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Post Pandemic Market Trends

A Game Changer in Real Estate: The Pandemic Buyer

Christine's Corner: What Does “Green Living” Really Mean, and Why Should I Know About It?
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Post Pandemic Buying Trends
The real estate market is one of many industries that have been impacted by the coronavirus. In some local markets, especially the densely-populated ones, transactions have all but halted as people learn to cope with the fear and economic uncertainty resulting from the pandemic. However, in other communities, such as in Santa Cruz County, real estate transactions have remained constant as people began seeking new homes in more remote areas to prepare for the changes in American lifestyles.
A Game Changer in Real Estate: The Pandemic Buyer
As the pandemic swept across the globe, many individuals were required to transition their lifestyles – People were forced to transition to working at home, many of them in order to avoid the risks of contracting the virus in densely populated areas and offices. These aspects are now expected to alter the typical buyer’s perspective regarding home location, both in the luxury and middle-tier real estate markets. The questions are, how will preferences shift, and how long will the changes last?
Christine's Corner: What Does “Green Living” Really Mean, and Why Should I Know About It?
Over the last few decades, the concept of green living has been on the rise. It first gained popularity in the subcultures of environmentalists and hippies, who were dedicated to changing the systems by which they live in order to better reflect their beliefs and values. However, as knowledge of what green living means has begun to spread across communities, more and more families are beginning to recognize the multitude of benefits associated with this previously niche lifestyle. Today, we are witnessing a large enough shift in consumer demands that to acknowledge green living is no longer just an option for sellers and builders, but a necessity for the entire industry.
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