Santa Fe Chapter | Newsletter | April 2020
Santa Fe TTN is organized and led entirely by volunteers.
It’s hard to know what to say in such an uncertain time. As I write, I’m not even sure what the world will be like by the time you read this with things changing so rapidly. Everything feels strange, from the empty shelves in the grocery stores, to the “Closed” signs on the doors of shuttered businesses, to our new need for social distancing. It’s easy to feel anxious, helpless in the midst of the forces beyond our control, and afraid for ourselves, our friends, our family, and our world.
In the midst of this maelstrom of outer events, there are still some things I can do. In the midst of the uncertainty I can take the time each morning, even after a night of fitful sleep, to stop my mind for a few moments and appreciate this moment, this breath, this life. I can notice the first daffodils defiantly and cheerfully in bloom in spite of all the events swirling in the world around them. I can enjoy home-cooked meals and freshly brewed dark roast coffee and time to read or write or even pick up my long abandoned knitting in the quieter, slower pace of life in these strange days. I can remember to contact friends and family and let them know I'm thinking of them as we all struggle to find our way to some semblance of normalcy and hope.

The virus knows no divisions, no boundaries, and perhaps it is time for us to learn that we are all in this together. Even through the stress, uncertainty and anxiety of our days, we can stay connected. We will make it through these trying times moment by moment, and it’s important to remember that even though we may be physically distant from one another, we can still be there for each other.

Please stay safe and healthy, and I look forward to seeing you again when this storm passes!

“Hope is a renewable option: If you run out of it at the end of the day, you get to start over in the morning.” - Barbara Kingsolver

—Ellen Wetzel
Due to the continuing uncertainty of the situation with COVID-19 and in the interests of everyone's safety and well-being, the Steering Committee has decided to cancel the April 27th Monthly Program. We hope to be able to reschedule this for a future date.

Also, there are no in-person events scheduled for April. Instead, we will be offering a couple virtual gatherings on Zoom, one in the daytime and one in the evening. See a separate announcement about that in this newsletter.  
Please check the TTN website at 
for important updates and helpful information. 

And check the Santa Fe Chapter section on the TTN website at
for updates about our chapter activities. Note that you don't need to sign in to access these pages. However, if you do try to sign in and have trouble, you may click on the link under "Forgot password?"
We encourage you to stay in contact with each other while we are in the midst of social distancing. Our connections are so important, especially during this stressful time.

Please stay safe and well, and we look forward to seeing you all when we are able to meet in person once again.

Are you feeling isolated and want to be in touch with others? Would you like to feel more connected when we are all homebound? You are invited, as a current Santa Fe TTN member, to connect with each other via Zoom. While it’s not the same as being together face to face, it would be good to “see” each other and check-in. Let’s give each other support in this very unusual time. 

Jean Palmer will be a facilitator to guide the call. We will have a chance to hear about what you are grateful for, stressed out about and looking forward to. 

There will be a one hour call on April 14, 2 PM MST and on April 16, 7 PM MST.

You do not need to have a Zoom account to attend.  

You must register in advance for these meetings: 
For Apr 14, 2020 02:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada) 
Click on the link below: 


For Apr 16, 2020 07:00 PM Mountain Time (US and Canada)
Click on the link below:
After registering, you will receive an invitation via email.  

Once you receive the invitation, look for the line that says:  
Join from PC, Mac, Linux, iOS or Android: Click Here to Join
That link will take you to the meeting site.

Looking forward to connecting with you!

—Jean Palmer
We are happy to welcome Lisa McGee to our Santa Fe Chapter Steering Committee! Lisa joins us on April 1st as a new Membership Co-coordinator, filling one of the positions vacated at the end of March by Mary McGuire and Jolene Petrowski . We thank Mary and Jolene for their months of dedicated service, and we wish them the best of luck as they focus on new interests.
Lisa McGee has navigated many career transitions from being a teacher of the blind, a pastor, a Nia fitness teacher and now a Whole Person Coach. Married and living in Santa Fe, she travels to see her three adult kids and five grandkids. She loves movies, playing card games, being outdoors, and learning something new.

Passionate about helping women uncover their hidden potential, express it in new ways and thrive, Lisa believes that empowered women with unleashed possibilities make a difference in the world. And from her experience, she strongly believes that TTN makes a difference in our community and world by being a fun, supportive, accepting, and encouraging place for women to gather. We look forward to Lisa’s leadership and inspiration in the Membership area in the coming months!

