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Water Vapor
In the western part of the U.S. we now have an additional seasons. The new arrangement is as follows: Winter, Spring, Too Hot and Dry, Smokey, and Autumn. It seems we are needing to adapt to climate change just as our more indigenous ancestors did in past droughts. They understood the signs of change and moved with the resources. Non-indigenous humans think it is okay to stay put until resources are depleted.
I often wonder why our planning commissions do not consider long term water issues. We in Central Oregon live in a desert but we don’t act like it. I talked with the supervisor of one of the road projects in fast-growing southeast Bend. He said, “Yeah, Bend will keep growing until the water is gone.” I wonder what the world would look like if we taught the law of impermanence in our schools. Maybe Bend would still be a small settlement on the banks of the Deschutes.

But here we are experiencing a population boom amidst a long drought and blazing wildfires. We can use this in our practice by recognizing the earth is seeking a new balance. We can offer prayers for those who suffer and help where we can. The unhoused population is particularly at risk. Please consider helping those in need. And for the non-human critters, consider putting out a source of water for birds and others. This is actualizing Bodhicitta.

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