Santa Fe Chapter | Newsletter | May 2020
Santa Fe TTN is organized and led entirely by volunteers.
Here we are, more than a month into sheltering in place and living in a world turned upside down. Our normal life has been disrupted and there is no certainty as to what our new normal will be once we are allowed to move about more freely in the world.

While I find this “brave new world” unsettling, there is another side to our new reality. I am finding that the more time I spend in these new circumstances, the deeper I settle into an inner stillness. I am thankful for the slower pace with blank space on my calendar. Strangely, as I unplug from too much electronic input, I feel more in touch with the world. And in the midst of the great suffering and upheaval, perhaps this is the lesson and the gift of this time. If we can allow ourselves to enter the silence and to listen to what is waiting to be heard, maybe we will come out of this time with a new perspective and renewed meaning and purpose in our lives. Perhaps we will have realized what is deeply important to us and begin to act according to these new priorities.

While we can’t know what the outcome of this time of COVID-19 will be, we can allow ourselves to learn from what we are experiencing. We can remember that life is precious and connecting with others during our time on this miraculous planet is a gift we give each other. We can remember that as we heal ourselves, we heal the world.

As I consider my own well-being and priorities, I have decided that it is time for me to step down as Chapter Coordinator after serving in that role for the past two years. It has been such a wonderful journey of connection, challenge, deep friendship and growth, and I am so grateful for the opportunity to serve this amazing group of women in this way. I will still see you at monthly programs and events, and am looking forward to the time when we can meet again in person. Thank you all for supporting the chapter and providing a safe and welcoming place for us all to grow into our best selves and move forward into our next phase.

I look forward to seeing you again when this storm passes!

 “The challenges in this place are real and sometimes very difficult, but I've learned to slow down and look for beauty in my days, for the mysteries and blessings woven into everything, into the very words we speak.” - Kim Edwards
—Ellen Wetzel
Whether you are a long-term member or new to The Transition Network, we are all navigating through unprecedented times. The COVID-19 pandemic is requiring major transitions in how we live our lives. Connecting has become more difficult as we are to distance ourselves from others. 

Please know that we are here for you and there are ways for us to connect and not feel so alone and confined. We have events planned that foster connectivity, trust, friendship, caring, and mutually supportive exploration. Here’s how our TTN Santa Fe Chapter members can thrive until we are out and about again.

The Steering Committee is implementing a shift to connecting virtually, through Zoom. We are using the information gathered from our recent survey to offer virtual calls in three areas: Connection, Special Topics, and Education. Watch for announcements in this newsletter about when they will be and sign up! We’d love to have you join us!

Members can connect with and support each other by signing into your account on the TTN website. You will be able to find other member email addresses by clicking on the Member Directory link. You can contact them initially via email and decide together if you want to connect via email, phone, or any other technology.

While we’ve been successful at recreating some of our connections at a distance, we anxiously anticipate the day when we can celebrate our successes and opportunities in person again.

We are scheduling several Zoom gatherings this month! Be sure to read about and learn how to join these Zoom meetings in our new section, LET’S GET CONNECTED—VIA ZOOM later in this newsletter.

Stay safe and be there for each other, now more than ever.
Due to the need for continued social distancing, the Steering Committee has canceled the May 18th Monthly Program and there will be no in-person events in May. We hope to be able to reschedule the program for a future date. We will be offering virtual gatherings on Zoom. See the LET’S GET CONNECTED—VIA ZOOM! section in this newsletter for details.

We encourage you to stay in contact with each other while we are in the midst of social distancing. Please stay safe and well, and we
look forward to seeing you all when we are able to meet in person once again.
Santa Fe Chapter
Congratulations to the Santa Fe Chapter of The Transition Network for becoming part of National TTN on April 22, 2012! 
Over the past 8 years our chapter has helped our members connect, grow and thrive through the many transitions in our lives. We look forward to continuing to serve our members in our changing world in the years to come.

Happy 8th Anniversary!
a TTN member, 94 years young!
Rhea Bertelli passed away peacefully, April 12, 2020, surrounded by her family. She succumbed to the weakness of her heart, which had been open to the world for 94 years. Rhea dedicated her life to helping people help themselves and sharing her joy of learning, sense of discovery, and love of life. She so enjoyed her work with Bruno Bettelheim and Elizabeth Kubler Ross.

Rhea loved her time and connections with and through TTN.
She took delight in the monthly meetings, singing at the TTN Musical Party at Jean Palmer’s, and the other social events she was able to attend over the years. In 2015, Rhea was a featured speaker at a TTN monthly program talking about her life's experience and her amazing 80s.

Rhea loved to discuss ideas with groups of people or even just one other. She definitely had her ideas and so loved new thoughts and information. She really loved to ponder, think, and imagine the new and the different.