We are actively seeking another Membership Co-coordinator to work with Lisa. If this interests you and you would like to be considered, please contact Ellen Wetzel at .

The Santa Fe Chapter now has a new Transition Peer Group! The recent Transition Peer Group Kick-Off resulted in a new group of chapter members joining together for connection, friendship and mutual support. This newest group has room for a few more members. If you’re interested in joining this newest peer group now, let Betty Bartos know,

Typically, twice a year there is an opportunity at the TPG Kick-Off to join other chapter members in a committed ongoing group to navigate the twists and turns of life and to learn more about yourself and each other. 

The next scheduled Kick-Off will be held in the fall of this year and will be announced in the newsletter and at the monthly programs. If you are interested in joining a peer group or have questions, contact Betty Bartos at

Many thanks to our members who graciously volunteered their time, talents and skills to help our chapter during the last quarter. We can’t say enough how much they are appreciated. Without them it would be very difficult to accomplish many of the important things that need to get done. On behalf of the Steering Committee and the chapter membership we would like to express our sincerest gratitude to the following:

Communications Committee Volunteers:
The following assisted Gynnee Asman with chapter communications:
Ellen Wetzel coordinates/edits copy for the newsletter
Marilyn Ward is responsible for the Event Flyers.
Susan Pippin lists our events on Meetup.

Membership Committee Volunteers:
The following helped Jolene Petrowski and Mary McGuire in various ways with the monthly programs (sign-in, greeting, set up and/or
clean up):
Ellie Briggs
Stefany Burrowes
Dotti Graviet
Marilyn Ward

Transition Peer Group Advisory Committee:
The following assisted Betty Bartos with the Transition Peer groups, mentoring, planning and running of the Peer Group Kick-off meeting:
Ellie Briggs
Rachel Greenstein
Annie Holley
Karen Long 
Terese Kitts

Women In Transition Workshop (WIT) Volunteers:
The following assisted Jean Palmer with the WIT Workshop in Feb.:
Willamarie Moore and Laura McAllister - workshop facilitators
Bright Daystar - Administrative Assistant & distributed flyers in
Santa Fe
Noemi Smith distributed flyers in Eldorado
Bright Daystar, Lisa McGee, Nan Wernette, Jolene Petrowski handled sign-in, set up/clean up and kept the drinks and goodies refreshed

Ageless Living Event
The following attended this event on behalf of our chapter. They volunteered to help with the event itself and/or promoted TTN at our table before and after the event:
Carol Grubbe, Nan Wernette, Sue Benedict and Jean Palmer

When was the last time you were asked to "shelter in place?" During the most difficult times in our history as a country, we've been asked to do just the opposite - to come together to solve the problems and get through.

Now we are being told to stay away from each other - or at least 6 feet apart. And just because we're women of a certain age and considered "at risk," we're being relegated to sitting on the sidelines.

That doesn't quite fit the profile of the TTN women we know!
Get Inspired - Be Inspiring!
Use your TTN connections to inspire each other.

TTN's most fundamental mission is to connect our members and at both the national and local level, we are looking for new ways to achieve this goal.

You've probably already seen that many of the events in your chapters have been cancelled or postponed. Unfortunately this includes the weekend of activities that we were planning to celebrate our 20th Anniversary in New York in June. We are so grateful to the women in the New York Chapter for their hard work in making this a true celebration. We hope to re-schedule for later in the year and will keep you posted as those plans come together.

In these times of social distancing, it's critical to stay in touch. And we don't just want to talk to our family and friends, we want to SEE them.
We've done the research for you and are prepared to show you a few options which you can easily master with practice and some tips to get you started.

Join other TTN members to learn more about Zoom, which offers a free option to connect with friends and family while we all do our best to stay healthy. What better way to show others that we're ready to step up and be in control of our lives.

Stay well,

NOTE: You should have received an email from Susan last week with more detailed information about using Zoom video conferencing.
Please contact these committee coordinators
with questions, concerns, suggestions
and/or to offer your assistance.

Coordinator: Ellen Wetzel 
Communications: Virginia Asman
Events: Sue Benedict
Membership: Lisa McGee
Programs: Terese Kitts
Transition Peer Groups: Betty Bartos 
Founder: Jean Palmer