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Katharine Chase Bejnar
Her name is Katharine but she is called Kitty and she will turn 98 at the end of May. In this moment she is in the last stages of dying. My mother-in-law is one of those amazing beings who retains a sharp mind until nearing death. Unfortunately, her condition now calls for strong palliative care in the form of pain medication. Her suffering is diminished but her sharp mind is dulled.
I have had the great fortune of knowing Kitty. My own mom had dementia, so I could not hear family stories for the last years of her life. Until recently, Kitty could share detailed narratives involving family and friends, sprinkled with her unique wit and wisdom. Just a few few weeks ago Kitty was continuing to transcribe old ancestral Civil War letters into the computer.

Now the computer is still. Her daughter will be by her side soon. Tarn will offer guidance for the dying from our tradition, translated into the language a long-time Quaker can understand. I will hold down the fort here and offer support from afar. Of course, Tarn and I are never far apart—even at a distance.

May Kitty have a peaceful death. May all beings have a peaceful death and joyful rebirth.

Much Love,
🙏🏼 Michael
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