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Springing Back
Spring is peeking out through gardens with a showing of crocus and daffodils—and desert wildflowers are just beginning their annual show. Of course, we are way behind the profuse blossoming on the other side of the mountains. We recently travelled to Eugene and saw a patch of daffodils next to a house that was burnt to the ground near Blue River. I saw the yellow trumpets announcing nature’s ability to spring back after a challenging time. These flowers and others seemed perfectly happy to bloom amidst the destruction of last fall’s wildfires.
Nature’s resilience mirrors the human capacity to rebound even when it seems our obstacles are insurmountable. As we transition seasons and experience all the changes including, “cough, sneeze, wheeze,” the blessing of pollen, may we find rest in the spacious resilience of the wisdom mind. Prayers to all those who lost their homes and livelihood in the fires. May all beings find their way, even in the most difficult times.

Much Love,
🙏🏼 Michael
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One Million Mantras
Our sangha is sending compassion to the world by chanting the Chenrezig mantra until we accumulate one million mantras:


We have accumulated 815,476 mantras to date.
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