Santa Didn't Bring It?
January 2020
...then it's still here waiting for you! Come and get it!! We have all kinds of great instruments at our usual competitive prices, plus some post-holiday specials. Check these out.
Overstocked: Yamaha FS800 Acoustics
The Yamaha FS800 acoustic guitar is our best-selling acoustic, and for good reason. The solid Sitka spruce top delivers full, rich tone and quality Yamaha workmanship means these guitars will stand the test of time. The compact 'Concert' size body is more comfortable for many players than a large Dreadnaught. In other words, it's a great all-around guitar.

We ordered a ton of FS800s back in September for the holiday season - but they didn't arrive until after New Years! So now we have way too many. If you need a nice affordable acoustic, come on in - we have a special deal going.

Model Change: Yamaha StagePas PA Systems
Need a PA system? A Yamaha model change means super deals for you!

Yamaha StagePas PA systems are designed to be portable and easy to use. Each system includes a mixer and two passive speaker enclosures. The mixer fits into the back of one enclosure for transport, and can be operated there or removed for tabletop use.

We have two units: A 680-watt 10-channel 600i store demo, originally $899, now offered at $749 . And a 400-watt 8-channel 400i unit new in a sealed carton, originally $699, now offered at $599 . Both units have a full factory warranty.

Heavy duty tripod speaker stands available tor $109 per pair.
Sales Tax Holiday: VOX Tube Amps
Amps with all-tube circuitry just sound better.

We have a selection of VOX all-tube amps ranging from $389 to $1,599.

And for a limited time, we'll pay the sales tax when you purchase one!

Best Selection: G&L Electrics
We've been explaining that G&L is the last guitar company founded by the legendary Leo Fender.

G&L is still making guitars like Leo wanted them made. If you're looking for a really good electric at a competitive price, you can't do better than these.

Right now, we have one of the best selections around. If you're thinking "Stratocaster", check out the G&L Legacy and S-500 models. If you're thinking "Telecaster", check out the ASAT models. Deals available on some models!

Used and Vintage: Zach's Attic
Used and vintage instruments can be great values. And they are often interesting one-of-a-kind instruments that you may never find again.

If you're considering a used or vintage instrument, check out our selection in Zach's Attic.

And if you have a good used or vintage instrument that you don't play any more, come in and show it to Zach. It might be a candidate for the Attic!

New Years Resolution: Music Lessons
If Santa brought you a new instrument - did he remember the music lessons to go with it?

Is learning a new instrument on your bucket list? Or maybe you want to bring your playing to a new level. Start the new year right, and do something about it!