Santa Cruz Real Estate Digest, Ed. 32
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JUST CAUSE FOR EVICTION: In this month's issue we take a close look at the proposed just cause for eviction ballot initiative. Should this initiative come into law in November, landlords' right to evict will be diminish. Read more about this initiative in this month's newsletter.

LATERAL SEWER INSPECTIONS: Did you know that unincorporated-Santa Cruz County, Capitola City, and soon to be Santa Cruz City all have point-of-sale requirement for sewer lateral inspections and under certain circumstances, repair? Read more about these regulations below.

THE COASTAL ZONE: A coastal town, Santa Cruz has a large stretch of land in the Coastal Zone. If you buy property in these areas, special regulations will govern how you can use and alter your real estate.

RENT CONTROL IN SANTA CRUZ CITY: Christine discussed the downsides of rent control in Christine's Corner. While, at face value, rent control benefits tenants, the long term consequences will likely be negative for landlords and tenants alike.

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Proposed Just Cause for Eviction Ballot Initiative Explained
Nobody likes to use their right to evict. Usually and ideally, a tenant and landlord can come to an agreement and eviction can be avoided saving time, money, and heartache. However, should disagreements arise the right to evict is an important component of property rights, giving real estate owners the ability to re-gain possession of their property in difficult situations. There is a new ballot initiative that is circulating throughout the city of Santa Cruz that proposes to, in many situations, take away this right. This will increase the risk of offering a unit for rent in Santa Cruz city. Read more using the
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Point of Sale Requirements of Sewer Laterals
The private sewer service lateral (also known as a private lateral) is a pipe that takes an individual building’s wastewater to the public sewer main in the street. These private laterals are owned by the building owner and are essential for directing wastewater away from nearby structures such as other homes. Did you know that unincorporated-Santa Cruz County, Capitola City, and soon to be Santa Cruz City all have a point-of-sale inspection requirement under certain circumstances. Read more by using the "LEARN MORE" button below.
Buying Property in the Coastal Commission
If a local municipality has land in the designated Coastal Zone either the state-wide Coastal Commission or a Local Coastal Program (LCP) governs the use of land within that area. Santa Cruz County, Santa Cruz City, Watsonville, and Capitola all have their own Local Coastal Programs. In Santa Cruz County, the coastal zone extends about five miles inland from the North Coast. If you buy land in this area, special regulations will govern how you can use and alter your property. Learn more by clicking on the "LEARN MORE" button below.
Christine's Corner
At face value, rent control keeps rent low for tenants who are struggling to find affordable housing in a high-priced market like Santa Cruz. Rent control would shift the power from the landlord to the tenant. However a majority of economists, on both sides of the political spectrum, agree that rent control will likely decrease the quality and supply of rental housing, while incentivising tenants to stay in their rentals longer than they would have otherwise. Even worse, it may also result in more affluent individuals dominating the rental market. In an already tight market, this would exacerbate the supply-issue in Santa Cruz and the Bay Area, and result in lower-quality housing overall. Read more about this important issue by
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