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Research and Partnerships Spotlight

A leading state university in South India is open to partnering with institutions from across the world for semester abroad, student exchange and faculty exchange programmes.
To find out more about this opportunity, please write to

Tête-à-tête - 4: Rishi Pokar
"I am an alumnus of the NTU. The best part of the job is to talk about NTU which is my alma mater. Sharing first hand experiences with the students is fun. Another aspect I enjoy about my job is the travel. " ... says Mr. Rishi Pokar Country Adviser, Nottingham Trent University.

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After the severe austerity measures brought into action by Temer's Government, funding for Higher Education seems to be drying up. While the austerity measures will apply only starting 2018 for education, recently limits have been put in place on the Fies (the loan offered by the government to support higher education of students). Though there is uproar against the austerity measures taken, the government is determined to pull Brazil out of the recession through these stringent measures.

Temer stays tough on Brazil economic reforms

Source:  Bloomberg
After Passing Austerity Amendment, What's Next for Public Education in Rio de Janeiro?

Source:   RioOnWatch
Brazil limits Fies student loan program to make it sustainable

Source:  Reuters
Along with being the highest exporter of Higher education students, is China eyeing to become world's highest importer too? Reports suggest that China is the third largest study destination for international students. China attracts students from countries like South Korea, Indonesia, India and Pakistan. Through its 'One belt, One Road' strategy, China is aiming to build strong economic relations with South East-Asian countries. Some of the recent measures taken by the Government, such as allowing students with a foreign PG degree to apply for jobs in China, hint at the intentions.

China encourages private investment in education

Source:  Global Times
How Chinese universities can achieve world-class status

China opens its job market to foreign postgraduates

Source: Asia Times 
In the midst of recovering from demonetization, India announced the new budget on February 1st. Infrastructure development is very much the focus. The education sector has been allocated 9.9% more funds when compared to 2016-17.  Some of the key highlights of the education budget can be accessed in the article below.

Budget 2017: Key takeaways for education sector

Source:  Business Standard
India to get $201.50 million loan from World Bank for engineering education

Source:   Livemint
British Council announces scholarships worth £ 1 million for Indian students

Source:   Hindustan Times
Malaysia continues to focus on becoming the international education hub by attracting 200,000 foreign students by 2020. The country has set up a company, Education Malaysia Global Services (EMGS) under the guidance of the education ministry. EMGS will market, promote and manage International student recruitment into Malaysia. The Government is also set to design a research priority roadmap for the universities and increase university-industry collaborations to improve the overall research output of the country.

Zahid: Government to draw more foreign students

Source:   Free Malaysia Today
More University-Industry Collaborations Underway in Malaysia?

MOHE to draw up research priority roadmap for varsities 
Source:   Malaymail Online
UAE has laid focus on Human Resource Development as a part of its National Strategy. Improving the quality of education, increasing HE enrolment ratio and facilitating innovation are few of the 14 sub-goals put in place by the Government. 'Fair and Affordable' higher education to all Emiratis by 2025 is the primary goal of this initiative.

Education Ministry plans to realise 'fair and affordable' higher education by 2025 

Source:  Zawya
Private schools to lead UAE education sector growth

Source:  Trade Arabia
Top 5 Best Arab Region Universities

Source:  University Herald
Travel Diaries - Meet Our Experts
Meet the representative of Sannam S4 in these cities on the following dates to discuss how we can help you Explore, Enter and Expand your business in the new markets:

Michael Green
Director of Client & Stakeholder Relations
March 1:        Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, USA
March 2-3:     Pennsylvania, Delaware, USA
March 6-10:   Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, USA
March 13-5:   Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, USA
March 16-17: Pennsylvania, Delaware, USA
March 20-24: Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, USA
March 27-28: Washington, D.C., Virginia, Maryland, USA
March 29-31: United Kingdom, UK

Lakshmi Iyer
Executive Director and Head - Education
February 27-28: London, UK

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