Dogen's waka:
Dew on the Grass
Shohaku Okumura

朝日待つ          asahi matsu
草葉の露の      kusaba no tsuyu no
ほどなきに      hodo naki ni
急ぎな立ちそ   isogina tachi so
野辺の秋風         nobe no akikaze

The dewdrops on a blade of grass,
waiting for the morning sunrise,
[are existing] only for a short while.
Autumn wind in the field!
"Don't begin to blow in a hurry."

A dewdrop is beautiful and yet stays only for a short time. There are expressions such as 露珠(roshu), a dewdrop that is as beautiful as a jewel and 露華(roka), dewdrops shining in the sunlight like flowers. Our life, that is precious but impermanent without perpetual self-nature, is also compared to a dewdrop (露命, romei), dewdrop-like life. Dogen Zenji used this expression several timesRead more.
Mission statement updated  
With input from local sangha members, the board of directors has adopted an updated mission statement:  Sanshin Zen Community exists to enable the practice of shikantaza in the style of Uchiyama Roshi, deep study of Dogen Zenji's teachings, and commitment to beneficial action.  The statement will be used as the foundation of Sanshin's strategic planning activities as well as fundraising and communications.

Jisho takes novice vows
Jisho Ai Takahashi from Japan took novice vows with Okumura Roshi at Sanshin.  Members of the local sangha and several of Jisho's friends were on hand to lend their support.
New videos online
"Wake Up to Reality" featuring Okumura Roshi is now available for free viewing at Interior Mythos Journeys.

Okumura Roshi's talk on the basics of Soto Zen, given to members of the Association of International Women, is now available on our YouTube channel.

Sanshin Network
Arkansas welcomes Okumura Roshi
Okumura Roshi made a visit to Gyobutsuji, founded by Shoryu Bradley in Kingston, AR.  Shoryu made arrangements for a public talk at the town library during Okumura Roshi's stay.  See more photos on our Facebook page.

Yuko teaches at Hokyoji  
Yuko attended the Zen Buddhist Sewing Teacher's meeting at Hokyoji Zen Community in southern Minnesota to teach about nyoho sewing and lead discussion.  The meeting was attended by sewing teachers from around the country.   See more photos on our  Facebook page.

Shotai stops by

Shotai de la Rosa stopped by Sanshin for a visit during a recent brief trip to Bloomington from her home in California.

Anshin launches new website  

Centro Zen Anshin in Rome has launched its updated website with new 
graphics and photos, revised texts and easy navigation.  Compatible with  tablets and smart phones, it has a full English version.  Anshin was founded by Gyoetsu Epifania and Doryu Cappelli.

Practice Recap
Nyoho workshop introduces Koun Franz to Sanshin

Koun Franz of Zen Nova Scotia was at Sanshin for a Saturday workshop, Nyoho: The Dharma of the Material World, and a Sunday dharma talk.  See more photos on our Facebook page.

Okumura Roshi visits Stillpoint

As he does each fall, Okumura Roshi led a weekend sesshin at Stillpoint in Pittsburgh.  He has been visiting the sangha since 1996.

Work day focuses on groundskeeping

Under the direction of work leader Hosshin, the sangha tackled a task list that included everything from felling trees to digging a trench.  Here, Hosshin and Doju lower a large branch safely to the ground and Iris and Yuko plant flowers.  See more photos on our Facebook page

Local residents experience a formal meal in the zendo

Hoko brought her whole Ivy Tech class of more than a dozen people to Sanshin to experience a formal Zen meal using oryoki.  With the help of Jisho and Seigen, she led the group through opening and using the oryoki sets, chanting the meal verses, and paying attention to the rice, soup and salad being served.  The three-evening class, offered in partnership with the community college, focuses on the Zen approach to food and how to take those teachings into everyday life.
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Coming Up
Sanshin's  2018 practice events calendar  i s now available on our website.
Make your plans to visit us in the new year!
Rohatsu Sesshin
November 30 - December 8

This sesshin commemorates the enlightenment of Shakyamuni Buddha. During this sesshin we practice in complete silence. The schedule consists of fourteen 50-minute periods with a short break, following each meal. The sesshin is an opportunity for participants to focus strictly on zazen with minimal distractions.  ( Please note that Okumura Roshi will be in Japan during this time; Hoko will lead the sesshin.)
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