughout the year. We invite you to join!

You can print out the form from the link below to pay with your checking account or you can set up a recurring donation with PayPal by clicking on the Donate button above.
Dharma Journal Posts
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The Healing Power of Practice
Mantra Accumulation

Medicine Buddha Mantra:


Recite the mantra with devotion for the benefit of all beings. Conclude by dedicating the merit to all beings.
We will chant this mantra with the goal of accumulating One Million or more!
Vajrasattva Prayer
Here is a link to a translation of the Vajrasattva mantra to inspire and support everyone’s practice.
Vajratsattva and consort
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