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Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, And Monterey Real Estate Market Statistics

What to Consider Before Committing to Solar Panels

Commercial Cannabis and Santa Cruz Real Estate

Santa Cruz City Rent Control and Just Cause. - The Counter Movement

Noisy Animals In Your Neighborhood?
Real Estate Market Statistics

For Santa Cruz, Santa Clara, and Monterey

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What to Consider Before Committing to Solar Panels
The installation of solar panels has been increasing for over a decade. Have you considered installing solar panels on your home or purchasing a property that includes them? If so, it is important to understand how solar panels work, how they can save you money, and what to consider before going solar.
The Commercial Cannabis Business & Santa Cruz Real Estate
To legally cultivate, manufacture, and/or distribute cannabis, both a state and local license will be required. Additionally, both unincorporated and incorporated areas in Santa Cruz County specify zones in which real estate can be used for cannabis related business activities. Read on for information about the California and Santa Cruz County cannabis licensing agencies and laws.
Santa Cruz Rent Control and Just Cause. - The Counter Movement
Now that the Rent Control and Just Cause for Eviction measure is officially on the ballot, the counter movement has begun to gather steam. Read about the opponents of the Santa Cruz Rent Control and Just Cause For Eviction ballot measure, as well as state-wide efforts to thwart the ballot measure designed to repeal Costa-Hawkins Act in this article.
Christine's Corner
Nosiy Animal on Your Block?

Let me start this short post by saying that I am an animal lover. I have owned multiple dogs in my lifetime, and am honored to be the owner of a 21+ year old cat named Tao. 
With that said, loud animals can become a major problem in a neighborhood, even deterring potential buyers from purchasing a home. If you have an animal on your block in Santa Cruz County that is causing problems for you and your neighbors, you have an option.
The Santa Cruz County Animal Shelter has a complaint system in place for unreasonable animal noise and other animal related issues. You can learn more about these services  here . As the animal shelter points out, a neighborly conversation is always the best first-approach, and ideally, you and the animal owner can come to an agreement. 

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