We have already arrived at August of the year and the full heat of summer is upon us here in the high desert of northern New Mexico. Nature is telling us in not so subtle ways to lay low, to seek shade and shelter from the intense sun during the day and to venture outside and watch sunsets and starscapes in the cooler evening hours.

This is a good time for evaluating where we are in terms of our goals and intentions for the year and for making adjustments and plans to guide us through the next few months. It is a time to let go of what isn’t working and to focus on what brings us joy, healing, and deep satisfaction. I seem to constantly need to remind myself to stop in the midst of all the busyness and outer-directed activities of summer to come back to myself and remember what is really important to me – to recommit to my priorities.

Our deepest wishes and needs are not insignificant. What brings us joy and feeds our spirit is a clue to where we need to focus our energy, to find ways to express our unique gifts that we can share with the world. While seeking shelter from the heat of the day, find some time to commune with yourself about the questions your heart is longing to answer. And in the cool of the evening, go outside and marvel at the vastness of the universe and vow to offer your gifts and talents to doing what you can to heal yourself, all beings, and our precious Mother Earth. 

As you enjoy the lazy, hot days of August, remember that all of our gifts are needed, especially at this time. We are all connected!

Please join me and the amazing women of the Santa Fe Chapter of TTN for our inspiring programs and lively events. This month our monthly program is a Networking Party on August 26th. We hope you will join us!

"Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability." - Sam Keen

Ellen Wetzel