As the seasons change, I change with them and take my cues from the wisdom of the natural world. Trees stand bare against the late autumn sky and I consider how gracefully they let go of their brilliant foliage. I wonder, are there things I need to gently let go of to prepare for the quiet months ahead and make space for something new? Can I find a way to go within, as nature does at this time of year, to allow a fallow time of regeneration, rest and rejuvenation? Every year I welcome November as the beginning of a time of drawing inward following the many months of activity in the outer world.

This month also marks a time during the year when we especially consider all that we appreciate in our lives. Although many of us celebrate Thanksgiving with family and friends on the fourth Thursday in November, establishing an ongoing practice and attitude of gratitude can bring profound positive change and healing to our lives. To start and end the day feeling thankful for even one small thing is one way to begin. And from there I have noticed what I call “moments of gratitude” popping up throughout the day – out of nowhere a feeling of deep appreciation wells up and I stop, notice and just breathe in the sense of peace it brings.

Although there is much that feels troubling in this world, we can still find moments to let go of the chaos and anxiety and to notice the blessings of our life on this Earth. These brief moments can even strengthen us to express our deep care and compassion for life by sharing our gifts with the world. By going within we can find the meaning and purpose for compassionate action – it is a continuous cycle, like the cycle of change in the natural world around us. Wishing you a month filled with reflection, connection, and moments of gratitude!

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—Ellen Wetzel

“Don't wait until the fourth Thursday in November, to sit with family and friends to give thanks. Make every day a day of Thanksgiving!” - Charmaine J Forde