Rhea was steadfast and clear in the decisions for her final days and made her exit as she had wanted it. Peaceful, easy, and with Grace. We will miss seeing Rhea, her bright ready to listen face, and her lovely colorful wardrobe.
Amy Bertelli, one of Rhea’s daughters, has graciously agreed to set up a Zoom call for TTN members who want to remember and honor Rhea at  7pm on May 11 .  

If you wish to attend, please RSVP to receive the Zoom link.
A note from one of her admirers from TTN, Sue Benedict. 
I met Rhea through other friends at TTN right after she had to stop driving and needed rides to all the meetings and gatherings she was involved and interested in, and there were many! 

I, lucky to have a car and enjoying driving, started ferrying Rhea. It turned out to be a bigger gift for me than for my passenger. Her interests knew no bounds, and I gleefully followed her to musical evenings, dance recitals, musical performances, movies, meetings, just out to lunch or coffee, and so many more. Meanwhile Rhea was taking classes and participating in other programs with her boundless energy, bright shining demeanor at all times, classy dressing—beautiful colors perfectly matched, and independent! I was hardly ever able to drive her to her door as she insisted on meeting me at the end of the drive or walking back in the dark—"I have my flashlight!" 

When I realized Rhea was turning 94 last August, I invited friends of hers for a very special birthday party and I am so grateful I did it!!! My hero, I still have some apricot jam she made last summer and will savor every little bit. What an amazing role model. Thank you, Rhea, for coming into my life! 
I n our first TTN Let's Get Connected Zoom gathering, several women tackled these relevant questions pertaining to how we live through this current Covid-19 Pandemic.

What challenges are you facing?
How are you managing those challenges?
What is a silver lining for you?

Together, we discovered some challenges we face: 
  • panic and fear, feeling overwhelmed
  • loss of excitement about life, long days, boredom
  • loneliness and being alone
  • lack of hugs and physical contact

Then, the following strategies emerged to help us manage these challenges: 
  • being in nature and exercising
  • telephone and Zoom calls, building more of a community with neighbors
  • taking on-line classes and not watching the news
  • personal development, setting boundaries, doing more self-care 

And lastly, we found encouragement through sharing the silver lining for us: 
  • feeling closer to my friends, seeing more clearly what we are grateful for
  • positive changes that may happen as a result of this pandemic
  • time to slow down, writing
  • more creativity, new ways of dealing with life, spiritual growth  

It was an encouraging time spent connecting with other members, sharing feelings, and discovering ideas related to managing today’s reality.

Our next Let’s Get Connected virtual gatherings will be on Tuesday, May 12 at 2 PM and/or Thursday, May 14 at 7 PM. Find details below in our new section , LET’S GET CONNECTED—VIA ZOOM!
Register in advance for these meetings by clicking
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email
containing information about joining the meeting.
FRIDAY • MAY 8 • 5:30 PM
Please join us for our first virtual Happy Hour. It's been a long time since we've connected and it will be great to see some familiar faces again. So grab yourself a glass of wine or your favorite beverage. We look forward to seeing you!

Open to TTN members and non-members!
TUESDAY • MAY 12 • 2:00 PM
THURSDAY • MAY 14 • 7:00 PM  
Let's Get Connected—
Being connected is more important than ever. Humans are social creatures and the social distancing is hard for both introverts and extraverts. 

In each one-hour call, we will connect with each other, receive ideas for what has worked for you and provide tips to help you navigate the road ahead. It will strengthen your sense of community while staying safe and healthy.

Jean Palmer will be a facilitator to guide the call.

Open to TTN members and non-members!
MONDAY • MAY 18 • 4:00 PM
This Zoom virtual vegetarian, non-vegetarian cooking class will include entertaining instructions to prepare Spanish Paella, Creme Brûlée and simple sangria.

The participants will pick up the meal prior to the event to enjoy while Johnny leads them through the steps to create this delicious meal. 
Cost is $40/person and includes full meal .

Please RSVP to receive the zoom invitation link, how to pay and details for food pick-up. 

The class is limited to 10! 
Enroll soon! Watch, learn and share.

Open to TTN members and non-members!
THURSDAY • MAY 28 • 4:30-5:45 PM
Karin Lubin, facilitator, will help us connect with other women and with our own inner awareness. Be ready for questions to get you thinking and feeling about what your truth is now after many weeks of living in social distancing mode.

We will go through some exercises to release money fears and other internal roadblocks and also build inner resiliency. Leave with a beginning vision for yourself and what you want as we move forward as mentors and guides for others.

Registration is limited to 20 - enroll soon! 

Open to TTN members and non-members!


Please contact these committee coordinators
with questions, concerns, suggestions
and/or to offer your assistance.

Coordinator: Ellen Wetzel
Communications: Virginia Asman
Events: Sue Benedict
Membership: Lisa McGee
Programs: Terese Kitts
Transition Peer Groups: Betty Bartos
Founder: Jean Palmer