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Seeds of New Life
I was inspired this week by a story about seeds. You can help restore native plants in an area through distribution of “seed bombs”. Just mix compost and powdered clay with native plant seeds and roll the mixture into little balls. After letting them dry, you have little spheres of life to carry around and randomly toss into the appropriate environment. The clay retains moisture and the compost offers nutrition to give the seeds a good start. I can visualize thousands of people becoming covert seed warriors dedicated to bringing new life to disturbed areas. (Internet search: ‘seed bombs’ or ‘seed balls’ for instructions)
Imagine if all our bombs helped to restore rather than destroy. I think this is an example of “actualizing bodhicitta,” practical compassionate activity for the benefit of all beings. Every hiker and mountain biker (and everyone else) might consider carrying a baggie of seed balls and make offerings to mother earth. (Remember, only scatter native seeds!)

PS. I wrote the above before the Wednesday protest event in our capitol. I would only add that we need to recognize our ideological destructive bombs as well. May we restore our momentary created world by sewing seeds of kindness and mutual respect.

Much love,
🙏🏼 Michael
COCC Class: Buddhist Point of View
Buddhist Point of View Class
Thursdays, 7-9 pm, February 4 – March 11, 2021

This six week class introduces basic teachings of Buddhism by exploring the rich diversity of ideas and practices in the three major approaches to the Buddhist point of view. Taught via Zoom by Michael Stevens, Founder/Director, Natural Mind Dharma Center.

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One Million Mantras
We have selected a new mantra to chant for the New Year.

Our sangha is sending compassion to the world by chanting the Chenrezig mantra until we accumulate one million mantras:


We have accumulated 6,700 mantras to date.
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