Live Online Practice
Sundays and Wednesdays
Join us Sundays from 8 - 9 am and Wednesdays from 7 - 8 pm via Zoom video conferencing for live practice and teaching with Michael.

Click the Zoom Video Link below and enter the password to join our video conferences.

Password: 362919
The Winds of Change...and an Anniversary
Change is not always smooth. Like the windstorm we experienced last week, the transition of the Dharma Center to in-person meeting has a few broken branches. So here are some updates:
  • We recognize the challenge of making the decision to attend in person with our current Covid-restricted twelve person seating situation. It is always possible to arrive and be the thirteenth person, although that definitely has not been the issue yet. We explored sign-up possibilities but this comes with its own logistical and administrative challenges. Suffice to say, if you wish to join us in person please come as you are motivated, and see what happens. It is all a part of our practice. We will continue to Zoom our event online.

  • If you attend in person please remember to bring your own practice book, if you have one.

  •  The 7 pm Wednesday evening event is focusing on the Heart Sutra for the next few weeks. This is not an in-person event. Everyone is welcome to attend via the Zoom link listed at the top of the newsletter.

  • We look forward to a time we can meet together with more ease. Thanks for being patient with the changes and with your technology-challenged Dharma teacher.

  • And...Happy Anniversary to us! The Natural Mind Dharma Center is now 25 years old as of April 1st. We have weathered all the changes and challenges of growing a vital organization dedicated to the benefit of all beings. Good job everyone! (Nice to have an anniversary dedicated to us fools...)

Much Love,
With Gratitude
We are grateful for your ongoing support of our live video teachings and our center.
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Dharma Journal Posts
Heartstrings of Presence
A masked man sits on one of the stacking chairs at the vaccine center after receiving his second shot. His back is against the wall far away from those in line to get inoculated....
The Healing Power of Practice
One Million Mantras
Our sangha is sending compassion to the world by chanting the Chenrezig mantra until we accumulate one million mantras:


We have accumulated 720,645 mantras to date.
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