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NEW! Featured Video: The Spirit of Downtown Santa Cruz

Fireproofing Your Home

Finding Your Property’s Boundary Lines

Deferring Capital Gains Trust

Home In Words - A Poem for Homebuyers
This month, our marketing team has created a short, 86 second video celebrating the spirit of Downtown Santa Cruz. We hope you enjoy! If you'd like to learn how we use video to market properties, please contact us.
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Fireproofing Your Home
With 1.8 million acres burning over the past year, 2018 was the worst in recorded history for California. While fires are relatively rare in Santa Cruz County, they do occur and homes in the mountains most susceptible to damage by wildfire. This article explains a few ways that you can fireproof your home.
Finding Your Property’s Boundary Lines
Does your plot map that disagree with the county's record of your property? Perhaps you are not sure if that fence that your neighbor put up is an accurate indicator of your lot’s boundary lines. If so, you may be one of the many property owners who are not sure where their land’s boundary lines fall. Learn how to get an accurate map of your property's boundary lines in this article.
Deferring Capital Gains Trust
A Deferred Sales Trust is a financial vehicle could help you save tens of thousands of dollars when selling your property. If you are at risk of paying a substantial sum in capital gains tax, read this article to learn what a Deferred Sales Trust is, and how it can be used to save money when selling real estate.
Christine's Corner: A Poem for Homebuyers

Whether it’s a small home for two,
or a big house with views,
our Homes are places
where moments
become memories
and we experience life in every hue.

The good and bad days...

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