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Spring, Winter, Summer, Spring...

and Gratitude

The great law of impermanence is governing our current weather cycles. Back in the 1980s we experienced Spring weather like this all the time—sometimes throughout the summer. I remember when our vegetable garden experienced a hard freeze on August 5. The unseasonable warming trends of the past few years makes us forget the frigid Springs of the past.


Buddha’s teachings are founded upon impermanence. His last words are purported to have been, “All things change, so live your life as if you understood this.” The habits of our ‘inner whiner’ sometimes makes us uncomfortable with change. That’s okay. Just dress in layers!

Gratitude to all of you who have contributed to our special Spring fundraiser as we have exceeded our goal. We are fortunate to have such good support from our community. Of course, we continue to rely on those of you who can make regular contributions throughout the year.

Much Love,


Pledge Drive Fundraiser

We Reached Our Goal

Thank You!

Our Pledge Drive Fundraiser goes towards keeping and maintaining our physical location, continuing and enhancing our Zoom experience, maintaining our website, providing a stipend for Michael, supporting our lineage teachers, and more.

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